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Ebenezer Chapel, Ramsgate, Kent

Burials 1825-1860

Source: RG 37/128 on LDS film #1818111 and at The National Archives

The above document concerns the re-internment of exhumed remains from the disused burial ground in Meeting Street, Ramsgate. The remains of 478 persons were moved to Ramsgate Cemetery in 4 burial spaces in 1973.
The document is a copy of the entries in the burial registers of the independent Ebenezer Chapel and list a total of 655 burials from 1825 to 1919, although there were only 15 burials after 1892, probably in existing graves. Ages were given from about 1845. There is a plan of the burial ground.

The Ebenezer Chapel was founded around 1696 and there are burial registers at the PRO which date from 1788 to 1837.
The list below gives the surnames which occur up to 1860.
Hopefully I noted them all, but I take no responsibility if I missed the odd one.

Adey, Adley, Allom, Andrews, Ansel(l), Austen, 
Baines, Baker, Baldock, Barton, Bayly, Beer, Belham, Belsey, Bernard, Berry, Bevis, Bing, 
Blackburn, Bodley, Bourne, Bowles, Box, Bradford, Bradley, Broadwater, Brooks, Buckett, 
Bugs?, Busludge?, Bytham, 
Carpenter, Catt, Caught, Chandler, Chapman, Charles, Child, Chittenden, Church, Clark, 
Collens, Commerford, Cooke, Cox, Coxhead, Cramp, Cranbrook, Crossley, Cullen, Curling, 
Davey, Davis, Dawson, Donald, Dorrel, Ducket, 
Elgar, Elliott, Ellis, Evans, 
Fagg, Fells, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Friend, 
Garland, Gatland, Gaurood?, Glennie, Goldsmith, Gooch, Goodwin, Goss, Graham, Grases, Gray, 
Hamilton, Hamper, Hart, Harvey, Head, Hepenstall, Hiller, Hinds, Hodgman, 
Hogben, Holland(s), Holman, Hooker, Hope, Hopkins, Hudson, Hunter, Hurst, Hutchinson, 
Jarman, Joad, Johnson, Jones, 
Kelsey, Kemp, Kemply, King, Knight, 
Lambeth, Lane, Langridge, Langstaff, Latter, Laurence, Lazar, Lewis, Lockner, 
Marcer, Martin, Matthews, Maxted, McArthur, McKay, Middleton, Miller, Mills, 
Milne, Minter, Moat, Monger, Morgan, Mortimer, Mortimore, 
Nash, Nayer, Newing, Norris, Norwood, 
Page, Pantin, Paramour, Parlett, Patchling, Paterson, Peal, Pearson, Penny, Peyton, 
Phillips, Philpott, Piper, Pitcher, Pitchley, Plackett, Powell?, Preston, Price, 
Rickards, Robinson, 
Sackett, Sadler, Sayar?, Scithers, Scott, Shrim(p)shire, Simmonds, Singer, Smith, Spencer, 
Stanes, Stevens, Stock, Stockbridge, Stokes, Styles, Summess?, Swinnock, Swiss?, 
Tamkin, Taylor, Thornton, Thresher, Townsend, Turnhill?, Turrell, 
Walker, Ward, Wareham, Warlow, Warner, Weatherhead, Welch, Wells, West, 
White, Wilkinson, Wilson, Wiltshire, Woodland, Woodruff, Woodward, 

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Burials at Ebenezer Chapel, Ramsgate
Created by Maureen Rawson