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Parish registers of Dover, Kent

Burials at St Peter and St Paul, Charlton

The registers were transcribed by Dorothy Holden and are included on this site with her permission.
She is happy to recheck for anyone with a query.

Prior to 1752 the new year began on 25th March.

John the son of Thomas PIERCE buried 29th September 1700
James KENEY buried 5th December 1700
John the son of Richard CAMBER buried 19th January 1700/01
Thomas EVERARD buried 6th October 1701
Mary BAYLEY Widow buried 6th February 1703/04
Thomas JEWELL 11th November 1704
Mary the wife of W MONNINS 26th June 1705
Mary the wife of William HAWKINGS 30th July 1705
Thomas BLINSTONE 19th September 1705
Mary daughter of John and Mary LAMPARD 12th April 1707
Steven KEMBER 6th July 1707
Jany STONE 5th August 1708
Mary daughter of John and Mary TAYLOR 6th November 1709
Elizabeth BAYLEY 13th December 1709
Jane HAMBROOK 1st February 1709
Martha BLINSTONE 23rd April 1710
Daniel BAYLEY 18th May 1710
Jane daughter of Thomas and Jane JEWEL 9th August 1710
Martha wife of Robert COLLIER 18th July 1711
Elizabeth wife of Nicholas KNOTT of Dover 13th June 1712
William CHURCH 1st October 1712
Katherine daughter of James ELVEY 18th April 1713
Thomas PEARCE 6th May 1713
John son of Benjamin LAMPARD 20th July 1713
Samuel STONE of Dover 2nd November 1713
Thomas a bastard child son of Thomas SMITH and Margaret HAYES 28th May 1714
Elizabeth KEMBER 26th October 1714
Richard son of John LAMPARD 11th December 1714
Mary daughter of John LAMPARD 30th December 1714
Elizabeth BALDOWINE 17th April 1715
Anne daughter of William FRIEND 14th August 1715
Elizabeth daughter of Benjamin LAMPARD 14th September 1715
Joseph FLINSTONE 23rd October 1715
John LAMPARD 14th March 1715/16
William son of Joseph FLINSTONE 27th May 1716
Susanna daughter of James POLLEN 13th July 1716
John KEMP 24th July 1716
Richard STUNT 5th August 1716
Benjamin son of Matthew LAMPARD 19th August 1716
Elizabeth widow of Joseph FLINSTONE 19th September 1716
Willimacote COCKER 30th April 1717
Edward PEPPER 27th February 1717/18
W Tho. MONINS from London 19th April 1718
Robert son of Rob. COLLIER 30th April 1718
Anne widow of William CHURCH 17th May 1719
Mary WHYAT widow 13th August 1719
Jeanne SOUTHOUSE widow 14th August 1719
Edward ELVEY 5th September 1719
Elizabeth LAMPARD 17th September 1719
PETTER HAYES 29th November 1719
Widow EVERARD 30th December 1719
Thomas SWAINNE 24th January 1720
Debora COLLIER 24th January 1720
Joseph BOYERS 3rd February 1720
Anne SOUTHOUSE 13th February 1720
Mary SOUTHOUSE 17th February 1720
Jeanne JEWELL 5th July 1720
Anne SWAINNE 10th October 1720
Thomas KEMBER 16th November 1720
John YEAKINGS 20th December 1720
Mary STONE 15th February 1721
Benjamin LAMPARD 4th April 1721
Anne LAMPARD 21st April 1721
John son of William HAWKINGS 22nd July 1721
Widow JEWELL 18th March 1722
Mary widow of John LAMPARD 31st March 1722
Elizabeth STUNT widow 8th April 1722
John TAYLOR 19th April 1722
Susanna PEARCE widow 19th May 1722
Edward ELVEY an infant 25th January 1723
Margaret wife of Edward ELVEY 20th October 1723
Isaac CHURCH 10th July 1724
John HAYES 13th October 1726
Widow HAYWOOD 28th February 1727
Thomas son of William Peter MONINS an Infant 14th September 1727
Thomas another son of Wm Peter MONINS 15th April 1728
Valentine FLINSTONE 12th January 1728/29
Mrs Anne MONINS wife of W Peter MONINS 2nd February 1729/30
Thomas son of the Rev W Richard MONINS an infant 2nd June 1730
W Thomas MONINS from Dover 12th January 1731
Wm FRIEND 15th April 1731
The Widow FLINSTONE 25th April 1731
Eliz wife of John CLEMENT 29th December 1731
Mary wife of Tho. BROWNE 20th January 1731/32
Edward LAMPARD son of Martha LAMPARD 7th May 1732
James RICHARDS 6th February 1732/33
Edward SLATER 9th February 1732/33
Eliz daughter of Edward HAMOND and Susanna 22nd January 1733/4
Aaron son of John and Jane BRETT 23rd March 1733/4
Robert son of Edward and Martha LAMPARD 31st May 1734
Mary Wife of William WILSON 25th April 1735
Susannah FLINSTONE 12th October 1735
Wm KENNETT 29th March 1736
Richard KEMBER 21st June 1736
Jane wife of Edward ARTHUR 22nd December 1736
The widow KEMBER 14th March 1736/37
Jane wife of Tho. JEWELL 24th June 1737
John the son of Edward and Mary SPARKS 6th September 1737
The widow BURGESS 11th October 1737
Catherine daughter of John and Jane BRETT 1st December 1738
Wm Peter MONINS from Dover 15th December 1738
Sarah and Mary the daughters of John and Sarah WILSON 27th December 1738
Ann RAMSEY 27th January 1738/39
Frances daughter of W RICKARD and Mary MONINS of Canterbury 17th July 1739
Wm WILSON 22nd July 1740
Catherine FFLINSTONE 17th October 1740
A traveler unknown 11th January 1740/1
A traveler and a child unknown 3rd February 1740/1
The Rev Henry HAINULT? Late of Charlton 7th February 1740/1
William ARTHUR a Labourer from Dover 25th June 1742
Willm son of Richd and Judith GOLDFINCH 19th January 1742/43
George son of William KEMBER 13th May 1743
Edward PEPPER 22nd June 1743
Isaac son of Robert and Mary SLATER 9th January 1743/44
Widow WILLS from Dover 22nd April 1744
William KENNETT from Dover 30th September 1744
Anne LAMPARD 16th December 1744
Edward HAMMOND 23rd January 1744/45
Edwd SLATER 29th January 1744/45
John SLATER senior 10th February 1744/45
Susanna HAMMOND 19th February 1744/45
John SWAINE 6th March 1744/45
Elizabeth POWELL 21st March 1744/45
Anne POWELL 7th May 1745
Anne SOUTHOUSE 24th November 1745
Susanna daughter of William and Susanna KEMBER  ? 1745
James ARTER 25th February 1745/46
Benjamin LAMPARD 5th March 1745/46
Mary daughter of Henry and Mary ANDREWS 30th March 1746
Catherine daughter of William LAMPARD of Dover 11th January 1746/7?
Elizabeth ELVEY daughter of James ELVEY 8th March 1746/7?
A waygoing woman 30th April 1747
Wm AUSTEN 29th October 1747
Wm HOLLOWAY 29th December 1747
John WORTHINGTON 7th February 1747/48
Thomas BROWN 6th March 1747/48
Mary SPARKS 22nd May 1748
Mary AUSTEN 29th June 1748
Susannah PRITCHARD 9th February 1748/9?
Jane BRETT 6th May 1749?
Lucy HALL 26th September 1749
Valentine AUSTEN 5th January 1749/50?
Widow BROWN 17th February 1749/50?
William GOLDFINCH 17th February 1749/50?
Susannah BROWN 8th March 1749/50?
The Rev W Richard MONINS 16th July 1750
Thomas WILSON 31st August 1750
William HAPGOOD 21st November 1750
John BRETT 30th January 1750/51
Anne wife of W James PRITCHARD 19th August 1751
Widow TAYLOR 9th October 1751
Elizabeth daughter of Henry FILE and his wife 5th May 1752
Susannah wife of William KEMBER 17th May 1752
Elizabeth daughter of W EMPTAGE 13th July 1752
James POLLEN 24th October 1752
Wife of William WHITE 8th November 1752
Thomas son of Edward BRETT 14th January 1753
William COLLIER 3rd June 1753
Robert COLLIER 6th June 1753
Deborah COLLIER 11th June 1753
James ELVEY 29th August 1753
William HOGBIN son of William HOGBIN 22nd December 1753
Richard GOLDFINCH 10th February 1754
Benjamin WORTHINGTON 20th February 1754
Thomas JEWEL 22nd February 1754
Judith GOLDFINCH 12th March 1754
Eliz PAIN 12th May 1754
Mary RANDAL 7th June 1754
Suzan POLLIN 18th May 1755
Cather. BROWNING 26th June 1755
Cather. ELVEY 30th September 1755
George BARROW 27th October 1755
William KELTON 4th November 1755
William RICKARDS 31st December 1755

Sarah WHARTON 18th April
Anne KNIGHT 20th April
John BRETT 14th July
John WILSON 12th August
Wm WHARTON 14th October
Mary HOGBIN 21st October
Tamazine ELVEY and Mary DREW 2nd November
Henry DREW, Hannah DREW and Mary DREW 20th November They all dyed (sic) of the smallpox.
Sarah WOOTTON 30th November

Wm BAYLEY 9th January
Elizabeth LAMPARD 30th January
Hannah WHILES 10th February
Mark POWELL son of Thomas POWELL 13th June
Moses BRETT from Dover 23rd June
Wm WEST an infant from Dover 18th November

Ann SLATER 25th January
Francis BRETT 11th April
Richard LEWIS 13th May
John WOOTTON 22nd November
Margaret AUSTEN 13th December
John JOHNCOCK 30th December

Catherine HOBDAY 17th June
Mary WHARTON 3rd August
Ann PYALL 19th August
Elizabeth daughter of Edward LAMPARD of Dover 29th November

John son of James ELVEY 20th February
John WILSON 30th April
James ROBERTS 29th May
Deborah HOLMES 26th June
Edward CURLING 30th June (son)
Edward CURLING 11th July (father)
Elizabeth CEED? 13th July
Thomas HOGBEN 24th July
John KNIGHT 17th August
Stephen SOLLEY 6th December

Richard BRETT 24th March
Sarah BAYLEY 24th April
Mary HOGBEN 3rd May
Ann RICHARDS 14th June
Elizabeth HALL 31st December

Sarah WILSON 14th February
Mary MONINS wife the late Rev W Richard MONINS 15th March
John ELVEY 4th April
Robert HOLMES 4th April
John BROUGHTON 29th April
Sarah WORTHINGTON 30th April
Thomas WILSON 20th May
James PRITCHARD 13th June
Margaret WEST 1st June
John RICHARDS 27th July

Mary KNIGHT 2nd January
Richard BRETT 18th January
Richard FRIEND 16th March
William RIGDEN 3rd August
Susanna BAILEY 9th September

John WARWELL 7th January
Thomas POWELL 21st January
Ann BRETT 6th February
William POWELL 9th February
Mary BRETT 29th February
Ann BOWS 4th March
Margaret BROUGHTON 10th June
Ann RICHARDS 28th August
Sarah POWELL 2nd October
Elizabeth RUTTLEY}	2nd December
Edward RUTTLEY   }Twins 13th December
William KEMBER 25th December

Mary MARSH 4th April
John WILSON 9th April
Catherine WEST 15th September

Mary FRIEND 30th January
William HALL 26th March
Hannah HOGBEN 3rd April
Thomas WILSON 22nd April
John SOUTHOUSE 30th April
Mercy BARTLET 13th May
Mary BARTLET 18th June
Ann KNIGHT 29th June
William POWELL 3rd July
Ann BAYLEY 20th August
Mary BRETT 15th September

Jane WELLARD 16th February
Thomas KNIGHT 27th March
William CELTON 29th March
Deborah POWELL 1st May

Frances CORNELIUS 7th June
Elizabeth BAKER 9th June
Davies WORTHINGTON 11th June
Ann HOLLOWAY 14th June
Edward RIGDEN 15th July

12th March Mary RIGDEN
26th August Thomas BRETT
1st October William WILES
6th November Thomas CARNE
10th November William FINNIS
10 November John FINNIS

2nd January Henry PASCALL
23rd February William BROCKWOOD
19th June Susan POWELL
19th July Mary LEKEY
26th July John SLATER
1st September Mary FINNIS
18th September Mary CARNE?
4th December Elizabeth LAMPARD

7th April Susannah SLATER
14th April Elizabeth POWELL
25th May Thomas and Sarah BARTLET
27th October William POWELL

15th January William BARTLET
7th February Mary BEER
7th April Catherine PEPPER
26th April James HOLMES
11th May Elizabeth POWELL
31st May Catherine WILLS
1st June Jane SLATER

5th February John SPINNER
28th February William BARUS
16th May John BROCKMAN
15th September John BEER
15th October William BARTLET of Deal

7th May Thomas BARTLETT of Deal
22nd July Ann SMITH of Dover
15th September Ann WORTHINGTON
27th November Thomas BAKER

31st January Elizabeth HOYLE
20th April Valentine BAKER
23rd June John KNIGHT
13th August Elizabeth WILSON
13th August John FILE
29th September Mary STANTER??
15th December Robert KNIGHT

29th January Joseph KNIGHT
16th May Deborah RICHARDS
19th December Susannah SPINNER

16th January Susannah GAMBRIEL
5th March Sarah BROCKMAN
29th April Mary WORTHINGTON
3rd May John BARUS
1st June Ann RICHARDS
10th June William BARUS
13th July Mary FRIEND
11th August The Rev. James MARSHAL a native of Frederickbourgh in Virginia
5th December William WILSON
12th December Edward RIGDEN

6th May William FINNIS
29th September Henry ANDREWS
27th October Ann BUDDLE
11th November Susannah COXHILL
16th December Deborah POWEL
20th December Elizabeth BROCKMAN
29th December John BROCKMAN

25th March John WORTHINGTON
6th April Robert RIGDEN
15th April William LAMPERT
1st May John ALTON
1st July Margaret Baker daughter of Thos. DEUWARD? Curate
19th September David OLDFIELD
13th September Anne WOOTTON
22nd September Mary CALTON
26th September Jane wife of David OLDFIELD
7th November Richard POWELL
10th November Mercy BAKER
21st November Mary KNIGHT
23rd November Wm SPINNER
25th November Mary GAMBRIEL

22nd February Elizabeth COXEN
16th March John HILE
14th October William FRIEND of St Mary's Dover
17th October John SPINNER
26th November Mary CARLTON

18th March Martha FINNIS
3rd June Thomas POWEL
17th June John ANDREWS
20th June John DENNIS
29th July James BRETT
10th August Wm COXEN
21st September Wm FRIEND
28th October Frances BUDDLE
11th November William KNIGHT
4th December Elizabeth FILE
16th December John BUDDLE

17th January Mary FILE
24th February John WILLSON
24th March William KNIGHT
28th April Thomas PORTER
23rd June William FRIEND
25th August Richard RICHARDS
29th August Thomas BRETT
30th August William SAWERS

24th January Nancy HOMES
24th January Nancy HOMES (sic)
7th March Sarah BAKER
8th November James PRITCHARD

2nd February Mariah COXEN
21st May John WILSON
28th May Thos. PORTER
8th July Mary GRANT
8th August Ann FRANKS
22nd September Mary STOKES
22nd October Mary STOKES
5th December John LAMPERT
19th December Mary ANDREWS

2nd January Ann HOGWOOD
20th February Willm BAKER
19th May Henry FILE
21st July Kennett FRANCKS
21st December Wm RICHARDS

26th October Robert SLAUGHTER
21st November James BRETT

28th February Ann MARIA TUFNELL
27th June Mary BRETT
23rd August Elizabeth WILSON
5th December James GRANT

6th January Jonathan PORRIERS??
6th February Phillis TAPSALL
12th February Mary POWELL
2nd March Edward CARLTON
19th March Joseph Vanson MARSH
27th March Mary TAPSALL
23rd October Nancy TAPSALL

18th January Wm HOGWOOD
20th January James HOGBIN
24th January Jane PRITCHARD
5th February Thomas BEER
15th February Julas Dufries
25th February John RICHARDS
3rd March John CARLTON
22nd March Wm KNIGHT
21st May Mary BEER
5th July Ann WILSON
24th July Sarah BARTLETT
31st October Sarah STOKES
28th November Thos BAKER
19th December Mary HOGBIN

7th April Ann JELLY
20th May Wm GRANT
27th June Mary FROST
20th July Wm BEER

12th July Wm PAGE
7th September George FILE
24th September Nicholas CHILD

27th May Elizabeth BRETT
15th November Frances BRETT
25th November Thos ANDREWS

11th May John FROST
20th June Thos BOWES
25th August George FILES
15th December John PAINE

26th January Mary Ann RICHARDS
18th May James KNIGHT
15th June Willm BOWLES
13th July Robert FROST
3rd August Thomas HOLLAWAY
25th September Thomas BARTLET
27th October Ann KNIGHT

30th March Eliza. RICHARDS
4th June Elizth PAIN
12th August Mary BAKER
7th November Willm FRIEND

7th February Martha LAMPER
25th May John HOGBIN
13th August Richard BRETT
26th September Wm WILSON
6th October Mary ANDREWS
13th November Edward KNIGHT

3rd January Mary STOKES
17th January Henry PILCHER
29th January Robert WEST
3rd February Sarah WILSON
28th February Benjamin STOKES
4th April Edward SEDGEWICK
23rd April Thomas and Maria PORTER Twins
12th May Richard HOGBEN
18th June Thos BODKIN
22nd June Susanna WILSON
6th July Mary DENNIS
16th July Thomas BOWLES
3rd October Eliza RICHARDS
4th October Sarah DOWN

23rd February Mary CLOAK
21st September Susanna KNATCHBOWLE
6th October Ann FAGG
7th October Thomas KESTER
24th November Wm PASCALL
19th December Robt. RICHARDS
20th December James KNIGHT

3rd March Wm RANDALE
11th May Mary RANDAL
27th July John CROKE
14th October John SMITH

3rd February Henry ANDREWS
9th March Ann HERRIDGE
28th April Thomas PAIN
30th April Thos WILDS
11th May Richard CLOAK
21st May Mary BAKER
11th August Edmund RUTLEY
9th November Edward BARTON
15th November Henry WILDS
27th November Mary FRIEND

1st March Wm KEMBER
6th July James PLANE
14th July John DENNIS
12th August Jane LANES
11th September Rachel NOOMAN
25th September Margaret BRETT
11th October Thomas HEARN

2nd March Elizabeth BODKIN from Dover
8th April George PAIN
2nd May Valentine BAKER
4th November Alice EMPTAGE

20th January John WITNALL
1st June Thomas BARTLETT
26th June Sarah SLAUGHTER
9th November Thomas and Hannah HEARN Twins
18th December Maria FIELD

1st March Sarah KEMBER
24th June Elizabeth BOWLES
13th September Elizth Susanna RUSSEL
16th September Susanna BORDEN
16th June Thomas CRICK
12th November Richard FRIEND

18th March Ann ELLIS
14th April Thos MARTEN
19th April Thos HEARN
1st May Catharine HUTCHINSON
2nd June Mary LONG
10th June Sarah ELLIS
27th June John DYER
27th August Henry SPRATT
15th December Wm WEST

6th March George RANDALL
26th July James LAMPER
26th July Mary DOWN

1st March Elias LANE
15th April Phineas BEER
6th May Richard HARTLEY
15th September A Traveller unknown
5th November Mercy PASCALL
27th December Lucy HERN

27th March Robert WEST
12th July Margaret FRIEND (sic)
27th August Sarah COOPPER
23rd October Susanna COOPPER
24th December George GILES
27th December Margaret GIBBONS

13th January Richard GIBBONS
26th February Margaret JACKSON
22nd March Louisa PETTIT
16th April Lucy PASCALL
18th June Elizabeth SLAUGHTER
26th July Sarah KNATCHBULL
11th August Thomas JONES
17th September Luke POWEL
29th September John DOWN
26th October Elizabeth DENNE
6th November Mary RADCLIFFE

24th January Wm FOREMAN
18th March Thomas PORTWAIN
22nd April Sarah STANFORD
1st June William PETTIT
1st July Sarah FINNIS
14th September Mary SLAUGHTER
12th November George ENNELLS
18th November Mary WILLIAMS

10th January Mary JONES
7th February Geprge MACARTNEY
19th February Mary MABBS
4th April Thomas ANDREWS
9th April Elizabeth WOLFE
25th August Harriett RANDELL
13th September Thomas MANCER

10th January Wm TILBEY
9th February Wm HOBBARD
24th February Wm BAKER
3rd March Elizth WELLDEN
18th March John BARTLETT of Deal
6th May Mary ALLEN
9th May Jonathan MACARTNEY
7th December Isabella HOWES
27th December Ann REYNOLDS
27th December Mary MILES

The following are taken from the actual Register rather than the transcribed
listing previously.

Mary Ann PAY 26th April aged 18 months
Jane CAPEL 26th June aged 5 months
Esther MILLAR 15th August aged 55

Mary EMPTAGE 16th March aged 35
Elizabeth RUTLEY of Dover 1st June aged 82

Joseph PETTIT 1st January aged 13
Hannah RIGDEN 10th February aged 26
Last entry lost as page ripped/damaged
Alexander WATSON 7th May aged 2 years 4 months
Robert PORTER of River 14th May aged 51
William JOHNSON 11th June aged 6 months
William JONES 16th November aged 68

John WOOD 4th February aged 42
Sarah CLAPSON 6th April aged 1 month
Ann JONES 21st April aged 35
Last entry damaged - could be James CLOKE 28th April aged 68
Richard CLOKE 28th April aged 4 months
George BOULTER 5th May aged 6
Sarah KITE 22nd May aged 41
John REWELL 16th June aged 6 months
James JACKSON 8th July aged 5 months
Thomas MOORE 13th July aged 58
Eleanor READ 9th October aged 4 months
Nathaniel MILES of Dover 21st October aged 39

John WILSON from Dover Poorhouse, Charlton 12th February aged 52
Richard Young 19th February aged 2 years 6 months
Maria ELGAR 16th May aged 7 years 6 months
Jeremiah WILES 12th July aged 65
Susanna COOPER 22nd July aged 6 weeks
Ann SMITH 14th September aged 2 years 6 months
Sarah EATON 24th October aged 1 year 6 months
---- Hayward MARTIN?? 31st October aged 2 years 1 month (page damaged)
James COOPER 2nd November aged 7

Ann CELTON 6th January aged 67
Daniel MILGATE 1st March aged 14 months
Fanny HILL 8th April aged 15 months
John GREEN 21st July aged 61 
John MCCARTNEY 28th August aged 5 weeks

Hannah NASH 24th January aged 8 years
Stephen and Samuel HUBBARD 23rd February aged 9 days
Edward CHIDWICK 6th May aged 61
Sarah WRIGHT 1st July 2 years 2 months
Ann CLAPSON 18th October 3 months
Elizth CLARINGBOULD 24th October aged 46
Ann COOPPER 24th October aged 45

Sarah JACKSON 27th January aged 6 months
Elizth COCKETT 5th February aged 4 months
Andrew ---KETT? 13th February aged 5 months (page damaged)
Mary MORRIS 2nd April aged 76
Jane HARRIS 29th June aged 3
Jane BUSH 14th July aged 8 months

Thomas HOGBIN 26th May aged 21
Thomas KNIGHT 2nd July aged 40
Louisa COCKETT 11th September aged 8 months
Margt CASPELL 1st October aged 2 weeks
Elizabeth PETTIT 22nd November aged 15 years
James BURVIE 16th December aged 58

Hannah PETTIT 15th May aged 3
Ann KNIGHT 14th July aged 39
Jane KINGSFORD 25th August aged 29
Robert CASPELL 9th September aged 3 weeks
Elizabeth HUTCHINGSON of Dover 16th October aged 51

Mary Ann BOOTH 12th January aged 1 year
James BALLARD 6th May aged 14 years
Elizabeth WELDEN 6th August aged 48
Thomas BEER 30th September aged 12 months

To be Continued

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St Peter and St Paul, Charlton Burials
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