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1838 Directory

Chatham, Kent

Source: Wright's Topography submitted by G Holmes.
Member of Parliament: The Right Hon. G. S. Byng (Member of H. M. Privy Council).

BOROUGH OF CHATHAM: Returning Officer (1838) William Marsh, Esq., High-street

Lords of the Manor:  Spratt, John, Esq. 
                     Spratt, Alexander, Esq.

High Constable for 1837-38   Goding, Mr William
Deputy Steward               Acworth, Mr George

North Division of Aylesford.
	Best, J., Esq.	        Day, D. H., Esq.
	Bingham, R. T., Esq.	Edmeades, W., Esq.
	Brown, Rev. A.	        Formby, Rev. J. .
	Brown, W., Esq.	        Joynes, Rev. R. S., D.D.
	Davis, Rev. George.	Smith, William, Esq.
Clerks	Messrs. Twopeny & Essell.


Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages:
Mr. Rich.  Hearden, New-road.

Registrar of marriages for the Medway Union, 
and of Births and Deaths for the Gillingham District:
Mr. T. W. Bullbrook.  New-rd.


Batten ,John Esq           St Margarets Rochester
Birch, Edward, Esq,,       Eastgate, Rochester.
Bryant, George J., Esq.,   High-street, Chatham.
Charlton, John, Esq.,      St. Margaret's-bank, Rochester.
Edwards John, Esq,,        High-street, Rochester.
Gooding,William, Esq.,     High-street, Chatham.
Jackson, Thomas, Esq.,     High-street, Chatham.
Lock, John, Esq.,          Gillingham.
Marsh, William, Esq.,      High-street, Chatham.
Muddle, John, Esq.,        Gillingham.
Newson, Samuel.  Esq.,     Eastgate, Rochester.
Slade, Charles, Esq,,      Grange.
Stunt, John, Esq.,         Gillingham

Clerk                      Friend, Hoar.
Relieving 0fficer          Furrell, Mr. Frederick

Best, Colonel.             Davies, Rev. George, J. P.
Bingham, Colonel.          Day, D. H. Esq.

Patrons	The Dean and Chapter of Rochester.
Incumbent of the Parish	   The Rev. Matthew Irving, D.D. Rochester.
Perpetual Curate	   The Rev. George Edward Nash, Rome-pl.

Minister	    Harker, The Rev. Geo. (B.D.) Vicar of St. Nicholas, Rochester.
Assistant Minister  Clayton, The Rev. George, High-street.

Patrons The Lords of the Admiralty.
Chaplain	    Whitehead, The Rev. Robt. (A.M.) Westcourt-street, Brompton.

Minister (not officiating)   Slatterie, The Rev. J., Gibraltar-place, New-road.
Minister (officiating)       Thomson, The Rev. P. (A.M.) 16 Gibraltar-place, New-road.

Minister	Lewis, The Rev. W. G., 21, Gibraltar-place.

Minister	Overbury, The Rev. F., Brougham-place, New-road.

Minister        Simpson, The Rev. T., Gibraltar-place.


Head Master	Porter, The Rev. Francis (A.M.) at Mrs. West's, Bath House, St. Margaret's Bank.
Second Master	Burns, Mr. William (A.M.) 39, Ordnance-place.
Third Master    Lamb, Mr. John, 7 Saunders-street.
French Master   Fischer, Monsieur F., 13, Ordnance-place.
Drawing Master  Dadson, Mr., Eastgate, Rochester.
Dancing Master	Philpot, Mr., Maidstone.
Secretary	Etherington, Mr. A., Hamond-place.


Patron          Irving.  The Rev. M. (D.D.) Rochester.
Secretary       Nash, The Rev. George Edward, Rome-place.
Master          Martin, Mr. James. 4, Waterloo-place, New-road.
Mistress	Elvey, Mrs. Eliza, River-row, Brompton.


Treasurer       Ely, George, Esq., High-street.
Secretary       Lash, Mr. Samuel R., 19, Brougham-place, New road.
Librarian       Davies, Mr. George


Treasurer	Ely, Mr. George, Higb-street.
Secretary	Baldock, Mr. Thomas, Her Majesty's Dock Yard.
Curator         Hart, Mr. Stephen, High-street.
Librarian	Aldersley, Mr. J., Whittaker's-place, New-road.


Treasurer	Twopeny, E., Esq., College-green, Rochester.
Cashier	        Bennett, Mr. Henry, Saunders-street, Chatham.
Secretaries	Burrill, Mr. J., High-street, Chatham.
                Ross, Mr., St. Margaret's-bank.
	        Kains, Captain John, Her Majesty's Dock Yard.
	        Skinner, Mr. George, High-street, Chatham.


Alliance	     Reynolds, Mr. George, Military-road.
Eagle	             Holmes, Mr. William, High-street.
Kent	             Wells, Mr. Thomas, High-street.
Norwich	             Etherington, Mr. A., High-street.
Pelican and Phoenix  Osborn, Mr. John, High-street.
Phoenix	             French, Mr. Gabriel, High-street.
Protector	     Higgins, Mr. William, Higb-street.
West of England	     Wood, Mr. T. W., High-street.

Postmaster           Goddard, Mr. Thomas, High-street.

Messrs.  Jefferys & Hills, High-street


Mitre Inn and Clarence Hotel    Tribe, Mr. J., Posting-master to Her Majesty, High-street.
Sun Tavern and York Hotel       Winch, Mr. Edward, High-street


Aldersley,  Mr.  John   Whittaker's-place, New-road.
Arldridge, Mrs, Clover St
Bass,   Mr A.,  Military Road
Baker,  Mr William,  Rome-place.
Bate, Mr. William, New-road.
Best, Colonel James, New Road.
Belchier, Nathaniel, R. N., 24, Gibraltar-place.
Benjamin, Mrs., High-street.
Bell, Mrs. Eliza, 6, Gibraltar-place.
Bryant, Mr. William, Ordnance-terrace.
Brock, Edward, 1, Gibraltar-place.
Brook, Mr. T., Whittaker's-place.
Buck, Mr. William, 6, Gibraltar-place.
Clayton, Rev.  Charles, High-street.
Cole, Colonel R., 7. Gibraltar-place.
Crockford, Mr. William, I 5, Gibraltar-place.
Davis, Mr. Gideon, Hamond-hill.
Davis, Mr. George, Clover-street.
Dickerson.  Mr. S. H., 4, Gibraltar-place.
Douglas, J., Captain, 7, Ordnance-terrace.
Ely, Mr. George, Surgeon, High-street.
Garrett, Mr. J., New-road.
Hancorn, Mr. John, 1, Ordnance-terrace.
Hearnden, Mr. Richard.  Whittaker's-place.
Hills, Mr. Walter, Solicitor, New-road.
Hookey, Captain G., Melville Hospital.
Hookey, Mr. G. S., junior, Melville Hospital.
James,  Captain James, R.N., Hamond-hill.
James, Mr. Oliver, 10, Gibraltar-place.
Kaines, Mr. John, Commander of H. M. S. " Brune," Dock-yard.
Kirk, S. W., Serjeant, 16th Foot, Chatham Barracks.
Large, W., New road.
Lewis, Rev.  W. G., 21, Gibraltar-place.
Lewis, Mr. P. T., 21, Gibraltar-place.
Martin, Richard, Surgeon, High-street.
Manger, Mr. George, 2, Gibraltar-place.
Morze, Mr. R., master H. M. ship Wye, Dock-yard.
Moxon, Mr. E. G surgeon, High-street.
Moss, Mr. George, Brook.
Murray, Mr. John, Chatham Barracks.
Nash, Rev.  George Edward, Rome-place.
Newnham, Mrs. E. 4, Ordnance-terrace.
Olive, John, Esq. purser, R. N. Gibraltar-place.
Parks, Mr. John, Best-street.
Pasco, Mr. Thomas, New-road.
Petitt, Mr., High-street.
Pearce, Mr.James, solicitor, High-street.
Phillips, Mr. William, New-road.
Pratt, Mrs. Clover-street.
Powell, Mr. W. surgeon, 80, Higb-street.
Rich, Mr. W., New-road.
Robertson, Mr. Archibald, surgeon, 1, Hamond-place.
Robertson, Mr. A. C., assist.-surgeon, H. M. ship Wye, Dock-yard.
Seaton, Mrs. S. New-road.
Scott, Mr. Thomas, 310, High-street.
Shirley, Mr. Richard, 3, Gibraltar-place.
Skinner, Miss, 5, Ordnance-terrace.
Smith, Mr. John, Whittaker's place, New-road.
Smith, Mrs. Ordnance-terrace.
Stephens, Mr. John, Sen. solicitor, 19, Gibraltar-place.
Stephens, Mr.M. S. Jun. solicitor, 19, Gibraltar-place
Stanbridge, Mr. William, surgeon, R. N. 3, Ordnance-terrace.
Stronghill,Mr.  William, Ordnance-terrace.
Thomas, Mr. C., clerk R. M. pay office, 295, High-street.
Timpson, Mr. Richard, late colonel R. M., 2, Ordnance-terrace.
Tribe, Mr. B., surgeon, 135, High-street.
Tribe, Mr. Joseph Seaton, surgeon, 137, High-street.
Watson, Mr. Thomas, New-road.
Walker, Miss, Clover-street.
West, Mr. Thomas, Whittaker's-place, New-road.
Wickham.  H. Esq.  High Chatham.
Wickham, E. Esq, High Chatham.
Woods, Mr. George, 9, Ordnance-terrace.
Wooldridge, Captain, 11, Gibraltar-place.
Wyatt, Mr. James, Gibraltar-place.


Baker, Messrs. T. and T.T., classical and mathematical academy, Gibraltar-place.
Bale, Mr. Thomas, music master, Whittaker's-place, New-road.
Burr, Miss, infantine seminary, Gibraltar-place.
Callund, Miss E., day school, Brougham-place, New-road.
Elliott, Mr. William, day school, Clover-street.
Johns, Mr. J. C. day and evening school, 6, Best-street.
Lewis, Mrs., boarding school for young ladies, 21, Gibraltar-place.
Pike, Miss Ann, day school, 7, Best-street.
Whitehead, Mr. William, writing master, Hamond-hill academy.
Whitehead, Mrs. E., day school, Hamond-hill academy.

Superintendent       Clavell, Captain John.
Secretary to Ditto   Vinall, Mr. Thomas.
Clerk to Ditto       Vinall, Mr. Henry.
Master Shipwright    Stone, Mr. William.
Assistant to Ditto   Moore, Mr. John.
Assistant to Ditto   Laire, Mr. F. J.
Clerk to Ditto       Woods, Mr. William.
Store Keeper         Smith, Mr W. P.

Clerks to Store Keeper.
Haite, Mr Frank            Hillyer, Mr. R.
Skillet Mr G D             Whittle, Mr. John.
Phillips Mr W              Hart, Mr. S.
Bliss Mr John              Alms, Mr. H. C.
Slade Mr Charles           Skillet, Mr. John
Parks Mr John

Store Receiver             Baldock, Mr. Thomas.
Clerk to Ditto             Rhind, Mr. C.
Master Attendant           Purdo, Mr. William.
Assist to Ditto            Henderson, Mr. J.
Clerk to Ditto             Cresy, Mr. George.
Surgeon                    Rowlands, Dr. (M.D.)
Assist to Ditto            Russell. Mr. A.
Pay Clerk                  Hardy, Mr. W. T.
Second Ditto               Wright, W. T. Esq.
Admiralty Clerk            Mardon, Mr. J. H.
Master Rope Maker          Burton, Mr. James.
Foremen of Rope-yard       Akers, Mr. J.,
                           Passby, Mr. G.
Master Rigger              Austin, Mr. M.
Master Sailmaker           Rencher, Mr. Thomas.
Master Blacksmith          Stonehouse, Mr. R.
Master Millwright          Bacon, Mr. M.
Master of the Lead Mill    Weeks, Mr. John.
Foreman of Painters        Smith, Mr. William.  
Boatswain of the Yard      Willmott, Mr. William.

Banes, Mr. G. D.           Hancorn,  Mr. John.
Rice, Mr. William.         Lang, Mr W R
Read, Mr. Samuel.          Adams, Mr, R

Inspectors of Shipwrights
Barnaby, John              Hancorn, Mr John.
Driver, R.                 English, W
Harding, R                 Martin, C.
Buck, W.                   Langley, W
Graff, H                   Harding, W.
Johnston, James.           Sibun, W  
Couchman, John.            Hogg, M
Barber, Edward.

Foreman of Smiths          Brooking, Mr. W.
Converters                 Clother, Mr. G
	                   Orton, Mr. John.
	                   Fullager, Mr. S.

Overseer                   Owen, Mr. J.
Chaplain                   Wynter, The Rev. Henry.
Surgeon                    Robertson, A. Esq.

Superintendent             Hubbard, Lieutenant William.
Inspectors                 Humphreys, Mr. Richard Thomas.
	                   Natt, Mr. G.
	                   Grew, Mr. John.


Commanding Royal Engineers, Lieut.-Colonel Henry Vavasour.
Clerks of Works             Brock, Mr. William.
                            Murray, Mr. John.
Clerks to the department    Benstead, Mr. Thomas M.
                            Cater, Mr, John Duff.
Foreman of Works            Byham, John.
                            Lepper, Richard.
                            Tyson, John.

Master Gunner               Cantly, Mr. John.


Storekeeper	            Jones, H. T. Esq.
Deputy Ditto	            Hooper, Mr. Thomas Hill.
Clerks	                    Windeyer, Mr. A. C. 
                            Knewstub, Mr. J. 
                            Sewers, Mr. P. K.
                            Saunder, Mr. H.
Commander of the Garrison   Warre, Colonel William
Garrison Adjutant  	    Harnett, Lieutenant R. F.
Barrack Master	            Durnford, A.W.
Deputy Ditto	            Marshall Richard

Commandant of the Hospital  Lieut Col  C C Dixon                             
Principal Medical Officer   Dr. Davy
Pay Master	            C. Grimes Esq
Staff	                    Dr. Smith
Staff Captain	            Anderson, Captain
Apothecary 	            Starkey, Mr
Deputy Purveyor	            Pratt, Mr. G.


Abrahams, Coleman, salesman, tailor & renovator, 10,Watt's-place.
Abrahams, Abraham, clothes salesman, High-street. 
Allen, John, shopkeeper, 204, High-street.
Andrews, James, linen draper, &c. 307, High-street. 
Andrews, W, confectioner, bread and biscuitbaker, 108, High-street.  
Anderson, Stephen, rope manufacturer, (successor to the late Mr Morris Sheen), Cage-lane & 194 High-street.
Ashley, Joseph and Townson, Charles, wine merchants, 
  (agents for the sale of Truman, Hanbury and Co's London porter), 232, High-street.
Ashenden, Richard, tailor and woollen draper, 78, High-street.  
Ashdown, William, furnishing ironmonger, &c. 307, High-street. 
Ashenden, W. & Son, timber merchants, 26, High-street.  
Ashdown, G. confectioner and fruiterer, 64, High-street.  
Bassett, George, butcher, High-street.
Baker, Charles, baker, &c. 264  High-street.
Baker, Samuel, bootmaker, 144, High-street.
Bacon, James F. fishmonger, 298, High-street.
Bartlett, James, oil & colourman, 9, Wellington-place, High-street. 
Barton, W. M. stationer, &c. 27, High street.
Barnes, William, shopkeeper, 35, New-road.
Bennett, Henry, corn merchant (purveyor to the army), 225, High-at.
Bennett, John, baker and corn factor, 279, High-street.
Beale, - confectioner and baker, 299, High-street.
Beveridge, Thomas, builder,&c.  Union-street.
Bennett, William, hair dresser, High-street.
Birchall, Charles, pipe maker, Richard-street.
Blyth, George, grocer, cheesemonger, &c. 238, High-street.  
Bond, Benjamin, jun. bread and biscuit baker, 96, High-street.  
Brisley, William, statuary, mason and pavior, Chatham Intra.  
Brock, William, linen draper, mercer, &c. 130, High-street.  
Brister, J. hair dresser (from Maidstone), 349, High-street.
Braddy, Richard, coal merchant, Chatham Intra.
Briggs, Benjamin, grocer, cheesemonger, &c. 138, High-street. 
Burr, Robert, upholsterer, &c. 5, Hamond-place.
Buchanan, George, bootmaker, 142, High-street.
Burrell, James, stationer, bookseller, printer, &c.  High-street. 
Caddy, William, bootmaker, 271, High-street.
Cadd,Laton, furrier, Bedford-house, 22, High-street.
Cadd, Mrs. S. straw and Tuscan hat warehouse, 22, High-street. 
Catt, Richard, wheelwright, &c.  Rome-lane.
Casper, Leius, watchmaker, jeweller, &c. 3, Watt's-place.
Castle, Thomas, marine dealer, New-road.
Catt, J. P. butcher, 146, High-street.
Carey, William, tobacconist (agent to the East India tea company,Great St. Helens, London)
Chapman, Nathaniel, watch and clock maker, 134, High-street. 
Chambers, Daniel, maltster and coal merchant, 231, High-street.
Clift, Thomas, shopkeeper, 182, High-street.
Cosier and Seager, upholsterers, cabinet makers, &c. 104, High-st.
Cooper, G. working cutler, &c. 75, High-street.
Couchman, D. cutler and hardwareman, 122, High-street.
Coster, John, plumber, painter, glazier, &c. 139, High-street.
Coll, S., working cutler, coffee-house keeper, &c. 18, Military-road.
Couchman, William. shoemaker, &c. 248, High-street.
Colegate, T. R. carpenter, joiner, &c. 2, Globe-lane.
Coulter, Henry.
Crockford, Jonathan, upholsterer, cabinet maker, &c. 12, Hamond-place.
Crowder, Edwin, hair dresser, perfumer, and patent wig maker, 65, High-street.
Crockford, T. wholesale coal & salt warehouseman, 61, High-street.
Davis, M. and D. L. pawnbrokers, High-street.
Davis, Edward, furnishing ironmonger, &c., 311.  Higb-street.
Dallimore, H. tin-plate and zinc worker, 345, High-street.
Dadd, Isaac J. bootmaker, carver, gilder, &c. 9, Hamond place
Davison, J. T. grocer and cheesemonger, 133, High-street.
Delacourt, Geo.  C. surgeon, 311, High-street.
De la Cour, G. watchmaker, jeweller, &c. 327, High-street.
Danford, John, baker, 338, High-street.
Dunstall, Samuel, builder, Rhode-street.
Dunk, S. tailor and draper, 4, Hamond-place.
Duffill, Miss, milliner, &c. 17, Waterloo-place, New-road.
Edmeades, W. fruiterer, 362, High-street.
Elmore, George, timber dealer, Brook.
Etherington,  Ambrose, bookseller, stationer, &c. 326, High-street.
Everist, William, tea-dealer and grocer, 270, High-street.
Fisher, John, coal merchant, Chatham Intra.
Fish, R. bootmaker, 106, High-street.
Foster, Cephas, corn-dealer and bread & biscuit baker, 114, High-St.
Foord, Robert, plumber, &c.  Rome-lane.
Fowle, Thomas, carpenter, 243, High-street.
Foster, J. C., china and glass-warehouse, 137, High-street.
French, S., pipe and clay-manufacturer, Chatham-hill.
Trench, Gabriel, chemist, druggist, &c., 293, High-street.
Frid, Mrs. E., Toy Emporium, Chatham Intra.
Frost, John, shipwright, 21, Waterloo-place, New-road.
Furminger, William, plumber, &c., 6, High-street.
Gaskin, Thomas, general furniture warehouse, 147, High-street.
Gamon, William, grocer, &c., 161, High-street.
Gilbert, W. B., bootmaker, 74, High-street
Gilbert, John, miller, Chatham-hill.
Goddard, Thomas and Charles. stationers (Post Office), 313, Chatham Hill
Gooding, William, bootmaker, 301, Chatham-hill.
Gover, Thomas, wine and spirit-merchant, 15, Hamond-place.
Gover, James, army clothier, 295, High-street.
Green, James, grocer, tea-dealer, &c., 150, High-street.
Gray, G., taylor and draper, 98, High-street.
Grigg, Thomas, baker, 199, High-street.
Grist and Son, van proprietors, 350, High-street.
Gurr, William, butcher, 330, High-street.
Gurr and Son, butchers, 153, High-street.
Gurnsey, Richard, shopkeeper, New-road.
Hayler and Gover, coal-merchants, High-street.
Hall, Jacob, hatter, 3, Globe lane.
Hayler, watchmaker, jeweller, &c., 59, High-street.
Hall, W. and J., braziers, tin-plate workers, &c., 58, High-street.
Henniker, E. E., gun-maker, 347, High-street.
Henty and Son, tailors, breeches-makers, and glovers, 83, High-St.
Henty, Miss, milliner, &c., 83, High-street.
Heathcote, J. H., dyer in all its branches, 8, Hamond-place.
Hills, John, baker, 25, High-street.
Higgins, William, coal-merchant, High-street.
Hives, Mary Ann,stay-maker,310,High-street.
Hollick, E. D. chemist and druggist, 14, Hamond-place.
Hogg, J. chemist and druggist, 240, High-street,
Holmes, W corn-factor, 230, High-street.
How, Joseph, gardener, High-street.
Hughes, W., grocer, &c., 266, High-street.
Hughes, Stephen, grocer. &c., 157, High-street.
Hunt, Henry, pipe-maker, Ordnance-place.
Irwin, Richard, block, mast, oar, and pump-maker, High-street.
Isaacs, Isaac, army clothier, and fancy repository, 11, Hamond-place.
Isaacs, Samuel, army and navy clothier, &c., 79, High-street.
Isaacs, John, silversmith, jeweller, &c., 92.  High-street.
Jackson and Ryott, engineers and saw-mills, Chatham Intra.
Jarvis, William, mason, Brook.
Jarvis, H., builder, Brook.
Jefferys, George, druggist, 17, High-street.
Jefferys, G. and E., coal-merchant, High-street.
Joslyn, John, hoyman and coal-merchant, London Wharf, High-st.
Kennard, William, pawnbroker and silversmith, 126, High-street.
Keddell, Robert, bread and biscuit-baker, 38, High-street.
Killick, R, corn-dealer, 269, High-street.
Lane, William, East End Brewery, Chatham-hill.
Langley, William, builder, Clover-street.
Langley, John, brush, mop, sieve, &c., manufacturer, 45, High-st.
Lewis, Thomas, boot-maker, 12, High-street.
Levy, John, ship store-dealer, Nicholson's Wharf.
Limbert, William, draper, mercer, &c., 288, High-street.
Lucas, S., army and navy clothier, 309, High-street.
Mansell, Samuel, druggist, ale and porter merchant, 52, High-street, and 1, Hamond-hill.
Mannering, W. W., builder, New-road.
Mantill, James, butcher, New-road.
Magnus, Simon, pawnbroker, silversmith, &c., 302, High-street.
Millen, William, Hope Brewery, High-street.
Mills, George, tailor, &c.. High-street.
Mills, John, butcher, 305, High-street.
Mills,  James, fishmonger, 304, High-street.
Miles, A., hairdresser, 346, High-street.
Moulton, E., pork-butcher, 275, High-street.
Morgan,  William, grocer, cheesemonger. &c., Rhode-street.
Moore,  Stephen. stove and range manufacturer, 336, High-street.
Moody, Edward, maltster, Whittaker's-place.
Moody, C. H., baker, 227, High-street.
Newton, Thomas, confectioner, &c., High-street.
Newcomb, F and H., hosiers, glovers, &c.,
Nichols, G. B., tea-dealer, grocer, and cheesemonger, 136, High-st
Noakes, Henry, coal-merchant, High-street.
Oakshott and Son, boot-makers, 84, High-street.
Oliff, John, pawnbroker, 217, High street.
Oliff, James, plumber, painter, Jeffery's Wharf, High-street.
Orren, John, plumber, painter, &c., Holborn-lane.
Osborn, John, linen and woollen-draper, Chatham Intra.
Palmer, William, plumber, &c., 81, High-street.
Parton, Henry, tea, grocery, and provision warehouse, 291, High-st.
Payne, William, pawnbroker, 29, High-street.
Pattison, C. C. feltmaker, (inspector of weights and measures,) 36,High-street.
Parker, John, basket-maker,  Clover-street.
Pearce, John, currier, &c., Rome-lane. 
Peck, William, surgeon, dentist, copper, cbemist  High St
Pemble, George, carpenter and undertaker, Rhode-street.
Penfold, William, boot and shoe-maker, High-street.
Perry, G. W., brewer, Ordnance-place.
Philipott, George, boot and shoe-maker, High-street.
Porter, John, stationer, &c., High-street.
Pring, Samuel, army clothier, High-street.
Railton, John, haberdasher and hosier, 343, High-street.
Randall, W., china-warehouse, Brook.
Raymes, R, basket-maker, 252, High-street. 
Reynolds, Robert, tobacconist and stationer, 117 , High street.
Reynolds, Miss A., rug and carpet worsted warehouse, 117, High-st
Reynolds, George, bookseller, 5, Military-road.
Rigby, James, hatter, Watt's-place.
Rickon, John, brass and iron-founder, Rome-place.
Roberts, John, carver and gilder, Military-road.
Roots, George, butcher, High-street.
Roofe, Edward, woollen-draper, tailor and hatter, 131, High-street.
Saunders, W., pawnbroker, 12, Watt's-place.
Sears, Robert, baker, High-street.
Shrewsbury, R. B., furnishing and general ironmonger, 282, High-St.
Sheen, Thomas, currier and leather cutter, 111, High-street.
Shirley and Mullinger, curriers, 281, High-street.
Sherrey, Charles, general dealer, Whittaker's-terrace.
Skinner, J. T, auctioneer, appraiser, &C., High-street.
Slowman, C. and J., pawnbrokers,High-street.
Smith, Richard, butcher, 285, High-street.
Smith, John, tailor and draper, Watt's-place.
Soloman, L. and S., watchmakers and toymen, 2, Military-road.
Soloman, S. and L., slopsellers, 89, High-street.
Staples,  Thomas, cabinet-maker, upholsterer, and general furniture dealer, 143, High-street
Staple, Joshua, oil and colour man, 394, High-street.
Stockbridge, W., bookseller and stationer, 6, Hamond place.
Staton, S., straw hat-maker, 2. Rome-lane.
Stoddard, George, miller, Ordnance-place.
Sturia, George, butcher, 115, High-street.
Sturla, James, butcher, 133, High-street.
Stigant, Edward, linen-draper, &c., High-street.
Stokes, Benjamin, hairdresser, High-street.
Stanbury and Rutley, London and Dover Van Office, Rome-lane.
Stone, Richard, eating-house keeper, 43, High-street.
Taylor, William, last and patten-maker, 31, High-street.
Taylor, R., tea-dealer and grocer, 66, High-street.
Taylor, William, leather-seller and grindery dealer, 191, High-street.
Terry, Edward, bootmaker, 34, High-street.
Terry, Mrs., milliner, &c., 34, High-street.
Thomas, Daniel, grocer and cheesemonger, 2, Hamond-place.
Thomas, William, grocer and cheesemonger, 354, High-street.
Thompson, Thomas, grocer, tea-dealer, and cheesemonger, 294,High-street.
Thompson, John, grocer and tea-dealer, 49, High-street.
Thornton, John, tailor and draper, 3, Military-road.
Towner, J. L. straw-hat-manufacturer, 358, High-street.
Tonkin, S. G. porkman, 148, High-street.
Tribe, John, chemist, &c., 137, High-street.
Trott,  William, hairdresser, High-street.
Vennell, Jesse, linen-draper, &c., 103, High-street.
Vinas, T., eating-house-keeper, 121, High-street.
Wall, Nathaniel, wheelwright, Union-street.
Wallis, John, tailor and draper, 67, High-street.
Wall and Godfery, brewers and coal-merchants, 82, High-street.
Watson, E. G., sailmaker, Joslin's Hoy Wharf, High-street.
West, Daniel, linen-draper, &c., 229, High-street.
West, Mrs. milliner, &c., 229.  High-street.
Weeden, William, tailor, hatter, and clothier, 99, High-street
Wells, Thomas, timber merchant and builder, High-street.
Whitehead, Walter, sadler and harnessmaker, 325, High-street.
White, James, bread and biscuit-baker, 286, High-street.
Whitehead, L., draper, healer, &c., 139, High-street.
Whatman, Charles, van-proprietor, Union-street.
Withcomb, Charles, currier and leather seller, Fair-row.
Wilson, Mary. hatter, 93, High-street.
Witfield, Mrs., farrier and blacksmith, 235, High-street.
Wilstead, T. barge-owner, 8, High-street.
Williamson, William, coal-merchant, Hangman's lane, High-street.
Wilson, George, fruiterer and poulterer, 42, High-street.
Willows, J., porkman, 32, High-street.
Worley, James, baker, 266, High-street.
Wooley,  Thomas, carpenter, undertaker, &c., Rome-lane.
Wood, T. W., auctioneer, appraiser, &c., 306, High-street.
Wray, William, butcher, 196, High-street.
Wyatt, William, plumber, painter, &c., 575, High-street.
Young, Josh., grocer, tea-dealer, &c., 272, High-street.
Young, H. L., carrier, Rome-lane


Allen, Robert, George, High-street.
Alexander, John, Lower Bell, Blue Bell-hill.
Adams, S., Fountain, High-street.
Barnes, William, Black Boy, High-street.
Benster, John, Coach and Horses, High-street.
Bear, W. H., Cock, High-street.
Birchall, George H., White Lion, High-street.
Brodker, Susan, Granbv's Head, High-street.
Budden, James, Red Lion, High-street.
Butcher, James, Golden Lion, corner of Brook, Military-road.
Chambers, James, Old White Hart, Brook.
Chambers, Benjamin, Chest Arms Tavern, High-street.
Chidley, James, Hit or Miss, High-street.
Clifford, John, Bear and Staff, High-street.
Dive, A. P., Gibraltar Tavern, New-road.
Duckett, William, Royal Oak, New-road.
Edge, John, King's Head, New-road.
Elgar, George, White Swan, New-road.
Ellington, William, Little Crown, New-road.
Forrester, John, Running Horse, New-road.
Godsiff, John, Trumpet, High-street.
Gold, R., Crown and Thistle, High-street.
Guy, F. D., Castle Tavern, Globe-lane.
Hills, William, Crown and Anchor, High-street.
Hobbs, Peter, Lord Duncan, New-road.
Irwin, Rebecca, Bull's Head, High-street.
Jackson, Charles, Navy Arms, High-street.
Jarrett, H. Dark Sun, High-street.
Jenner, P., Globe Tavern, High-street.
Kennett, John, Malt Shovel, High-street.
Killick, Thomas, White Horse, Chatham-hill.
Leadbetter, James, White Hart, High-street.
Lisle, William, Britannia, High-street.
Lucas, George, Cross Keys, High-street.
Manlove, William, Prince of Orange, High-street.
Martin, Thomas, Ship Inn.  High-street.
Peckham, Edward, North Foreland, High-street.
Penny, Charles, Three Cups, Brook.
Phillips, Francis, King's Head.  King-street, Brook.
Runmington, J. S., Horn, High-street.
Rummens, John, Star, Chatham-hill.
Santo, John, Dartmouth Arms, High-street.
Sears, Sarah, Ship, High-street.
Smith, N. and W., Old King's Head, High-street.
Stephens, Richard, Bell, Brook.
Tassell, Robert, Red Lion, High-street.
Toomer, William, Duke of Wellington, New-road.
Tribe, John, Mitre Tavern, High-street.
Vincer, Edward, Union Flag, High-street.
Ward, W. G., Compasses, High-street.
Walter, Thomas, Old Bell, Blue Bell-hill.
Watson, E. T. Ordnance Arms, High-street.
White, Army and Navy Hotel, Brompton-road, near the Dock-yard.
Winch , Sun Hotel, High-street.
Woodgate, T. J, Brewer's Arms, High-street.

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Chatham Directory 1838
Created by Maureen Rawson