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1838 Directory

Brompton, Kent

Source: Wright's Topography submitted by G Holmes.

Adams, Mr. Robert, Middle-street.
Adams, Mr. William, Wood-street.
Andrews, Mrs. R., 12, Mansion-row.
Ashdown, Mrs. E., 2. Prospect-row.
Baldock, Mrs. Jane, Wood-street.
Bagshaw, John, 42, Manor-street.
Benstead, Mr. Thomas M., Chatham Lines.
Bensted, Mr. S. W., Manor-street.
Bensted, Mr. W. D., junior, Chatham Lines.
Beadon, V., Lieutenant and Adjutant, 12, Prospect row
Blythe, Mr. A., assistant-surgeon, Melville Hospital.
Brock, William, Chatham Lines.
Brown, Henry, Captain, East India Company, 5, Artillery Barracks.
Burton, W  . M,, Captain, Royal Marines, 2, Mansion-row.
Burns, Captain, 27th Regiment, Artillery Barracks.
Byliam, John.  Esq., Chatham Lines.
Carter, Mr. Henry, Wood-street.
Carpenter, Captain, 41st Regiment, Artillery Barracks.
Chenoweth, Edward, 5, Mansion-row.
Crow, Mr. Miles, solicitor, 3, Garden-street.
Drayson, Mr. W., Prospect-row.
Dunford, Lieutenant, paymaster, 27th Regiment, Artillery Barracks
Dunsterville, Mrs. 1. B., 11, Prospect-row.
Elliott, Mr. Robert, (D.M.) Surgeon, 11, Mansion row.
Ellsey, William, captain, East India Company, Artillery Barracks.
Ellis, Mr. William, 8, Wood-street.
Fenwick, Mr. W., 16, Prospect-row.
Freeland, Mr. Thomas, farmer, High-street.
Frome, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Foulton, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Gilbert, Mr. James, surgeon, 5, Garden-street.
Goodwin, Ensign, East India Company, Artillery Barracks.
Grimes, Charles, Paymaster, Invalid Depot, Artillery Barracks.
Green, Mr. Josh., 14 Middle-street.
Hart, Mr. William, Manor-street.
Hay, Colonel, Commandant, East India Comp., Artillery Barracks.
Harding, Mr. Daniel, Manor-street.
Haite, Mr. Frank, 16, Garden-street.
Hillier, Mr. Richard, Wood-street.
Hookey, G., Captain, Melville Hospital.
Hope, Mr. Francis, 6, Mansion-row.
Howe, Mr. R., 13, Mansion-row.
James, Henry, Captain, late Royal Marines, Wood-street.
Johnston, Major, 15, Garden-street.
Johnson, Major, 44th Regiment, Artillery Barracks.
Kift, Mr. Arthur, Assistant-surgeon, Melville Hospital.
Laffan, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Ladd, Mr. C. W., 9, Prospect-row.
Lee, Mrs., Wood-street.
Lean, Mr. John, 5, Prospect-row.
Lewis, Rev.  William, Chaplain, Melville Hospital.
Lock, Michael, Esq., 1, Mansion-row.
Manley, Mrs. M., 10, Prospect-row.
Manly, J. H., purser, R. N., 8, Mansion row.
McDonald, James, Major, 16, Prospect-row.
McLean, Major, 27th Regiment, Artillery Barracks.
Menzies, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Meaney, Rev.  J. P., 2, Manor-street.
Moore, Mr. W., Garden-street.
Nightingale, Mr. Thomas, Middle-street.
Oakes, Mrs. L., Wood-street.
Orton, Mr. John, Middle-street.
Payne, Mr. W., 9, Mansion-row.
Pasley, C. M., Colonel of Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Pack, Mrs. C., 5, Prospect-row.
Piper, Dr., 6, Mansion-row.
Palmer, Mr. John, 8, Manor street.
Palmers, Misses, Manor-street.
Rencher, Mr. Thomas, 3, Prospect-row.
Read, Mrs. M., 8, Prospect-row.
Rice, Mr. W., Wood -street.
Rowe, Mr. T.P.J., 3, Wood-street.
Rogers, Mr. James, 41, Manor-street.
Sandham, Captain, Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Sergentson, J. H., Captain, S. M., 7, Wood-street.
Sheffield, Mr. John, Mansion-row.
Shotwater, Mrs. F., High-street.
Shrewsbury, Rev.  W. J., Manor-street.
Shrubsole, Mrs. H., 7, Mansion-street.
Skillett, Mr. G. D, 3, Mansion-row.
Starkie, Mr. George, Medical Staff, Prospect-row.
Stanley, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Summerville, H. E., Major, East India Comp., Artillery Barracks
Trotter, T?I., Sergeant, R. S. & M., Artillery Barracks.
Turnbull, Ensign, East India Comp.  Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Vavasour, W. H., Colonel Royal Engineers, Artillery Barracks.
Walker, Mr. John, Middle-street.
Wells, Mr. William, 43, Manor-street.
Weekes, Mr. Henry, surgeon, Wood-street.
Wellsted, Mr. H., 6, Manor-street.
Whitehead, Rev.  Robert (A.M.), Westcourt-street.
Woollett, Mrs. M., 43, Manor-street.


Bagshaw, Wm., day and evening school, Manor-street.
Bonniwell, Misses H. and E., boarding and day school, Manor-street.
Martin, Henry, writing master, &c., Wood-street.
Nelson, Horatio, writing master & private teacher, Westcourt-street.
Peploe, Wm., classical and mathematical tutor.  Middle-street.
Schnebbelie, John, professor of music, Wood-street.
Troup, Jos., professor of music, Brompton-House, Wood-street.


Allison, Alexander, tailor and draper, High-street.
Arlidge, A., upholsterer, &c.  High-street.
Attwood, George, chemist and druggist, High-street.
Bayley, John, butcher, High-street.
Banes, Henry, hatter, High-street.
Banes, F. D. chemist, &c.  High-street.
Barlow, John, grocer and general dealer, near the Dock-yard.
Bear,  H., baker, 20, Middle-street.
Black, Jane, stationer and straw hat maker, 1, Wood-street.
Brady, Daniel, grocer, &c., 30, Manor-street.
Buckley, Benjamin, grocer, cheesemonger, &c., 2, High-street.
Catt, J. L. carpenter, &c., 5 and 18, Wood-street.
Catt, J. butcher, Wood-street.
Cardwell, James, butcher, Westcourt-street.
Charlton, Charles, builder, Westcourt-street.
Chard, William, bookbinder, Wood-street.
Coomber, Nathaniel, grocer and cheesemonger, 6, High-street.
Collard, William, fruiterer, High-street.
Coates, E. milliner, &e.  Wood-street.
Crowhurst, Jesse, tallow chandler, High-street.
Death, John, leather cutter, &c., 5, High-street.
Death, E. linen draper, hosier, &c.  High-street.
Donmall, George, baker, 53, High-street.
Dunk, Henry, timber merchant, Westcourt-street.
Dungey, John, tea dealer, grocer and cheesemonger, High-street,near the Barracks.
Dyne, Mrs. M. stay and corset maker, 2, Garden-street.
Edge, Mrs. M., stationer, &c., High-street.
Ellis, George, builder and undertaker, Wood-street.
Flandryn, D., corn dealer, &c., Middle-street.
Foster, John, bootmaker, High-street.
Fox, Charles, corn and coal factor, Westcourt-street.
Freeland, Richard, tallow chandler, High-street.
Green, William, blacking manufacturer, 12, Wood-street.
Harridan, I., ironmonger, Westcourt-street.
Hewitt, Josh., coach proprietor, Garden-street.
Hewitt, Mrs., straw hat manufacturer, &c.  Garden-street.
Hester, John, bricklayer, Wood-street.
Honey, Thomas, plumber, painter, &c.  High-street.
Holloway, John. coach and cart wheelwright, Middle-street.
Holloway, Celia, shopkeeper, Middle-street.
Holding, W. H., bootmaker-, High-street.
Hurrel, John, butcher, High-street.
Isaacs, L., army outfitter and general furniture warehouse, Garden-street.
Jack, W. I., linen draper, mercer, &c.  High-street.
Jarrett, Wm.. grocer, cheesemonger, &c., 13, Westcourt-street.
Jerrom, Richard, grocer, &c., High-street.
Kirton, John, chemist, druggist, &c., High-street.
Martin, George, tobacconist, &c., Wood-street.
Merryett, Edward, baker, High-street.
Miles, Thomas, linen draper, &c.  High-street.
Moverley, W. W., haberdasher and hardwareman, High-street.
Morierty, O., bookseller, Manor-street.
Moss, George, baker, Higb-street.
Munn, S.. baker, 6, Wood-street.
Nelson, Edward, furniture broker, appraiser, &c., Westcourt-street.
Orren, John, painter, &c., High-street.
Parry, George, brewer, High-street.
Pearce, Stephen, hair dresser, &c.  High-street.
Pitcher, C., corn and coal merchant, High-street.
Powell, J., carpenter, Garden-street.
Pullinger, Thomas, smith, ironmonger, &c.  High-street.
Pye, Thomas, butcher, Middle-street.
Saunders, James, baker, 4, Middle-street.
Saxton, William, baker, confectioner and dealer in British wines,High-street.
Sears, William, baker, 4, High-street.
Shindler, John, butcher, 56, High-street.
Strowse, John M.. gun maker, High-street.
Stigant, Thomas William, pawnbroker, High-street.
Sutton, J. B., grocer and tea-dealer, High-street.
Taylor, E. P., livery-stable keeper, Manor-street.
Tracy, A., stationer, bookseller, &c., 3, High-street.
Veal, Rib and Co., tea-dealers, 7, Westcourt-street
Walker, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, High-street.
Woods, James, china and Staffordshire warehouse, 56, High-street,


Anderson, B. Dolphin, High-street.
Baird, John, Two Sawyers, High-street.
Best, N., Queen's Head, near the Dock-yard.
Blundell, Thomas, Rose and Crown, River-row.
Brown, John, Shepherd and Shepherdess, Wood-street.
Clark Benjamin, King's Head, Middle-street.
Drury  George, Lord Nelson, Wood streeet
Francis, William, Shipwright's Arms, Westcourt-street.
Green, Eliza, Harrow, Manor-street.
Hodgskin, John, Queen's-Head Inn, High-street.
King, J., Dock Yard, Middle-street.
Kennett, G. W., Golden Lion and Commercial Inn, High-street.
Lyons, George, Bricklayer's Arms, High-street.
Nelson, Edward, King's Arms, River-row.
Palmer, W. C., Sun in the Wood, High-street.
Ramage, Thomas, Swan, Wood-street.
Sowter, Robert, King of Prussia, Prospect-row.
Wilkins, J., Duke of York, Westcourt-street.

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Brompton Directory 1838
Created by Maureen Rawson