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1838 Directory

Strood, Kent

Source: Wright's Topography submitted by G Holmes.

Patrons	The Dean and Chapter of Rochester.
Perpetuate Curate	Deacon, the Rev.  Thomas

Minister     Drew, the Rev.  Thomas.

Bromley, Mr. High-street.
Brigg.  Miss , High-street.
Bullard, Mr. J. S. High-street.
Bulmer, Mr. G. M., Gun-place.
Buck, T., Esq. farmer, Temple-farm.
Buck, Mr. W. near the Church, High-street.
Coston, Mr. William, farmer, Strood-hill.
Comfort, Mr. John, High-street.
Cooper, Mr. C., Cage-lane.
Crisp, Mr. Nicholas, High-street.
Drew, Rev.  Thomas, Cage-lane.
Edwards' Mr. E. surgeon, High-street.
Eyre, Mr. Daniel, surgeon, High-street.
Freeland, Mr. I. F., High-street.
Friday, Mr. John, High-street, near the Bridge.
Gibbs, Mr. John, solicitor, Cage-lane.
Hodgman, Mr. John, High-street.
Jaquier, W. L. Esq.  Reed-house.
Janes, Mr. James, Cuxton-road.
Knight, Mr. Thomas, High-street.
Manclark, W. Esq., Wickham-farm.
Mace, Mr. Robert, farmer, Cage-lane.
Naylor, Mr. James, High-street.
Simmonds, Mrs., High-street.
Steele, Mr. Stephen, surgeon, Higb-street.
Staffell, Mr. Henry, surgeon High-street.
Wickham, Mr. Humphrey, solicitor, High-street.

Brunker, Messrs.  W. and E., day school, High-street.
Clark, Mr. Thomas W., boarding and day school, High-street.
Winch, Miss Jane, boarding school, High-street.

Acworth, Josbua,tallow chandler, 147, High-street.
Aidersley, Edmund, corn and coal merchant, Bridge-wharf.
Aidersley, Edmund, Jun., corn and flour factor, 17.  High-street.
Anderson. 1. G., trunk maker, 45, High-street.
Baldock, Thomas, corn and coal factor, High-street.
Bass, Henry, pawnbroker, 66.  High-street.
Bennett, Richard, fruiterer, High-street.
Bing, George, porkman, High-street.
Bishop, A., baker, High-street.
Bray, William, plumber, &c., Cage-lane.
Brown, James, bootmaker, pattern and clog warehouse, High-street.
Bryant, H. F., Staffordshire warehouse, near the bridge.
Chalmers, P.. cooper, High-street.
Cobb, John S., currier, High-street.
Cobb, Charles, draper, hatter, &c., 26, High-street.
Colley.  J., baker, High-street.
Cooper, Thomas & Charles, fellmongers and woolstaplers, Cage-lane.
Cross, Charles, baker, High-street.
Downs, John, ropemaker, on the Quay.
Early, Richard, bootmaker, High-street
Eatten, James, coal-merchant, Thomas's-alley.
Elvey, James, boot and shoemaker, 29, Thomas's-alley.
Fisher, Mr. John, miller, near Strood-hill.
Gamon, George, grocer and cheesemonger, Cage-lane.
Gowan, John, builder and undertaker, Cage-lane.
Goddard, John, hairdresser, High-street.
Gouge, John, sadler, High-street.   -
Hatch, J. P., tailor, draper, hatter, and undertaker, High-street.
Heath, William, butcher, High-street.
Horsnaill, Alfred, auctioneer, upholsterer, and general furniture warehouse, High-street.
Horsnaill, M., coal-merchant, Watermill-wharf.
Horsnaill, R., seedsman, near the bridge.
Howard, Henry, cabinet-maker, and general furniture warehouse,19 High-street.
Hooper, J., statuary and mason, opposite the church.
Huggett, R., plumber, &c., High-street.
Izaby, James, shoemaker, ironmonger and general dealer, High-st.
King, Josh., hairdresser, High-street.
Knowler, Charles. grocer, baker, &c., High-street.
Lamb, I. S., plumber, and ornamental painter, 39, High-street.
Lawrence, Josh., grocer, tea-dealer, cheesemonger. and China warehouse, near the turnpike.
Lawrence, D., gunmaker, High-street.
Lash, E. & J. W., coopers, High-street.
Langford, John, grocer and tea-dealer, 52, High-street.
Lilley, J ', senior:. carpenters, Cage-lane.
Lilley, J., junior  . carpenter Cage lane
Lurcock, J., glover, &c., High-street.
Masters, G. C., nurseryman, seedsman and florist, Gun-place.
Martin, C., chemist, &c., 24, High-street.
Marsh, Richard, linen draper, hosier, and clothier, dealer in water boots, 89 High-street.
Maplesden, J., butcher, High-street, near the turnpike.
Nash, John, timber-merchant, High-street.
Neale, James, tailor, 20, Bigh-street.
Pirkis, George, watchmaker ' jeweller and hatter, 4A, High-street.
Pope, Elizabeth, grocer and cheesemonger, 16 High-street.
Rodmell, John, coal-merchant, High-street.
Rowland, John, builder, High-street,
Seager, William, grocer, &c., Cage-lane.
Shrewsbury, R. H. and Co , general ironmongers, 51 High-street.
Sinclair, G., bread and biscuit-baker, 14 High-street.
Smailman, Josh., smith and ironmonger, Cage-lane.
Smith, John, coal-merchant, Taylor's-lane.
Smith, J., miller, Strood-hill.
Stevens, A. B., chemist, &C., Higb-street.
Sutton, J. B., grocer, cheesemonger, &c., 34 High-street.
Sweet, J. and W. H., stationers, printers, &c., 28 High-street.
Tadman, T., sadler and capmaker, 27 High-street.
Tanton, Josh., farrier, horse-dealer and coachmaker, opposite the church, High-street.
Thomas, George, nail-factor, grocer, &c., 66 High-street.
Tomlin, William, butcher, High-street.
Thomas, J. W., hoyman and corn-factor, High-street.
Turner, Samuel, brewer, near the church, High-street.
Verdon, L., coal & porter-merchant, Middle Wharf. near the bridge.
Waghorn, Thomas, draper, mercer, hatter, and clothier, 30 High-street.
Watson, Charles, butcher, High-street.
Weeks, G. T., carpenter and undertaker, 48 High-street.
Whaley, J. and H. W., gun-makers, High-street.
Wheeler, S and F., grocers and cheesemongers (dealers in stamps),75 High-street


Crockford, T. S., Victory, High-street.
Crutenden, Stephen, Duke of-Gloucester, High-street.
Duff, James, Red Lion and Star, High-street.
Freeman, Richard, Bull's Head, High-street.
Hodges, William, Red Lion, High-street.
Howard, H., Pelican, High-street.
Maunder, Thomas, Old George, High-street.
Muddle, John, Crispin and Crispanus, High-street
Parks, Henry, Dolphin, High-street.
Waterman, Robert, Dredging Boat, High-street.
Wallis, William, Coach and Horses, Strood-hill.
West, Samuel, Three Gardeners, Cage-lane.
Williams, William, William IV., High-street.
Wyles, Samuel, Ship, High-street.
Young, M. N., Angel Inn, High-street.

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Strood Directory 1838
Created by Maureen Rawson