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1838 Directory

Gillingham, Kent

Source: Wright's Topography submitted by G Holmes.
Patron	Principal and Fellows of Brasenose College, Oxford.
Vicar	    Page, The Rev J., (D.  D.), at the Vicarage.
Curate	    Mayhew, The Rev.  Mr., Straw-lane.

President         Page, The Rev.  J. (D.D.), Vicarage.
Vice-President    Curtois, The Rev.  R. G., Court-lodge.
Treasurer         Stunt, J., Esq., Tweedale.
Master	          Castle, Mr. P., Gillingham.
Mistress	  Castle, Mrs., Gillingham.


Adams, Mr. John, Exmouth Terrace.
Austin, Mr. Michael, Nile-cottages.
Barber, Mr. Henry, New Brompton.
Blackadder, Mr. James, farmer, Medway-place.
Chamberlain, Lieut.  W. B., R.N., Medway-place.
Curtois, The Rev.  R. G., chaplain to H. M. Forces, Court-lodge.
Cuckow, Mr. Thomas, farmer, Batchelor's-farm.
Deskford, Mr. Charles, Exmouth-terrace.
Durham, Mr. Robert, Gillingham-street.
Duggan, Mr. John, Navy-row.
Dyer, Mrs. Mary, Gadís Hill
Ellirington, Lieut., R.N., Navy-row.
Fowle, Mr. John, farmer, Gad's-hill.
Fryday, Mr. Isaac, farmer, near Eastcourt.
Fricker, Mr. Edward, Gad's-hill.
Furrell, Mr. Caleb, Clarence-place.
Gifford, Mr. John, Green-street.
Giles, Mr. James, purser, R.N., Clarence-place.
Gittings, Lieut., R.N., Navy-row.
Hilbert, Mr. Benjamin, farmer, Layfield.
Knight, Capt, W., R.N., Navy-row.
Lock, Mr. John, Gillingham.
Long, Mr. John, Navy-row.
Marshall, Sir John, Gillingham.
Mair, Mrs. Susannah, Green-street.
Mc Avoy, Mr., surgeon, Green-street.
Mears, Mr. Ady, farmer, Gad's-hill.
Mitchell, Mr. Josh., master, R.N., Exmouth. terrace.
Miller, Capt.  Zachariah, R.N., Nile-cottages.
Mosley, T., purser, R.N., Clarence-place.
Newnham, Mr. Robert, Gad's-hill.
Organ, Mr W. T., Green-street.
Osmor, Capt.  Thomas, R.N., Clarence-place.
Page, Dr. J., (Vicar of Gillingbam), Vicarage.
Richardson, Mrs. Margaret, Gad's-hill.
Robinson, Lieut.  A., Clarence-place.
Russell, Joseph, Master, R.N., Oad's-bill.
Skeine, Lieut.  J., R.N., Church-green.
Stunt, Mr. John, Tweedale.
Sturgess, Lieut., R.N., Gillingham-street.
Townley, Mr. James, Exmouth-terrace. ,
Tracy, Mr. Henry, Exmouth-terrace.
White, Mr. Andrew, Navy-row,
Wintor, The Rev. H., Britain-farm.


Hart, Mr. W., (Day School,) Green-street.
Hulett, Dr., (Boarding School,) Green-street.


Banes, E., baker, Exmouth-terrace.
Bensted, D., (parish clerk,) Green-street.
Bennett, coal-merchant, Navy-row.
Biggs, Charles, coal-merchant, &c., Gillingham-street
Carter, John, baker.  Green-street.
Couves, Thomas, (Collector of rates,) Gillingham-street.
Couves, Frances, baker, Gillingham-street.
Cooper' S., grocer, &c., Gillingham-street.
Dulake, Thomas, gardener, Gad's-hill.
Finnis, W., butcher, Exmouth-terrace.
Gifford, George, grocer, &c., Oad's-bill.
Maddocks, William, butcher, Gillingham-street.
Mc Pherson, Thomas, grocer, Gillingham-street.
Muddle, E., coal-merchant, Gad's-hill.
Pope, G., brewer,  Gillingham-street.
Saywell, William, smith, Gillingham-street.
Stedman, James, miller, Exmouth-terrace.
Wittle, William, baker, Gillingham-street.


Balcomb, James, Green Dragon, Gillingham.
Gooding, Charlotte, Duke's Head, Gad's-hill.
Howe, James, Sir John Falstaff, Gad's-hill.
Lunn, George, Rose and Crown, Gillingham.
Lynch, Mary, Ship, Gillingham.
Pearce, John, Plough and Chequers, Gad's-hill.
Settley, William, Duke's Head, Gad's-hill.
Thompson, Henry, Lord Exmouth, Exmouth-terrace.
Warsfold, William, Five Bells, Gillingham.

(Tweedale is now known as Twydall)

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Gillingham Directory 1838
Created by Maureen Rawson