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Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Directory 1908/09
Reprinted 1980 by W.J. Parrett Ltd, Sittingbourne
ISBN 0-9507107-0-9


The Sittingbourne, Milton and District Directory may not be copied or distributed by way of trade without written agreement. However, copies of all or part of the Directory may be made by libraries and others for the benefit of researchers - without further permission, provided that this copyright notice is included.




Sittingbourne is a town and urban district situated on the main road from London to Dover, being 40 miles from the Metropolis.  It is a station on the S.E. & C.R., and is the junction for Sheerness, Queenborough, and the Isle of Sheppy.  It is ten miles south-east from Chatham, seven miles west from Faversham, and fifteen miles from Canterbury.  On the north side the town is approached by Milton Creek, a tributary of the Swale, by which waterway a large export and import trade is carried on with London. Sittingbourne is in the North-East Kent Parliamentary Division, the Upper Division of the Lathe of Scray, the Union and Hundred of Milton, the Sittingbourne Petty Sessional Division, and the Sittingbourne County Court.


The urban district of Sittingbourne is only 1004.352 acres in extent, including three acres of water, three acres of tidal water, and nineteen acres of foreshore.  The rateable value is £33,690.  At the last census (1901), the population was 8,944 but the present estimated population is about 9,000.  In 1907, there were about 80 empty houses in the town.  The growth of the population is shown thus

            1851    1871    1881    1891    1901    1907

            2897 ... 6148   7856    8302    8944    9000 (about)


Though the urban district is compact yet a long tentacle of land forming the rural portion of the parish stretches in a south westerly direction to wards Wormshill and to within a mile of Bottom Pond. The western side of the main road at Highsted is all in Sittingbourne parish


There are 2 1/4 miles of main roads and 6 1/2 miles of district roads.  The greatest length of main road is from the West Street boundary to Canterbury Road boundary. this being 1 1/4 miles, and includes the whole of West Street, East Street, High Street; and Canterbury Road. The other main roads are Station Street and Bell Road.





The towns of Sittingbourne and Milton are the centre of the brick making industry in Kent and this has accounted (in times of prosperity) for the great expansion of the district and it is still one of the mainstays of the trade, though the industry has passed through a long period or depression. Even at the present time a large export trade is being carried on from the Sittingbourne fields. The largest local brickmaking firm is that of Messrs. Smeed Dean & Co, Ltd whose fields are over two miles in length.  This firm possesses over 70 barges and employs about 1,200 hands, many of whom reside in the parish of Murston. During the past few years, a large cement factory has been added to the works. Modern machinery has been introduced, and the firm are able to turn out about 1,000 tons of cement a week, and are running at their full capacity, and give employment to many hands. Among the other up-to-date firms of the town are Messrs. Wills and Packham, Ltd., and Messrs. C. B. Burley, Ltd.


Another firm which has contributed greatly to the prosperity of the district is that of Messrs. Lloyd, Limited, who are proprietors of the "Daily Chronicle" Paper Mills, Sittingbourne. These vast works, employing nearly 1,000 hands, are the largest paper mills in Great Britain-probably in the world-and what is more they are to be still further enlarged. The large residence formerly occupied by the Manager (Mr T E Denson) has been razed to the ground and an adjoining street Queen Street has been acquired, and soon the output will be largely increased to the great benefit of the local labour market.  What the Americans term "hustle" is the key note of the great success of this firm in the world's markets and it would be a bad day for Sittingbourne and district it ever these Mills were shut down.


In the rural portion of the parish, agriculture is successfully carried on, especially so far as fruit growing is concerned. In this connection must be mentioned Mr. G. H. Dean, whose business acumen led him to establish the large jam factory at Whitehall, Bell Road, Sittingbourne.





Except as a village, Sittingbourne was unknown until medieval times, when there was a continuous stream of pilgrims to the shrine of St. Thomas a Beckett at Canterbury. The late Canon Scott Robertson says: " The town owed its rise and progress to the streams of pilgrims, who flecked by hundreds, and even by thousands, in a year to the shrine of Thomas Beckett at Canterbury. That Archbishop was murdered in 1170, and we never hear of Sittingbourne until about thirty years after that; the town was unknown, save as a little village, until the shrine of Beckett became popular. Milton, in earlier ages had been THE town. Beckett's murder and his canonisation as a martyr caused Sittingbourne to emerge from obscurity.  Its advantageous position as a convenient stopping stage upon the journey was its chief merit."


At that time there stood near the town Bayford Castle, of which nothing remains.  Sittingbourne, Canon Scott Robertson believed contained in the time of Chaucer about 90 houses and 450 persons. In Jack Cads's rebellion during the reign of Henry VI., amongst his followers who survived and lived to be pardoned were 22 Sittingbourne men.


English monarchs frequently enjoyed the hospitality of Sittingbourne, and Queen Elizabeth gave to it a charter of incorporation, which conferred the right to elect a mayor and corporation, to send two members to Parliament, and to hold markets and fairs. This charter was, however, revoked, it is said upon the complaint of the burgesses of Milton, who asserted that their prerogatives were encroached upon.  This charter is said to he in the pos­session of a gentleman in the neighbourhood.





The town of Sittingbourne is formed into two ecclesiastical parishes-St. Michael's and Holy Trinity.  The latter parish was formed on March 19th, 1869.  The population of St. Michael's parish in 1901 (last census) was 4,932, and Holy Trinity parish 4,011.  The parishes are in the Diocese of Canterbury, the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and the Rural Deanery of Sittingbourne.


The Parish Church of St. Michael, situated in High Street, Sitting­bourne, is of flint and stone, in the Early English and later styles, and has a western tower containing a clock and eight bells.  Six of the bells are dated 1687, and the other two are dated 1884. The clock, which is illuminated, was presented to the Church in 1873 by the Town Commissioners. The Church is spacious, possessing a fine chancel, nave, aisles, and tran­septs. There are two chapels, the Chilton and the Bayford. In 1873 the Church was thoroughly restored and a new organ was placed in the Bayford chapel. This restoration cost £3,000. There are 600 sittings in the Church.


The registers date from the following years:

Baptisms, 1561;

Marriages, 1562;

Burials, 1571.


The living is a Vicarage, in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and is of the net yearly value of £190, with 1 1/2 acres of glebe and residence.  The living has been held since May 1903 by the Rev. Mason Cornish Wells, M.A., of Caius College, Cambridge.  The Rev. M. C. Wells is surrogate for the granting of marriage licenses.


Dr. Frank Grayling, writing of St. Michael's Parish Church, says: "Few parish churches have survived, without curtailment - which was at one time imminent or even total re-building in an unsympathetic style, the ordeals which this fine and thoroughly Kentish example has undergone.


The existing building is to be traced from a smaller Romanesque beginning, the only portions of which now standing above ground are the eastern and western walls of the transept, and parts of the pier masses in its vicinity. Externally one cannot fail to observe the contrast between the admirable dressed flint work of the early fourteenth century period and the rough-filed flint construction of the earlier buildings. The original outer walls followed the lines of the present pillars and arches in the nave and archbishop's chancel, and their foundations are occasionally exposed. The first enlargement of the earlier church took place in the thirteenth century, when that portion of the central chancel, which includes the recessed mural arcade, and plain lancet windows was added.  Some years afterwards the present nave and aisles, and the basement of the tower as high as the graceful western arch, were developed, and completed by the early part of the fourteenth century. The old outer nave walls were in this instance thrown down gradually as the works proceeded, and not pierced with arches as was usual in this county. The smaller church did not extend further than the west end of the present nave. The external niche in the buttress of the Lady Chapel formed of a beautiful shelly oolite is referred to as "St Marie of the Boterasse."  Old inhabitants remember a portion of the statuette in situ.


Coming now to the fifteenth century the most important work was lengthening the old Romanesque transept towards the street, and the introduction of the grand rectilinear window. The font dates from this time. At the end of the century the tower was finished off by a battlement and stringcourse it had been designed to be higher. During the works one-half of its northern wall was re-built in rag stone and also a vertical half of the eastern wall. In each face so renewed the transition single light openings in the ringing room and the beautiful two light fully developed flowing traceried windows in the bell loft were re inserted  the north east tower buttress was then altered from the Early English character of the rest. The great brick buttress probably dates from 1687 when Bartlett of Whitechapel, cast six fine bells which still remain with modern additions.  In July 1762, a great calamity happened. The whole of the roofing was destroyed in an hour by a plumber's fire, during a high wind, and this stately building, hitherto little injured by fanatical violence, with all its ornaments and most part of it's' furniture destroy and the exception being the "bells, clock, and chymes" stood in complete ruin for over two years, in consequence of delay respecting the four chancels. The Eastern Sepulchre remains in the Bayford aisle.   The effigy represents one of the Lovelace family, who died in childbirth. Five years after the fire the church was reopened. Nothing much but further vandalism since restored at the western arch, was done to this patched up temple till 1844 when at the instruction of Mr. ValIance, Mr Willement restored the south aisle west window. This was followed in 1859 by another member of the same family who presented the chancel window. Under the advice and direction of the late Mr Slates the second east window was then removed. The present and third design is an acknowledged mistake.  In 1862 Mr Slater restored the transept and the large window. During 1868 the south-east window in the aisle was replaced by an exceedingly bad design. In 1873 the late Mr R H Carpenter entirely re-roofed the nave and raised it to the old mark against the tower. But, in consequence of his never having been told that the church had been burnt, he formulated his plan on Boykett's work reproduced the semi-circular ceiling this time tricked out in fancy dress Gothic versus block cornice at great expense. Shortly afterwards the whole church began to spread. Extensive centreings and shorings were promptly erected and Mr. Adcock gradually reconstructed all the great pier masses. The restoration of the traceries has since been a gradual work. Since 1897 the four belfry windows have been entirely renewed, following the original design.   The battlements have been partially renewed. One buttress on the west side has been re-built."


The Vicars of Sittingbourne for the past 620 years have been :-


            1279    Robert Bandenve                    1406    William Hoelton

            1321    Gregory de Coumbe                1407    John Lowell

            1322    William de Walthaw                 1413    Thomas Lote

            1323    John de Newenham                            Simon Somerset

            1891    Henry Elmeshole                     1421    Richard Preest

            1402    John Whitman                         1458    Walter Cliarletin

            1403    William Savage                                   Thomas Davy

            1492    Richard Woude                       1705    Mark Hildesley

                        Boger Gameston                     1710    John Swanne

            1519    Marmaduke Waldby                1722    Shadracb Cooke

            1537    John Whytemore                     1724    Robert Tyler

            1539    John Braban                            1740    Jonathan Monckton

                        Christopher Richardson          1742    Thomas Bland

            1558    Thomas Burgess                     1776    Richard Podmore

            1559    Simon Clarke                           1778    Samuel Evans

                        William Marshe                        1799    Thomas Cobb

            1568    William Caithorpe                    1817    John Lough

            1592    Robert Toye                            1826    John Hodgson

            1593    Edmund Littleton                     1835    Alexander Hamilton Duthie

            1602    William Lovell                          1846    Humphrey Thomas Walford

            1603    Francis Foxton            1870    William Henry Dyson

            1623    Edward Garland                      1885    Henry Venn

            1653    John Hurt                                1892    William Bell

            1662    George Jones                         1898 Thomas Godfrey Law Lushington


Holy Trinity Church, Dover Street, Sittingbourne, is a modern stone-built Church, dating from 1869, when the west end of the town was formed into an ecclesiastical district.  The Church is built in Kentish rag and Bath stone in the Early English Style, and consists of chancel, nave, aisles, and tower. There is one bell in the tower. In the Church are 640 sittings of which half are free.

The registers date from the year 1869. The living is a Vicarage, in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  It is of the net yearly value of £231 with residence, and has been held since 1904 by the Rev. Joseph Charles Eyre Kidson, MA, of Clare College, Cambridge.





Milton (No. 1) District comprises the rural parishes of Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Hartlip, Iwade, Lower Halstow, Newington, Rainham and Upchurch. 

Representative: Mr. R. G. E. Locke.


Milton (No. 2) District comprises the urban parishes of Sittingbourne and Milton Regis.  Representative: Mr. Henry Payne.


Faversham (No. 3) District includes the parishes of Bapchild, Kingsdown, Milsted, Rodmersham, Tong, Lynsted Teynham, and Norton. 

Represent­ative: Mr. F. B. Cobb.





The Sittingbourne Urban District Council was first elected as such on the passing of the Local Government Act, 1894, and took over the reins of control from the old Sittingbourne Local Board.  In January 1895, Mr. James Hulburd became the first Chairman of the Sittingbourne Council, and remained Chairman until April 1896. The late Mr. Ernest Albert Ros­siter was Chairman from 1896 to 1901, and then Mr. F. G. Gibson was Chairman for two years.  Mr. Henry Payne has presided over the Council since April, 1903.

Chairman Mr. Henry Payne.

Vice-Chairman-Mr. Edward George Marsh.



Retire April 15th, 1908.

John William Andrews,  Ebenezer Villa, Murston.

Harry Barns, 16, Berry Street, Sittingbourne.

Frederic George Gibson, Tynewydd, Sittingbourne.

Edward George Marsh, 88A High Street, Sittingbourne.


Retire April 15th, 1909.

George Andrews, Harman's Corner, Borden.

Robert Chapman, Chilton, Sittingbourne.

Frank Gorely, 42, High Street, Sittingbourne.

John McCartney, 15, Canterbury Road, Sittingbourne.


Retire April 15th, 1910.

Josiah Samuel Cremer, 69, West Street, Sittingbourne.

Richard Albert Hadaway, 88, High Street, Sittingbourne.

George Richard Hulburd, 11, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Henry Payne, Trott's Hall, Sittingbourne.


Mr. George Andrews was elected in 1907 to fill a casual vacancy caused by the retirement of Mr. George Goble.







Clerk :

Charles Benjamin Harris




Sir Richard B Martin Bart

(Martin's Bank)


Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector

Mr William Leonard Grant

Surveyor £155

Sanitary Inspector £75


Medical Officer of Health

Dr Thomas Barrett Heggs M.D.


(about)  £93

Waterworks Superintendent

William Leonard Grant



General District Rate Collector

Arthur John Lee



Water Rate and Baths and Gymnasium Receipts Collector

Hedley Peters


(commission about)  £45


Mrs. H. George



Inspector of Petroleum

Thomas Roberts









Highways: The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors G Andrews, H. Barns,

J. S. Cremer F G. Gibson and J McCartney


Finance: The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors J S Cremer, R. A. Hadaway, and G R Hulburd (Chairman Councillor H Payne)


Gas and Lighting The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors J W Andrews,

R. Chapman, J. S. Cremer, and J. McCartney.


Baths and Gymnasium The Chairman and Councillors G Andrews H Barns,

J. S. Cremer F G Gibson F Gorely and G. R Hulburd


Waterworks: The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors J W Andrews,

J. S. Cremer F G Gibson R A Hadaway and J McCartney


Health Committee: The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors G Andrews,

J. S. Cremer F Gorely, and G. R Hulburd


Fire Brigade: The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors C. Andrews,

J. W Andrews H Barns, F Gorely R A Hadaway and G. R. Hulburd (chairman)


Sewerage: The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors G. R Hul­burd, H. Barns,

R A Hadawav J S Cremer F G. Gibson F Gorely R. Chapman, G. Andrews.

J W Andrews and J McCartney


Free Library: The Chairman Vice Chairman and Councillors R A Hadaway,

F. G. Gibson G. R Hulburd J S Cremer F Gorely H Barns, G. Andrews J McCartnev

J W Andrews and R Chapman and Messrs. R. M. Boodle W G. Gordlier W Gosse

W L Grant  F Grayling A. J. Lee, and H Wills,




Milton Creek Conservancy: The Chairman and Councillor J. S. Cremer (for a period of three years, from January 1st, 1906).


Sittingbourne and Milton School Attendance Sub-Committee:

Councillors J. S. Cremer, F. Gorely, and E. G. Marsh (for a period of three years, from July 1st, 1907).


St. Michael's School Managers: Mr. George Goble (appointed until July, 19091).


Holy Trinity School Managers: Councillor R. A. Hadaway (appointed until July 1909).


Wesleyan School Managers: Councillor J W Andrews (appointed until July 1909).


Sittingbourne and Milton Higher Education Sub Committee Councillors:

E. G. Marsh, F Gorely, and J S Cremer (appointed until July 1st 1910).


The Chairman of the Council is the County Council representative on the School Attendance Sub Committee the Higher Education Sub Committee and each of the Boards of School Managers

Governors of Borden School: Henry Payne (appointed for a period of three years, from April 16th, 1907).




The town posses 196 public lamps, which the Sittingbourne Gas Company contract to light at £3/2/6 per lamp per year. The total cost of public lighting is usually about £700 per annum.




This building is situated in Crescent Street, Sittingbourne, and is rented at £30 per annum. The Library and Reading Room was instituted on November 7th, 1887. Librarian: Mrs. H. George.

The Reading Room is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every weekday, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Bank Holidays. The Library is open for the issuing of books from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., except on Wednesdays and public holidays. The number of volumes issued during the year generally amounts to about 6,000.

In 1902 the late Mr. George Gouge bequeathed the town the sum of £1,000 to be used for Library purposes. This money was invested in London County Council 3 per cents., and is now valued at £1,034/17/7. The income from this amount is about £30 per annum, and this is expended on the re­pair of old books and the provision of new books. The total expenditure on the Library and Reading Room is about £150 per annum.




The Sittingbourne Recreation Ground was purchased and laid out in 1879, at a cost of £2,200. The present area is ten acres and this includes the strip of land presented to the town in the year 1900 by Mr. W. J. Harris. The Council have the right to close the ground or any part of it to the public not exceeding twelve days in the year nor four consecutive days on any one occasion.  The ground may not be closed on any Sunday or public holiday. The annual expenditure on the ground amounts to about £75 per annum.

Hours when the Ground is open: -

January, February, November, and December           8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

March, April, September, and October                        6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

May and August                                                          6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

June and July                                                              6 a.m. to 10 p.m.




The Sittingbourne Swimming Bath and Gymnasium was erected in 1896 by public subscription at a cost of £2,080, of which amount Mr. Frank Lloyd and members of the Lloyd family contributed by far the greater proportion. The buildings, which are situated on the Butts, Sittingbourne, were handed over to the Council in July 1896. The swimming bath is 100 feet long and 22 feet wide and the depth varies from 3ft. 6in. to 7ft.  There are also bathrooms fitted with hot and cold baths, two baths being allotted for females.

The swimming bath is open from April 13th to October 12th, and the hours of opening are from 6.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. during April, September, and October, and from 6 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. during May, June, July, and August.  About 23,000 bathers use the baths during the months they are open.


Caretaker and Instructor: John Clayton

Lady Swimming Instruc­tress: Miss Ada Peckham. 

The Sittingbourne Swimming Club has the exclusive use of the swimming bath on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. and from 9 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. respectively.

During the winter months the swimming baths are transformed into a gymnasium, which is open for gymnastic exercises and roller-skating from November to March.  For timetable see published announcements. 

Instructor: John Clayton.




The water supply of Sittingbourne belongs to the town, and the Works are situated at Keycol Hill, Bobbing. The original site was purchased on Feb 15th, 1868, and occupied two roods. On Oct 23rd 1895 the purchase of another 1 1/2 acres was completed and the Works were further extended There are two reservoirs, with a capacity of 300,000 and 147,000 gallons respectively. The boring extends 420 feet below the surface. The pumping is by steam power and two boilers are installed.   The Works and wells are lighted by electricity. Deacon Water Waste Detecting Meters are installed in various parts of the town 


Engineer: Stanley Clinch 

Water Inspector : Frederick Calkyn













The Town Hall, High Street, Sittingbourne, was erected as the Corn Exchange in 1859, and was acquired by the old Sittingbourne Local Board in 1877 (purchase completed Jan. 28th 1879).  Various alterations were made and a hoard room and other offices were added. The cost was £1,196/10/4. The present cost of maintaining the Hall is over £200 per year and more than double the income.


 SCALE OF CHARGES:                                                                      £          s.         d.

Balls (including 'use of kitchen and firing)                                           4          4          0

Public Dinners                                                                                     2          2          0

Public Dinners (with use of kitchen and firing)                                    3          3          0

Concerts and Entertainment's:

 One Night                                                                                           2          2          0

 Two consecutive nights                                                                     3          10        0

 Six ditto                                                                                              7          10        0

 Each afternoon performance extra                                                     1          1          0

Exhibitions for Individual Profit:

Per day                                                                                                2          2          0

            Per week                                                                                 10        0          0

Flower Shows, Poultry Shows, etc. (local):

 Per day                                                                                               1          11        6

            For preparation per day                                                          1          1          0

Bazaars (local objects):

 Per day                                                                                               1          11        6

 For preparation per day                                                                     1          1          0

Bazaars (for other than local objects):

 Per day                                                                                               2          2          0

            For preparation per day                                                          1          1          0

Auction Sales:

            Per day                                                                                    2          2          0

            For preparation or removal per day                                         1          1          0

Other Entertainment's, Lectures, Exhibitions, meetings, etc.,

            for local objects                                                                       I           1          0



Use during day time:

Two hours or less                                                                               0          5          0

Exceeding two hours                                                                           0          7          6

Exceeding four hours                                                                          0          10        0

During evening                                                                                    0          10        6


Dances (with use of ante room and dressing room)                            1          11        6

Inquests                                                                                               0          2          6




Per Meeting                                                                                         0          2          0

The above charges include Hall Keeper's

fee and ordinary lighting. Bioscope lanterns 5/- extra.

Applications for the use of the Hall should be made to the

Surveyor, Mr. W. L. Grant, at his office, High Street, Sittingbourne






In the year 1896 the Council acquired land at Gaze's Hill Field, Canter­bury Road, Sittingbourne, to the extent of 13 acres 2 roods 20 poles for the purpose of providing Allotments. This land is let out into 134 plots, which are rented at seven pence per rod per annum.  The Council pay £25 a year rent, and other expenditure brings up the total expenditure to about £53. The income from the allotments is about the same amount . Applications for allot­ments should be made to the

Clerk, Mr. C. B. Harris, 76, High Street, Sittingbourne





The Sittingbourne Sewerage and Sewage Disposal System was installed between the years 1902-4, at a cost of £50,000. The Works are situated near West Lane, Sittingbourne, and cover 11 1/4 acres of land including five acres of land for the treatment of storm water. The Works comprise five septic tanks for the treatment of sewage, with a capacity for 375 000 gallons and twelve filters covering 27.000 superficial feet. The Works will treat 600 000 gallons per day. The estimated dry weather flow is estimated at 200 000 gallons per day, and the wet weather flow is estimated at 400,000 gallons per day. The sewers are 9 1/2 miles in length, and their capacity is 1 200 000 gallons.  The sewers serve a district 1 1/4 miles long by one mile wide. Besides the sewers there are cast-iron air mains 1 1/4 miles in length and a cast iron rising main half-a-mile in length.  Ejectors for lifting sewage are installed at The Wall and Crown Quay Road


Engineer: George Clinch.




Almshouse -The Almshouse at No. 1, East Street, providing rooms for eight poor widows. was re-built in 1804 by subscription. The original donor of the charity is unknown.


Allen's Charity: By the will of John Allen, of Sittingbourne dated October, 1615, £2 per annum was left for the repair of the Almshouse and for firing for poor inhabitants, payable out of Glovers Farm.


Hodsole's Charity: Robert Hodsole, by his will dated 1684, bequeathed 10/- per annum payable on Christmas Day, to the poor out of Mrs. Rondeau's land (Fairfield and Dark Orchard).


Grant's Charity: By the will of John Grant (dated November, 1699) £1 per annum was left in corn or bread out of "Mrs. Trott's Farm."


Dick's Charity: Katherine Dicks by her will left £25 'to be put out in land security, the interest for ever to be laid out in six two-penny loaves and given to six poor widows who attend Divine service, beginning on the 1st Sunday alter Christmas Day.  In the year 1880 the principal was appro­priated to church repairs at interest of four per cent. payable out of rent of the Butts land.


Unknown Donor-Four seams (about ten bushels) of boiling peas, valued at about £12 are to be distributed at Christmas. This charity is out of the Parsonage and the donor is unknown.


Butts Land-About an acre of the Butts land is held by the Churchwardens for church repairs.  "The land may be let for fairs, etc.," and Katherine Dick's charity is payable out of it.


Huggen's Charity: John Huggen's by deed dated December 10th. 1859, gave £100 (represented by £104/6/0 Consols) purchased on January 18th, 1860.


Smeed's Charity: George Smeed, by his will dated November 5th, 1877, left £100 to be invested in Consols for the purchase of bread to be dis­tributed amongst poor persons.  The provisions as to the appointment of Trustees of this charity by the Urban District Council do not apply until 1922.


The power to appoint Trustees of parochial charities under Section 14 of the Local Government Board Act, 1894, was conferred upon the Council by order of the Local Government Board, dated June 17th, 1898.


The Charity Trustees for Sittingbourne, are Messrs. Henry Payne and William John Cremer (appointed by the Council) and the Rev. M. C. Wells (ex-officio). The appointments are for a period of four years from February 5th, 1907 .




The Milton Union comprises eighteen parishes, together being 32,546 acres in extent, with a population of shout 29,000.  The parishes included are Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Halstow, Hartlip, Iwade Kingsdown, Milsted, Milton, Murston, Newington, Rainham, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne, Tong, Tunstall, and Upchurch.  The total rateable value is £144,637.


The members of the Board of Guardians are 



R J Tylden (representing Milsted),

H U E Locke (Hartlip)

E B Gascoyne (Bapchild)

W. F. Drake (Bobbing),

A Tidy (Borden) 

W. J. Jarrett (Bredgar)

H W South (Lower Halstow)

M Basted (Iwade)

H Cooper (Kingsdown)

J Filmer, (Milton),

G  Graneden, (Milton),

J. Bray (Milton),

T. Bensted (Murston),

A.Harnett (Newington)

H M Wakeley (Rainham)

E Kemp (Rainham)

A J Thomas (Rodmersham),

C. B. Burley, (Sittingbourne),

F. Cleaver, (Sittingbourne),

H. Dean, (Sittingbourne),

J. T. Harris, (Sittingbourne),

H. A. Hadaway (Sittingbourne),          

F Wood (Tong)

H Greensted (Tunstall)

J. Wakeley (Upchurch)

Mr R J Tvlden is the Chairman

Mr. R. C. E. Locke is Vice Chairman


The Committees are as follows

Assessment Committee  


H J Tylden (chairman)

G H Dean

R.G E. Locke

M. Bensted,

R. B. Gascoyne,

T. Bensted,

A Tidy,

R A Hadaway,

A. Harnett

A J Thomas

F Cleaver

J Filmer 

The meetings of the Assessment Committee are held monthly following the ordinary  meeting of the Guardians and Rural District Council (about mid day). 

Clerk to Committee. E Cecil Harris


Finance Committee.


R. J. Tylden (chairman)

H G E Locke

T Bensted,

A Tidy,

J  Filmer

G H Dean


The Officers of the Milton Union with their salaries per annum are

Clerk: Ernest Cecil Harris                                                        £135

Treasurer: Henry Payne

Rate Collector: Albert John Turner                                         £425

Local Government Board Inspector: Arthur Belmore Lowry

Poor Law District Auditor: Nugent Charles Simner    

Workhouse Medical Officer: Dr H H Fisher                             £100


Medical Officer for Bobbing, Borden Iwade and Milton

Dr G T Willan                                                                          £63

Medical Officer for Bapohild, Bredgar, Kingsdown

Milsted Murston Rodmersham, Sittingbourne Tong 

and Tunstall 

Dr H  H Fisher                                                                         £78

Medical Officer for Halstow, Hartlip, Newington

Rainham, and Upchurch :

Dr F W H Penfold                                                                    £63


Public Vaccinator for Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden,

Bredgar Iwade Kingsdown, Milsted, Milton,

Murston, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne,

Tong, and Tunstall

Dr W Gosse

Public Vaccinator for Halstow Hartlip,

Newington Rainham, and Upchurch:

Dr E A McAnally

Vaccination Officer: W Wralmer


The Workhouse, situated in North Street, Milton, is a large and rambling series of buildings built in 1835 for 350 inmates.  An infirmary was added about thirty years ago.  In 1905, a large residence, known as Church House, standing about a quarter of a mile from the Workhouse, was acquired as a home for girls.


The principal Officers at the Workhouse, with their salaries, are

Master: Edward Croucher                                           £100

Matron: F. J. A. Croucher                                            £60

Labour Master: Walter Woodhouse                            £42

Baker and Cook: Morris Chessman                            £35

Girls' Industrial Trainer C J Taylor                              £30

Boys' Industrial Trainer Richard Hayman                    £30

Porter: F. T. Ash                                                          £ 0

Master's Clerk: S. T. Croucher                                    £30

Nurse: M. M. Chapman                                               £30

Nurse: Lucy Opheia Short                                           £30

Assistant Matron: V Harnden                                      £30

Superintendent of Female Vagrants: Alice Young       £25

Aged Women's Attendant: F Debenham                     £25

Chaplain - Rev. T Morgan                                           £75


The Relieving Officer to the Milton Union is Mr. William Roberta Baum, whose salary is £140 per annum.  In addition, he acts as collector to the Guardians, and receives 10 per cent on his collections. Mr. Baum is also Inspector under the Infant Life Protection Act, for which he receives £5 per annum. The Relieving Officer's office is at the Workhouse, and he re­sides at Chalkwell Road, Milton.





This Committee, formed in 1902, is composed of six School Manager Trustees, six Rural District Councillors, and two County Council representatives, as follows: -County Council: Messrs. H. Payne and R. G E. Locke.

Rural District Council: Messrs. R. J. Tylden (chairman), W. F. Drake, H. Greensted, J. Wakeley, E. Kemp, and A. J. Thomas.


School Managers: Rev. J. G Easton, Rev. A. E. Gledhill, and Messrs.

E.B. Gascoyne (vice-chairman), L. H. Page, W S. Harueti, and R. M. Wakeley.

Clerk: Ernest Cecil Harris, 76, High Street, Sittingbourne


School Attendance Officer: Charles Hopgood.


Meetings of the Committee are held on the third Wednesday in every month, in the Board Room, the Workhouse, Milton, at 12 (noon).  As a temporary arrangement the meetings of the Committee are for the present taking place at the Board Room, Town Hall. Sittingbourne







This Committee came into being when the Education Act, 1902, became law, and is composed of six School Manager representatives and seven public representatives. The members are as follows:

County Council: Mr. H. Payne (chairman).

Sittingbourne Urban Council: Messrs. J. S. Cremer, F. Corely, and E.G. Marsh.

Milton Regis Urban Council: Messrs. G Bowes, F. Down, and G F. A. Huart.

School Managers: Messrs. R. Chapman, H. Willis, F. J. Seale, W. Hyder,

G Gransden, and J. Filmer.


Clerk: Harry Greensted, 90, High Street, Sittingbourne

School Attendance Officer: Edward Knowles.

Deputy School Attendance Officer: Horace Sparks Knowles.


Meetings of the Committee are held on the first Wednesday in every month, at six o'clock in the evening, at the Sittingbourne and Milton Town Halls alternately.




The Sittingbourne and Milton Sub-Committee of the Kent Education Committee for Higher Education is

Mr. H. Payne (chairman), Mrs. W. J. Cremer, Miss Prentis, the Revs. J. G Easton and J. Doubleday, and Messrs. T.E. Denson, J. S. Cremer, F. Corely, E. C. Marsh,

J. Filmer, F. J. Luckhurst, and A. E. Wood. 

Secretary: Mr. Edwin Brigden, San Remo, London Road, Milton

The meetings of the Committee are as arranged.





The Sittingbourne and Milton Joint Hospital Board was formed about 25 years ago, and a Hospital for the treatment of cases of infectious disease was built at Keycol Hill, Bobbing. The Hospital has been enlarged from time to time, and is now a thoroughly modern institution capable of accommodating 100 patients.


The Board is composed of six members of the Milton Rural District Council, three members of the Sittingbourne Urban District Council, and three members of the Milton Regis Urban District Council.  The members are as follows:


Messrs. R. J. Tyden, R.G E. Locke, T. Bensted, W. F. Drake,

R. M. Wakeley and A Tidy (Milton Rural Council); H. Payne, R. A. Hadaway. and

F. C. Gibson (Sittingbourne Council); and E. Littlewood, E. J. Luckthurst and

G H Gransden (Milton Regis Council)

Clerk Mr. E. C. Harris. Office 76 High Street Sittingbourne

Chairman Mr R. J. Tylden.

Vice Chairman Mr R. G B Locke


The Staff at the Hospital is as follows

 Matron: Miss B Morris                                                £100

Senior Charge Nurse Gordon                                     £36

Charge Nurse Nurse Williams                         £28

Assistant Nurse  Nurse Fowler                                    £24

Probationer (2nd year)  Nurse B Hayes                      £18

Probationer (2nd year)  Nurse L Hayes                      £18

Probationer (1st year)  Nurse Deacon                        £14

Probationer (1st year) Nurse Jones                            £14

Resident Porter Mr Congdon                                      £52

Assistant Porter  Mr. Durtnall                                      £32

Medical Officer Dr T Barrett Heggs


The meetings of the Joint Hospital Board are held in the Board Room Town Hall, Sittingbourne, on the last Wednesday in every month at 12 30 p m




In 1905 the Local Government Board formed a local Committee to appoint a Medical Officer for the Milton Rural District and the town urban districts of Sittingbourne and Milton Regis, that authority having ordered those three districts to be conjoined for the purpose. The same degree of representation was observed in the case of this Committee as with the Joint Hospital Board, and the several Councils appointed the same members as sit on the Joint Hospital Board, and the meetings of the Medical Officer Committee follow the meetings of the Joint Hospital Board on the last Wednesday in the month, at the Sittingbourne Town Hall. At the beginning of the year 1906 Dr Thomas Barrett Hegits M D was appointed Medical Officer of the district at a salary of £426 per annum.

Clerk to the Joint Committee:

Ernest Cecil Harris Office. 76, High Street Sittingbourne




The Sittingbourne Burial Board was founded on the near approach of the closure of the Parish Churchyard Sittingbourne which had become over full. The Sittingbourne Cemetery is situated in Bell Road, Sittingbourne, and possesses two handsome Chapels (Established Church and Nonconformist) and a large mortuary. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful Cemeteries in Kent


The Sittingbourne Burial Board is composed as follows

Messrs R Chapman (chairman), G H Dean, F G Gibson, C. Goble, W T Jackson

R. Willis, J. H. Whibley, J Hulburd, and H Payne

Clerk Mr Charles

The Joint Committee: Ernest Cecil Harris Office. 76 High Street Sittingbourne

Benjamin Harris. Office .76, High Street, Sittingbourne

Superintendent: Mr. W. L. Grant

Sexton and Caretaker: Mr. George Kemsley, Cemetery Lodge.

The meetings of the Board are held in the Board Room. Cemetery Lodge on the first Thursday in the month, at eleven a.m. The Cemetery is open from 8 a.m. to one hour after sunset on each day, Sundays included.



The Milton Creek Conservancy Act was passed in 1899 for the  purposes of conserving the various interests of shipowners, wharfinger's and the public generally of the riparian districts surrounding the Creek The Conservancy Board is composed of the following representatives

Shipowners: Messrs G H Dean, H Packham and G Andrews

Wharfingers: Messrs T E. Denson, C. Gransden, and S. W. Burley

County Council Mr. R. Mercer and Captain Jaffray

Sittingbourne Urban Council Messrs H Payne and J S Cremer

Milton Regis Urban District Council: Messrs. F. Littlewood and A B Wood.

Milton Rural Council Mr B J Tylden

Admiralty: Lieutenat Donald J. Munro.

Chairman: Mr. R. J. Tylden.

Clerk: Harry Greensted Office: 90, High Street, Sittingbourne

Harbour Master: Harry Thursten.

Harbour Master's Office : Milton Quay.

Meetings of the Conservancy Board are held at the Board Boom at the Secretary's Offices, on the second Monday in each mouth at midday.

Creek Committee: Messrs. G. H. Dean, T. E. Denson, H. Packham, R. Mercer,

R. J. Tylden, F. Littlewcod, S. W. Burley, and G. Andrews.

Parliamentary Committee: Messrs. R. Mercer, R. J. Tylden, T. E. Denson, and

H. Packham.



Sittingbourne is the head of a Police and Petty Sessional Division com­prising the whole of the parishes in the Milton and Isle of Sheppy Unions as follows:

Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Eastchurch, Elmley, Hartlip, Harty. Iwade, Kingsdown, Leysdown, Lower Halstow, Milsted, Milton, Minster, Murston, Newington, Queenborough, Rainham, Rodmersham, Sheer­ness, Sittingbourne, Tong, Tunstall, Upchurch, and Warden.


The population in the Petty Sessional Division is about 50,400.  There are courts held at Sittingbourne and Sheerness, and at both these places are Police Stations, with cells and quarters for single men.  The whole of the licensing business of the Division is transacted at the Sittingbourne Petty Sessions but ordinary Petty Sessional and Police cases are dealt with at Sheerness before a Stipendiary Magistrate:

Mr. Alick J. Tassell.

The Magistrates of the Sittingbourne Division with the year of their appointment is as follows:

Richard James Tylden, Milsted Manor                                                1881

George Hambrook Dean, Whitehall, Sittingbourne                             1887

Richard Goord Edwal Locke, Hartlip                                                   1892

Sir Edward Leigh Pemberton, KCB 5, Warwick Square, London                                        

Alfred Whittaker Howe, Manor House, Sheerness                              1898

Robert Mercer, Rodmersham House, Rodmersham                           1901

Edward William Brightman, Exeter House, Sheerness                       1901

Lord Teynham, Wellington Club, 1, Grosvenor Square                      1902

Frederic George Gibson, Tynewydd, Sittingbourne                            1902

William N. Rule, Broadway, Sheerness                                              1906

Thomas E. Denson, Queendown Warren, Hartlip                               1906

Henry Payne, Trott's Hall, Sittingbourne                                             1907




Frederick Littlewood, Chairman, Milton Regis Urban District Council.

Charles Ingleton, Chairman, Sheppy Rural District Council.

Charles Ralph Stevens, Mayor of Queenborough.


Petty Sessions are held every Monday morning at 10 o'clock at the Sittingbourne Police Court and Courts for the conduct of ordinary police busi­ness are held on Wednesdays at mid-day and Fridays at 10 a.m.

Days are set apart for the transaction of Highway. Licensing, Poor Rate, and Jury List business. The General Annual Licensing Meeting is held as a rule during the second week in February and the Adjourned Licensing Meeting a month later.

Clerk to the Justices: Earnest Cecil Harris, 76, High Street, Sittingbourne


The Police Force in the Sittingbourne Division is made up as follows :

One Superintendent, one Inspector, seven Sergeants, and 33 Constables.


Names and places of residence:

Superintendent Ernest Crowhurst, Police Station, Sittingbourne

Inspector Charley Albert Heard, Police Station, Sheerness


Alfred Brisley, Halfway Houses, Minster

Edwin Jenner, Station Road, Rainham

Thomas Beach, 104, William Street Sittingbourne

James Simmons, 33, Bayford Road Sittingbourne

Frederick Ashton Sheerness

Emery James Mills, Sheerness

Frederick Snashall, London Road, Milton


Alfred  Vousden, Bapchild.

Thomas Henry Smith, Sunny Side, Station Road Rainham

Mores Leonard Martin, 207, Park Road, Milton

Walter Burchett, Rodmersham.

William Thomas Fuller, Eastchurch.

Arthur Hughes, Sheerness.

Thomas Fielder, Station Road, Rainham

Edwin Norris, Police Station, Sheerness.

Arthur Henry Cook, 5, Park Road, Sittingbourne

Henry John Thomas Bowles, Victoria Road Milton

Robert Wheatley, Queenborough.

William James Farrow, Sheerness.

Allard Stewart, Sheerness.

Frederick Honey, Sheerness.

Arthur Thomas Johnson, 66, Church Road, Murston

John McKie, Chestnut Street, Borden.

Frederick Horace Golding, Police Station, Sittingbourne



John Jowers Newington

George Roper, London Road Milton

Thomas Campbell Crown Road Milton

George William Groves, Oakwood Cottage Tunstall

Albert Jenner, Cryall's Lane Borden

James Foreman Wellard Upchurch

George Henry Apps, ChalkwelI Road Milton

George Young Minster

Frederick J King Sheerness

George W. Prior Sheerness

John Thomas Worrall, Police Station Sheerness

George Collins, Police Station, Sittingbourne

Frederick Ivo Bridgland, Police Station, Sittingbourne

Ernest George Wells Police Station, Sittingbourne

Thomas Hogg, Police Station Sheerness


Lock-Up Keeper Sittingbourne Police Station: P.C. F. H Golding.

Lock-Up Keeper Sheerness Police Station: P C. E Norris

Detective Officer: P.C. G. H. Apps

Clerk:  P.C. M. L. Martin.

Groom: P.C. A. H. Cook.




Sittingbourne is head of the County Court which is in Circuit 49, and Courts are held on the 3rd or 4th Friday in every month at the Police Station, Sittingbourne.


Judge: John Shortt.

Registrar and High Bailiff: Harry Greensted

Registrar's Clerk: A. E. Tidy.  Sub-Bailiffs . L  Burchell and S Crow.

Offices: Crescent Street, Sittingbourne Hours of business 10 a m to 4 p.m. on all weekdays except Saturdays 

On that day the hours are from 10 a.m. to 1p m


Certified Bailiffs (under the Law of Distress Amendment Act) .

A.J Turrer, A J Lee, Hedley Peters, A Reynolds


For Bankruptcy purposes the Sittingbourne County Court is included in that of Rochester.

Official Receiver: Richard Turner Tatham, 9, King Street, Maidstone.


The following parishes are included in the Sittingbourne County Court Bapchild, Bobbing Borden, Bicknor, Bredgar, Frinsted Lower Halstow, Hartlip, Iwade, Kingsdown Milton, Milsted, Murston, Newington Rainham, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne, Tong, Tunstall, Upchurch, and Wormshill.



Mr. Warren Wood Budds, of High Street, Milton is collector of the King's Taxes for the parishes of Bapchild, Rodmersham, Tong, Murston, Tunstall, Bobbing, Lower Halstow, Iwade, Upchurch, Sittingbourne, and Milton. The Office of the Surveyor of Taxes is High Street, Rochester.



The Registrars of Births, Marriages, and Deaths for the Milton Union are as follows: -Superintendent Registrar: Mr. Ernest Cecil Harris,

76, High Street, Sittingbourne

Deputy-Superintendent Registrar: Mr. George H. Luckhurst.

76, High Street, Sittingbourne

Registrar of Births and Deaths: Mr. William Tress Jackson,

117, High Street, Sittingbourne

Deputy Registrar of Births and Deaths:

 Mr. Philip H. Bishop, 117, High Street, Sittingbourne

Registrar of Marriages:

 Mr. Warren Wood Budds, High Street, Milton

Deputy Registrar of Marriages: Mr. Howard S. Budds,

37, High Street, Sittingbourne



This School for Higher Education was inaugurated in 1904, and is under the control of the Higher Education Sub-Committee of the Kent Education Committee. The School is situated at Brenchley House High Street, Sittingbourne, the premises being up-to-date and commodious.  Number of students, 125. 

Principal: Miss Freeman.


Misses Stone, Wright, Warren, Simpson, Stedman, Sparey, and B. Payne.


The Secretary of the Sittingbourne and Milton Higher Education Sub-Committee is Mr. E. Brigden, San Remo, London Road, Milton.




St. Michael's Butts Schools (Boys' department): These Schools were built in 1847. Accommodation, 222. Average attendance, 206.

Headmaster: Mr. H. T. Bryen.

Assistants: Messrs. R. Whiteman, T. C. Flint, and F. Morris, and Mrs. O'Connor.


St. Michael's Butts Schools (Girls' department): Built in the same year as the Boys' department.  Accommodation, 221.  Average attendance, 192.

Headmistress: Miss A. S. Watts.

Assistants: Miss H. Mackie, Miss E. Herring. Miss B. Prentice, Miss K. Stevens, and Miss L. Palmer.


St. Michael's Butts Schools (Infants' department) : Built in 1892. Ac­commodation, 135.  Average attendance, 120. 


Headmistress: Mrs E. F. Saunders.

Assistants: Miss E. Church, Miss S. Taylor, and Miss Hurst.


Wesleyan Schools (Mixed department): These Schools were built in 1834, and enlarged in 1873.  Accommodation, 296.  Number on the books, 306. Average attendance, 284.


Headmaster: Mr. William Henry Roper. 

Assis­tants (one vacancy) : Mr. E. G. Garner, Mrs. Nicholas, Miss E. Hills,

Miss E. Luscombe, and Miss G. Arnold.


Wesleyan Schools (Infants' department) : Accommodation, 110. Number on the books, 108. Average attendance. 90. 

Headmistress: Miss Ella G. Dalley

Assistants : Miss C. Thomas and Miss E. Reeve.


St. Michael's Mission Room (Infants' department): This School is held in a Church mission room. Accommodation. 160. Number on the hooks, 180. Average attendance. 150.

Headmistress: Mrs. A. Bryen.

Assistants: Miss E. Walker, Miss N. Strouts, Miss L. Ledger, and Miss N. Nicholson.


Holy Trinity Schools (Boys' department): These Schools were built in 1871, and have been enlarged from time to time since. Accommodation, 180. Average attendance 188 

Headmaster  Henry J D. Sharpe.

Assistants Messrs. W. Mayes and C A Mayhew, and Mrs Heap, Miss M Cole and

Mr. P. Foster


Holy Trinity Schools (Girls' department) Built in 1871  Accommodation 181.Average attendance 181 

Headmistress: Miss M M Pitt 

Assistants: Miss L. A. Prentice, Miss M. Brightman Miss E C A Crabbe

Miss M. Bowes, Miss G Gulston Miss E Brightman and Miss M Gardiner


Pembury Street (Infants department of the Holy Trinity Schools)  Accommodation, 99. Average attendance 75

Headmistress: Mr J Walmsley

Assistants : Miss N. Blake and Miss A. Smeed


Holy Trinity Schools (Infants department) Accommodation 195 Number on the books, 180  Average attendance 170 

Headmistress Mrs Lucas

Assistants: Miss Salmon Miss E Day Miss B Tucker, Miss G. Margell

Miss C. Luckhurst, and Miss B Holdstock



St. Michael's Parish Church:

Rev. Mason Cornish Wells M A

Vicar Curate, Rev David Morgan 

Churchwardens, Messrs. W. L. Grant and H Payne

Sidesmen Messrs. A. J. Lee, G. Goble, T Henham G H Hulburd H. J. Tidy C B Harris A Millen, A. Reynolds W  G Gordelier S Boulding W Gardner, H T Bryen F Filmer

W Golding, J. Holdstock, F. Millen and G H Wills.

Lay Representatives, Messrs W L Grant and H. Payne (ex officio), G. R. Hulburd and G Goble 

Organist and Choir master Mr J Sterndale Grundy

Parish Clerk, Mr. James Hulburd

Deputy Clerk and Sexton, Mr E Tidy, 13 High Street, Sittingbourne

Sunday and Services

Matins 11 am Evensong 6.30 Holy Communion every Sunday and Saints day at 8 a.m. also first and third  Sundays at midday on fifth Sundays Corporate Communion for Church workers 8 a m.


Holy Baptism and Churchings 2nd 4th and 5th Sundays, 3.45 p.m., also after Evensong on Week Days (previous notice has to be given)


Daily Matins and Evensong in the Lady Chapel at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.  Children's Service on the second and fourth Sundays at 3 p m in the Parish Church for the Butts and Mission Room children respectively.


Sunday Schools Butts Schools 10 15 a m and 2.30 p.m.

Superintendents Boy: Mr L Millen

Girls Morning, Miss Duly;

Afternoon, Miss B. M. Payne.

Infants Miss Swan 

Bible Classes Sundays, 2.15 p.m. in the Vestry (elder lads) Rev D Morgan  

Mother's Meeting: Monday, 230 p m at 15, Canterbury Road

Manager: Mrs Wells

Maternity Society, First Thursday in the month, at 3.30 p.m. in the vestry

Manager Mrs W L Grant  

Children's Guild: Tuesday Girl's School 6.30 p.m.,

Superintendent : Miss Fisher 

Girls' Friendly Society  Alternate Mondays, 6.30 p m Butts Infants School,

Senior Working Associate Miss E. Day.


St. Michael's Guild (Communicants) Second Monday in the month at 6.30 p.m. Secretary' Miss Swan

Sunday Schools Teachers' Instruction, Thursdays at 8.30 p m in the Vestry (except before second Sunday)

Superintendent, The Vicar.

District Visitors: Mrs T Harris Mrs Hadley Mrs Hulburd Mrs. Chapman, Miss E. Day Miss Paunett Mrs Grant Mrs Wells Mrs. Usherwood, Mrs T W Jarrett, Miss Boulding Mrs Baldock Miss Fisher, Miss B. M. Payne, Miss Gurney Mrs G H Wills, Miss Seager Mrs Goble, Mrs. Millen, Mrs. Daw, Mrs. A. Gable, Mrs F Millen, and Mrs S Boulding.

St. Michael's Mission Room: Canterbury Road Sittingbourne

Clergy Rev. M. C. Wells (Vicar) and Rev D Morgan (Curate)

Wardens Messrs G. Jarrett and F. Forster

Organist Mr G Wiles

Sunday Services Matins, 11 a.m.; Evensong 6 30 p m

Holy Communion Second Sunday in the month, 7 a.m.;

Fourth Sunday in the month 8 a m and on great Festivals.

Holy Baptism First and third Sundays at 4 15 p m (notice has to he given).

Bible Classes Sunday, 2.15 p.m. (lads), 3 p.m. (men); Tuesdays 7.30 (women).


Sunday School's, 10 a.m. and 2.15 p.m.

Superintendent Mrs Handcock (boys and girl's) and Mrs. Bryen (infants)

Children's Guild, Mondays, 6.30 p.m. 

Sunday School Teachers Instruction Fridays 8 30 p m (except before fourth Sunday).  Clubs: Boys, Wednesdays 7p.m to 9 30 p.m.

Men, Tuesdays and Fridays, 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Club Room 15 Canterbury Road, Sittingbourne


Holy Trinity Church, Dover Street. Sittingbourne: Rev. J. C. Eyre

Kidson M.A., Vicar.  Rev. R. de B. Saunderson, M.A., Assistant: Curate Churchwardens: Dr. F. Grayling and F. J. Seale.  Sidesmen: Messers. J. Litchfield, w. R. Elgar, F. G. Saunders, H. Hunt, J. E. French, B. J. Prior, H. J. D. Sharpe, W. Arnonold, H. Gambell. F. A. Bensted, E. Johnson. and S. Chittenden. Clerk and Sexton : Mr. J. G. Grensted, 27. Park' load, Sittingbourne Sunday Services Matins, 11a.m. ; Evensong, 6.30.  Children's Service, 2.45 p m Holy Communion: Sundays, 8 a m. and 12.15 p.m.; Saint's Days, 7.30 p m Matins daily at 9 a m, and Evensong daily at 5.30 p.m. (except Thursdays) Choral Evensong: Thursdays at 7 30 p m Litany:

Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. Sunday Schools 10 e m and 2 45 p.m. (Children's Service) Superintendents, Mr. H Hunt (boys) Miss Bills (girls), and Miss Luscombe (infants) Mothers' Meetings Mondays, 2 p.m. (Mrs. Kid-son), and Thursdays 2 p.m. (Miss Tonge).  Girls' Club Mondays 7 p.m. District Visitors' Meeting Fourth Tuesday in the month Ministering Children's League Tuesday, 6 p.m.  Band of Hope Tuesday. 6.45 p.m. Boys' Club: Tuesday and Friday, 7 p.m.  Girls Bible Class Tuesday, B

p.m.     Girls' Friendly Society: Wednesday, 7 p.m.  Church Lads Brigade:

Drill night, Wednesday, 7' p m Captain, Mr. S. Prentis; Lieutenants, Messrs. Fry and Godden; Bandmaster Mr Dunk. Holy Trinity Men's Club:

See Social Clubs.


Church of the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic), West Street Sitting­bourne: This Church was erected in 1903 and is a flue edifice built of stock bricks and stone. The interior is sumptuously furnished the high altar being very fine. The Church possesses an excellent organ, and in the tower is a fine set of Augelus chimes. The St Peter's Catholic Schools built in 1892, adjoin the Church. Rector: Rev. Stanley Mason.  Sunday Services: Mass, 8.30 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.; Vespers and Benediction, 6 30 p.m. Benediction:

Wednesday, 7.30 p.m. Mass is said weekdays at 7.30 a.m. in the Convent Chapel near tine Church.


Wesleyan Church, High Street, Sittingbourne:

This Church is one of the oldest of the Nonconformist Churches of the district, there being a small gathering of Methodists meeting regularly during the closing years of the 18th century. The Church was twice visited by John Wesley. the founder of the Wesleyan Methodist Connection.  The present Church is large and commodious, and has a handsome interior.  Seating accommodation 650.  In the rear are large Guild Rooms and several Vestries. The Church is head of the Sittingbourne Wesleyan Circuit which comprises the following Wesleyson Churches and Missions Sittingbourne, Bredgar Newington, Key Street, Oad Street, South Green, Murston, and Snips Hills, Sittingbourne.

Ministers: Rev. R. W. G. Hunter 40 Park Road, Sittingbourne; and Rev. D. L. Williams, 42, Park Road Sittingbourne. 

Circuit Stewards: Messrs. N. Andrews and J. T. Harris

Society Stewards: Messrs E Bishop and E. Harris. 

Poor Stewards Messrs W. Reeve and C Brown.  

Chapel Steward: Mr. A. Shrubsall.

Circuit Chapel Secretary Mr W  H. Hoper.

Education Secretary: Rev. D. L. Williams.

Temperance Secretary: Mr. C. Brown. 

Local Preachers: Messers. E. Moss (Newington), J. T. Harris, C. Trowell,

G. H. Thomas, B. Fearuley, G. E. Pretty, R. Bradley, N. Andrews, J. Walker,

H. Shrubshall, W. Webb, J. Hughes, F. Stedman, A. T. Smith, and

S. Bates (Newington).

Class Leaders (with number of members):

Mr. J. Andrews, sen., 14;

Mr. C. Trowell, 49;

Rev. D. L. Williams, 18;

Mr. Budds, 7;

Mr. W. Spice, 12;

Mr. Fearnley, 12;

Mrs. Fearnly, 12;

Rev. R. W. G. Hunter, 15;

Mr. A. Shrubshall, 29;

Mrs. Harris, 41;

and Mrs. Trowell, 10.

Junior Classes;

Miss E Harris, 43

and Mr. Bionyn 14. 

Sunday Services:

11 a.m. and 6.30 p m

Sunday School: 10 a.m. and 2 15 p m

Superintendent, Mr. W. R Roper,

Secretaries, Messrs. J. J. Pavey and G. F. Roper;

Librarian, Miss Fearnley. 

Preaching Service: Wednesdays 7.15 p.m.

Prayer Meeting Mondays, 7.15 p.m. 

Wesley Guild Sunday Service. 3 p.m.; Thursday 8 p m,

President. Hey: D. L. Williams Secretary, Mr. W. E. Kemsley

Band of Hope: Thursdays, 7 p.m.;

Superintendents, Messrs. J.J. Pavey  and N  Andrews. 

In connection with the Church are also Mother's Meetings Sewing Meetings, and a Dorcas Society.




Congregational Church, High Street, Sittingbourne  This Church was erected in 1544, and possesses a handsome stone front with tower and lofty spire.

Pastor : Rev J C Alfred Bohn New College London.

Deacons : Messers. J. Epps, G. Harnden C Andrews C S Packer H Peters and

E. Brigden (Church Secretary) 

Organist and Choirmaster  Mr  H  E Andrews.

Sunday Service s 11 a.m. and 6.30 p. m.

Sunday , School : 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. ;

Superintendents Mr C S Packer and Mr H Surridge (infants) ;

Secretary : Mr E Brigden 

Prayer Meeting : Monday, 7 p.m.

Band of Hope : Monday, 7 p m. Superintendent. Mr. G. Andrews,

Secretary, Miss Brightman

Saving  Bank : Monday  8 p m , Secretary, Miss Brightman

Evening Service  Thursday 7 30 p m 

Ladies  Working Meeting : Thursday

Christian Endeavour Society  Friday Juniors, 7 p.m., Seniors, 8 p m

Young Men’s Institute : Saturday evenings 

Church Meeting : Third Monday in the month, 8 p m


Baptist Tabernacle, High Street West, Sittingbourne ;

This Church built in 1866 and enlarged some 25 years later is the largest place of worship in the town providing a seating capacity for nearly 800 persons.

Pastor  Rev John Doubleday 

Deacons: Messrs G H. Dean E C. Marsh W Adams , S. Boulding F Packer

R R Alexander and Dr R M Boodle 

Church Secretary Mr S Boulding.

Treasurer : Mr. G. Thomas.

Choirmaster Mr C. Smith 

Organists : Miss M. Burton and Mr. C. Boulding. 

Sunday Services : 11a m and 6 30 p m 

Sunday school : 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. ;

Superintendent  Messrs G R Dean and E G Marsh  

Sunday School Library 

Librarian  Mr and Mrs M. Brigden 

School Secretaries : Messrs. S. Boulding and C S Boulding 

Prayer Meeting : Monday, 7 30 p m

Christian Endeavour Society : Tuesday  Juniors 7.15 p m ; Seniors 8.15 p m Preaching Service : Wednesday  7.30 p.m. 

Men’s Institute  Thursday 730 p.m.    

Band of Hope : Thursday. 630 p m ,

Superintendent, Mr  G R Dean

Dorcas Society meets once a month


Baptist Mission, Bayford Road Sittingbourne 

Services are held in this Mission Hall on Sundays at 11 a m and 6 30 p m 

Sunday School .10 a.m. and 6.30 p m 

Superintendent of Mission and Sunday School : Mr. F. Packer.



United Methodist (late Bible Christian) Church  East Street, Sittingbourne 

This modern place of worship provides seating accommodation for shout 300 persons 

Pastor ; Rev. T. Nicholas 76 East Street Sittingbourne.

Church Steward  Mr C Thomas 

Sunday Services  11 a m and 6 30 p m

Sunday School  10 a m and 2 30 p m 

Superintendent Mr J L Miskin

Band of Hope  Monday, 7 p.m.

Superintendent. Mr. C. Hales.

Bible Reading : Tuesday  7.15  pm 

Christian Endeavour Society : Wednesday Juniors  6.30 p.m.  Seniors 7.30 p m. Fellowship Meeting : Friday, 7.15 p.m.


Primitive Methodist Church  Shakespeare Road  Sittingbourne 

This place of worship was built in 1883 and will seat about 250 persons. 

The Church is connected with the Sheerness and Sittingbourne Primitive Methodist Circuit and the resident Ministers are the Rev W  R Paulson Sheer­ness, and A Goodacre 180 Park Road Milton

Sunday Services  11 a m and 6 30 p.m.

Sunday School : 2.30 p.m.,

Superintendent Mr. W. Howton ,

Secretary, Mr. .A. Cheeseman 

Prayer Meeting Thursday 7.30 p m 

Preaching Service : Thursday 7.30 p m 

Chapel Steward  Mr W Howton 

Chapel Secretary : Mr. J. Mears Cowper Road Sittingbourne


Ebenezer Gospel Hall West Street, Sittingbourne

This Hall was erected in 1903 and provides seating accommodation for 200 persons  Sunday Services: Worship and Breaking of Bread  11 a m 

Evening Service 6.30 p m

Sunday School: 2.45 p m 

Mother‘s Meeting  Monday 2.30 p m 

Prayer Meeting : Monday, 7.30 p m 

Bible Reading  Wednesday 7 30 p m


Particular Baptists : This sect have small meeting house in East Street


Sunday Services : 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 6.30 p.m. 

Preaching Service : Wednesday 7.30 p m 

Deacons Mr G Baynes and Mr J Martin 16 Shortlands Road, Sittingbourne (Secretary)


Salvation Army A corps of the Salvation Army has existed in Sittingbourne for the pass twenty five years and the present barracks a commodius building in Shortlands Road, Sittingbourne were erected in 1885 and was the occasion of a visit by General Booth.

Officers : Captain Albert and Mrs. Eliza Mercer 

Sunday Services 7  am 11 a m  3 p m and 6 45 p m all but the first service are preceded by open-air gatherings.

Services are also held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, 7.30 p.m. in winter and 8 p.m. in summer, each being preceded by open-air meetings.

Band of Love (junior soldiers) Tuesday and Friday, at 6 p.m.


Snips Hill Wesleyan Chapel

This place of worship provides seating accommodation for about 50 persons. The pulpit is supplied by the resident ministers and by local preachers.

Society and Poor Steward : Mr. A. Haw­kins.

Class Leaders: Mrs. Hawkins (27 members), and Miss A. Coxon (36 members). Service on Sunday at 6.30 p.m.


Latter Day Saints: A few members of this sect reside in the district, and worship at the Oddfellows’ Meeting Room, Pembury Street, Sitting­bourne.

Sunday Services, 2.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.

Elder, Mr. Willis Simons, 41, East Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Free Church Council : This Council is composed of the Nonconformist ministers and principal laymen of the district, and was formed for concerted action in matters affecting the dis­senting Churches generally. The ministers are elected president in rotation. Meetings as arranged.




North-East Kent Liberal Council

 President, Dr. T. B. Napier, JP. (Member for North-East Kent).

Chairman, Mr. F. G. Gibson.

Treasurer and Hon. Secretary, Mr. J. H. Whibley.

Council, Fifty delegates, drawn from the different polling districts.

Organizing Secretary and Registration Agent, Mr. Douglas Moore. Offices, 31, High Street, Sittingbourne.


North-East Kent Conservative Association : The Presidency is vacant.

Chairman, Mr. R. J. Tylden.

Treasurers, Messrs. Tassell and Son, Faver­sham.

Secretary, Mr. F. Shrubsole, Preston Street, Faversham.

Besides the above-mentioned officials the executive of the Association is made up of the officers of the Conservative Associations in the various polling dis­tricts of the Division.


Sittingbourne and Milton District Liberal and Radical Association :

Pre­sident, Mr. G. H. Dean, J.P.

Vice-Presidents. Dr. T. B. Napier, JP MP,

Colonel C. J. H. Tyler, JP, and Messrs. Arthur Lloyd, JP

Frank  Lloyd, JP., F. G. Gibson, JP and B. F. Gibson,

Dr. H. M. Boodle, Rev. J. Doubleday, Rev. J. C. A. Bohn,

Rev. T. J. Delling, Rev. T. Nicholas, and Messrs. F. Littlewood, Lewis

Levy. W. J. Crenter, H. Peters, J. Filmer, W. J. Jarrett, C. Wicks, JP C. Martin, T. E. Denson, JP., and A. E. Wood.

Executive Committee : Messrs. G. Andrews, H. Ashdown, H. D. Bell, W. Bourne,

G. W. Baker, J. Buggs, J.S. Cremer, J. T. Cashman, F. Chapman, S. Clinch, C. Clinch, F. Down, A. Davis, S. Durtnall, A. Foster, H. Fox, T. Godden, W. Gardner, W. J. Gardiner, A. Gulvin, E. Gray, A. Goldswain, G. F. A. Huart, E. Hibbens, S.Hodges, W. Long, E. G. Marsh, T. Monday, C. Packer, W. Read, A. Reynolds, W. Reeve, L. Savage, J. Surridge. J. Sherlock, T. B. Stubberfield, W. Saxby, R. C. Whibley, A. Wheeler, P. H. Willis, and H. Wiles.

Hon. Treasurer, Mr. J. H. Whibley, 10, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Hon. Sec­retary, Mr. H. Packer, 55, East Street, Sittingbourne.

Auditor, Mr. G. Packham.

Secretary and Registration Agent, Mr. Douglas Moore. C.L.A..,


Liberal Club, Sittingbourne.

Women’s Liberal Association :

Hon. President, Mrs. Napier.

Acting President, Mrs. F. G. Gibson.

Treasurer, Miss M. Wood.

Hon. Secretaries, Mrs. W. J. Cremer and Mrs. Douglas Moore.





Sittingbourne Club :

The premises of this Club are situated in Crescent Street, Sittingbourne.

Hon. Secretary, Dr. E. A. McAnally, High Street, Newington.


Sittingbourne Conservative Club :

This Club is housed in comfortable premises at the rear of the George Hotel, High Street, Sittingbourne. The Club premises include a large billiard room (two tables), card room, reading room, and bar.

The premises are open each day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m..and from 3 p.m. to 12 p.m. President, Lord Harris.

Vice-Presidents, Messrs. J. Howard, R. J. Tyden, and P. B. Neame.

Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. E.C. Pearcy, West Street, Sittingbourne.

Steward, Mr. J. Laidler.


Sittingbourne Liberal Club :

The premises of this Club, situated at 31, High Street, Sittingbourne, are fairly extensive, comprising large billiard room (two tables), small billiard room (one table), card and chess room, and reading room, together with office and bar.

Membership, 200.

The officers are:

President, Mr. F. G. Gibson.

Vice-Presidents, Messrs. F. Lloyd, J.P., T. B. Napier, W. W. Berry, J. Filmer, and

W. J. Cremer.

Chairman, Mr. Hedley Peters.

Vice-Chairman, Mr. P. H. Willis.

Treasurer, Mr. J. S. Cremer.

Hon. Secretary, Mr. C. Packham.

Assistant-Secretary, Mr. W. Gardner.

Auditors, Mr. J. H. Whibley and Mr. H. Killeen.

Committee, Messrs. E. Bonnett, J. Bray, A. Budds, F. Burbridge, B. L. Butler,

A. Dence, D. Moore, W. Read, J. Tusting, H. Reeve, G. Rossiter, H. Rossiter, and

W. J. Stevens.

Steward, Mr. C. Stevens.


Sittingbourne Working Men’s. Club and Institute

This Club occupies premises which were at one time known as the Latimer Chapel (congregation­alist place of worship), on The Butts, Sittingbourne. The premises include billiard (two tables) and card room, together with bar, committee room, and library, and steward’s quarters. The Club is affiliated to the Working Men’s Club Union and the Kent, Association of Working Men’s Clubs.

Trustees, Messrs. A. J. de Winton, H. Filmer, and Dr. W. Gosse.

Treasurer, Mr. H. Payne.

Chairman of Committee, Mr. W. Carpenter.

Vice-Chairman, Mr. P. Barnes.

Secretary, Mr. R. Hill.

Steward, Mr. William Parris.


Holy Trinity Men’s Club

These premises are situated at the rear of Trinity Hall and in Church Street, Sittingbourne. The premises comprise large billiard room (two tables) and reading room and library. The Club is open all day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, and from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on other days. President, Mr. Arthur Lloyd.

Chairman, Rev. J. C. Eyre Kidson.

Vice-Chairman, Rev. R. de B. Saunderson.

Committee, Messrs. J. E. French, G. Godden, J. Luscombe,

G. Packham, C. Strouts, L. Smeed, L. Sellen, F. Morris, C. Harding,

E. Bennett, G. Hogben, F. Smith, and L. Wright.

Hon. Secretary, Mr. H.J. D. Sharps, Holy Trinity Schools, Sittingbourne.


Volunteer Club: This Club is carried on in connection with the E Com­pany, 1st Vol. Batt., The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), at the Drill Hall, East Street, Sittingbourne. The Club Room is open each evening, various games and reading matter being provided.

Chairman, Colour-Sergeant F. Hinge.

Secretary, Sergeant S. Snelling.

Hon. Steward, Colour-Sergeant ­Instructor P. W. Johnson.




A branch of the National Union of Teachers has its headquarters at Sittingbourne, and includes the Sittingbourne, Milton, and Isle of Sheppy districts. In connection with the branch meetings are held five times yearly, and various social functions are arranged. Also in connection with the branch a dance is held each Friday evening at the Holy Trinity Schools, Sitting­bourne.

Secretary, Mr. J. H. Pudney.

The officers of the branch are

President, Mr. W. H. Roper, Sittingbourne.

Vice-President, Mr. A. W. Ingram, Sheerness.

Committee, Miss Hicks (Milton), Mrs. Gardiner (Sheer­ness),

Mrs. Stocker (Sheerness), and Messrs. W. Mclsaac (Milton),

F. Datson (Lower Halstow), R. G. Hobbs (Milton), V. Stuart (Sheerness),

and A. Thomas (Sheerness).

Secretary, Mr. H. J. D. Sharpe, Holy Trinity Schools, Sittingbourne.




This Association provides a Trained Nurse for visiting and nursing cases of illness among the necessitous poor.

Committee Rev. M. C. Wells (chairman), Rev. J. Doubleday, Rev. J. G. Easton, Rev. J. C. A. Bohn, Dr. B. M. Boodle, Dr. Niel Robson, Mrs. W. L. Grant, Mrs. C. Evans, Mrs. W. J. Cremer, Mrs. Hedley Peters, Mrs. R. A. Hadaway, and

Messrs. G. Andrews. F. F. Boucher, James Hulburd, E. C. Marsh, S. Odle, and

H. Peters.

Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Henry Payne.

Nurse: Nurse Jenkins, Chalkwell, London Road, Milton.

Hon. Secretary : Mrs. Edwin Brigden, San Remo, London Road, Milton.

Subscribers knowing of a necessitous case where the services of the Nurse are required are asked to notify the Hon. Secretary at once.




“Father Mathew” Lodge, No. 533. This Lodge meets at Mr. C. Attwood’s, 3, East Street, Sittingbourne, on Tuesdays, at 8 p.m. It was instituted on January 4th, 1872. Membership, 25.

The officer’s are as follows :

Chief Templar, Sister Mrs. Dence.

Vice-Templar, Sister Mrs. Taylor.

Chaplain, Sister Mrs. Carrier.

Treasurer, Brother C. Attwood.

Secretary, Mrs. Read, 143, Park Road, Sittingbourne.


“Trinity Star” Lodge, No. 3216. This Lodge, which was instituted on

August 1st, 1873, meets at Pembury Street Schoolroom, Sittingbourne,

on Fridays at 8 p.m. Membership 30.

The chief officers are :

Chief Templar, Sister A. Gouge.

Vice-Templar, Sister Mrs. Sellen.

Treasurer, Brother A. Bartlett.

Chaplain, Brother Hales.

Secretary, Brother W. Thomas, 30, Unity Street, Milton.


British Women’s Temperance Association

There is a branch of this organisation at Sittingbourne.

President, Mrs. G. H. Dean.

Hon. Secre­tary, Mrs. May, Albany Road, Sittingbourne.




This Brigade was formed in 1874. It was re-organised in 1897, Mr. Medley Peters taking the command of the Brigade. That year a fine steamer was acquired by public subscription, and new premises were opened in Crescent Street, Sittingbourne. Later a fire escape was obtained, and this is stationed at the Town Hall.

During the past ten years the Brigade has been assiduously drilled, and is now second to no other Brigade in the county. The Brigade has entered the South - Eastern Counties, and All England competitions under the National Fire Brigades’ Union, and has usually been successful in winning honours. During the past four years the Brigade has won the steam fire engine championship of the South-Eastern Counties three times. It has also won the hose cart and ambulance championships on several occasions. In 1907 the Brigade won three championships (steamer, hose cart, and ambulance).

The Fire Station contains the following appliances : Steam fire engine (260 gall), hose cart, chemical machine, scaling ladders, jumping sheet, hand pump, 2,000 feet of canvas hose, 500 feet of leather hose, hose reel, etc. At the Town Hall is : A 40ft. telescopic fire escape. and 80 feet of canvas hose and other appliances.

The officers and men of the Brigade are

Captain Hedley Peters, 93, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Lieutenant Philip H. Bishop, 88, West Street, Sittingbourne.

Hon. Surgeon: Dr. F. Graying.

Hon. Chaplain : Rev. M. C. Wells.

Foreman : A. Bishop.

Engineers : E. J. Williams, W. E. Tilbe, and H. Smith.

Firemen : W. Redgrove, W. H. Tomkin, C. Sills, W. Horrell, J. Fry,

H. Cheeseman, and A. Eagles.

Supernumary : W. G. Moys.


The Brigade can be alarmed by giving the call at the Sittingbourne Police Station, either by telephone, telegraph, or messenger. A maroon is also exploded at the Fire Station to warn those members of the Brigade not at home.

Next to the Fire Station is the Sittingbourne Ambulance Station, which is under the control of the members of the Sittingbourne Fire Brigade. Some years ago the Brickmasters of the district subscribed and presented to the town a three-stretcher horsed ambulance. This ambulance is available in cares of accident for any parish in the Milton Union. The ambulance is also available, by arrangement with Captain Hedley Peters, for any operation case. In operation cases horse-hire has to be paid for except in necessitous cases, when a fund (provided for the purpose) is drawn upon. The majority of the members of the Brigade are qualified to render first aid and wear the red cross badge of the N.F.B.U. The men are examined in their ambulance knowledge every two years, and enter in competition each year.



London and County Banking Company, Limited

The local branch of this Banking Company is situated at 40, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Mana­ger, Mr. S. Odie.

Head Office 21, Lombard Street, London, E.C.


Martin’s Bank, Limited

Local branch, 60, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Manager, Mr. Henry Payne.

Head Office, 68, Lombard Street, London, E.C.




“East Kent Gazette” Saturdays. 1d.; published by Messrs. W. J. Parrett, Ltd., 17, High Street, Sittingbourne. This is the only newspaper that circulates over the whole of the North-East Kent Parliamentary Division.


“North-East Kent Times” Wednesdays, 1d.; published by Messrs. W. J. Parrett, Ltd., 17, High Street, Sittingbourne. This paper contains reports of all interesting local events that may occur between Fridays end Wednesdays.



Mr. Thomas Roberts, of 112, Rochester Street Chatham, is the Inspector of Weights and Measures for the Sittingbourne and Milton districts. The Inspector attends at his Office, Crescent Street, Sittingbourne on the 1st and 3rd Mondays in the month, for the purpose of verifying and stamping weights and scales.

Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures Mr. John Welfare, Maidstone.



Stock Market

The Sittingbourne Stock Market, held every alternate Monday by Mr. F. Austen Bensted, is one of the best known and largely attended Stock Markets in the county. Entries should be made to Mr. F. Austen Bensted, The Lawn, Sittingbourne. The Market is held in the paddock at the rear of the Bull Hotel, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Corn Market A Corn Market is held every Friday afternoon at the Bull Hotel, High Street, Sittingbourne.



Trinity Hall

This Hall, situated in Spring Street, Sittingbourne, was erected in the year 1906, the foundation stone being laid on March 14th, 1906. The Hall is a somewhat spacious building, and is capable of seating some 400 persons. The place was built (together with the Holy Trinity Men’s Club) for the purpose of providing a centre for parochial gatherings of all kinds. The cost of the building was £1.250.

Trustees The Vicar of Holy Trinity Church (Rev. J. C. Eyre Kidson), Dr. F. Grayling, and Messrs. F. J. Seale, T. E. Denson, and F. Austen Bensted.

Management Committee The Trustees, and Messrs. A. J. Turner, H. J. D. Sharpe,

H. J. Prior, J. Litchfield, and L. Wright.

Secretary and Treasurer Mr.J.E. French, High Street, Sittingbourne.




Royal East Kent (Duke of Connaught’s Own) Mounted Rifles

Colonel Lord Harris commands this well-known Regiment of Imperial Yeomanry, and Major John Howard is in command of B Squadron of that Regiment.

Squadron-Sergeant Major. Charles Hopgood, Park Road, Sittingbourne.

B Squadron Stores, The Old Brewery, High Street, Sittingbourne.

C Troop (Sittingbourne and Sheppy), Lieut. Sir Robert Filmer, Bart.

Sergeants, H. J. Tidy (machine gun section), J. Banner, and W. Ledger.

Corpl. G. Thorne, of the Sittingbourne Troop, is the best shot in the Regiment, and has dis­tinguished himself at Bisley.

The Regimental Quartermaster is Mr. H. T. Bensted.


E Company, 1st Vol. Batt. (The Buffs), East Kent Regiment

Head­quarters, Drill Hall, East Street, Sittingbourne.

Officers, Captain A. Atkin­son and Second Lieut. Thomas Barrett Heggs.

Sergeant-Instructor. Col-Sergeant Percy W. Johnson.

Non-Commissioned Officers, Col. Sergeant F. Hinge,

Sergeants J. Hedge, S. Snelling, F. F. Boucher, A. Cable, and

Lance-Sergeant G. Hutchens.

The commandant of the Battalion is Lieut. Colonel J. F. Honeyball, of Teynham.

The Drill Hall is available for concerts and dances, for which application should be made to Sergeant-Instructor Johnson.





Sittingbourne Agricultural Association:

This Association was established in 1836. In connection with the Association there are competitions for sheep shearing, ploughing, hop drying, and for best teams and colts, and exhibition of corn, etc. The annual dinner, held each November (following the ploughing match), is one of the functions of the year in connection with local agricultural circles.

President : Right Hon. Lord Harris,

Committee : Messrs. R. J. Tylden, T. F. Baldock, T. Bensted, M. Bensted, F. Austan Bensted, S. Boulding, R. Chapman. W. R. Elgar, W. R. Farmer, E. B. Gascoyne,

T. Goodhew, A. Harnett, E. C. Harris, R. Lake, L. Levy, R. G. E. Locke, R. Mercer,

L. H. Page, H. Payne, J. Seager, F. Seager, A. J. Thomas, H. W. Wakeley,

W. H. Wakeley, H. L. Webb, W. S. Wood, and W. F. Wood.

Treasurer, Mr. Henry Payne.

Secretary, Mr. E. C. Harris, 76. High Street, Sittingbourne.


Kent Fruit Growers’ Association

This Society was formed to conserve the interests of fruit growers. There are about 70 members.


Messrs. H. G. E. Locke (chairman),

A. J. Thomas (vice-chairman),

W. R. Elgar, R. Mercer, P. Lake, Daniel Goodhew. J. Edmonds, W. C. Stunt,

R. M. Wakeley, W. H. Wakeley, A. Faunce de Laune, W. W. Berry,

B. G. Berry, J. F. Honeyball, W. S. Harnett, A. Harnett, J. Stewart,

H. A. Neame, H. L. Webb, and Colonel C. J. H. Tyler.

Collector, Mr. A. J. Turner, West Street, Sittingbourne.

Secretary, Mr. Harry Greensted, 90, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne Christmas Fat stock Prize Show

This Show was first held sixteen years ago, and has always been most successful. A Show is held each December, followed by a public dinner.

Committee : Messrs. Henry Payne (chairman), H. T. Bensted, F. Austen Bensted,

S. Boulding, W. Burley, H. Cooper, W. R. Elgar, W. Farmer, E. B. Gascoyne,

R. A. Hadaway, H. G. E. Locke, A. Millen, A. J. Thomas, H. Triplow, W. Veitch,

W. F. Wood, and W. S. Wood.

Secretary, Mr. A. J. Turner, West Street, Sittingbourne.


Traders’ Protection Association:

This Association was formed on October 30th, 1905, and was framed to protect the interests of all classes of trade in Sittingbourne, and to ensure uniformity of prices. The Association is amalgamated to the United Kingdom Traders’ Protection Association.

Com­mittee : Messrs. Henry Payne (chairman), E. G. Marsh, D. A. Easton,

J.Litchfield, Jabez Smith, H. F. Strouts, S. Boulding, W. Gordelier, A. Reynolds,

F. Filmer, F. Gorely, James Hulburd, and G. Goble.

Solicitor, Mr. John Dixon.

Secretary, Mr. J. S. Cremer, 31, High Street, Sitting­bourne.



Sittingbourne and Milton Grocers’ Association: This Association was

formed in 1904 to provide amicable working among the grocers of the district

The Association is allied to the Grocers’ Association of the United Kingdom.


Messrs. James Hulburd (chairman), F. Gorely, G. Goble, T. Buggs, W. Wood,

A. Gambell, H. Simpson, J. S. Read (Greenstreet), and E. C. Flack (Borden). Secretary, Mr. J. S. Cremer, 31, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Kent Barge Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association, Limited

This As­sociation was established in the year 1873 thirty-four years ago. At the present time there are about 170 barges insured in the Association, of which 28 belong to Messrs. Wills and Packham, 14 to Messrs. Cremer, Goodenough, and Co. (Faversham), and nine each to Messrs. J. Horsford and Co. and H.Mercer and Co. Directors Messrs.

Charles Cramer (chairman),

G. Andrews (vice-chairman),

G. T. Anderson, B. Cremer, J. Epps, James Fenteman, George Gransden,

T. G. Gillett, G. Lodge, E. Packham, M. Seager, Jabez Wills, and A. E. Wood.

There is one vacancy on the direc­torate.

Surveyors Messrs. G. I. Anderson, J. Epps, G. J. Goldfinch. H.W. Harvey, and

H. Shrubsall.

Auditors Messrs. C. H. Drake and B. J. Smith. Bankers Martin’s Bank, Ltd.

Secretary Mr. Harry Green­sted. Offices 90, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne, Milton, Faversham, and District Mutual Plate Glass In­surance Society, Limited

This Society was formed in 1906, and 120 policies have been issued.

Directors Messrs. H. Payne (chairman), D. A. Easton,

J.Hulburd, F. Cleaver, J. Litchfield, E. G. Marsh, and H. G. Bishop.

Secretary, Mr. J. S. Cramer, 31, High Street. Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Licensed Victuallers and Beer Re­tailers’ Protection Association

This Assocation was formed in 1884.

Chair­man, Mr. W. P. Curling, Lion Hotel, Rainham.

Treasurer, Mr. G. Buggs, George Inn, High Street, Milton.

Trustees, Messrs. C. Adie (White Horse Hotel, Rainham),

A. Buggs (Lion Hotel, Sittingbourne). and

C. Town (George Hotel, Sittingbourne).

Committee, Messrs. C. Adie, A. Buggs, G. Buggs, A. Castle (Crown Inn, Upchurch), J. Cough (Gore Court Arms, Milton), E. Holman (Angel Inn, Rainham), J. Horsford (Britannia Inn, Lower Halstow), C. Town, H. Barns (Globe and Engine Inn, Sittingbourne), and W. G. Tucker (Three Kings Hotel, Sittingbourne).

Secretary, Mr. C. W. P. Ellis, Rose Inn, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne Gas Company This Company was formed in 1877 by Act of Parliament, and a new Act for a further issue of shares was granted in 1903. Share capital, £80,000. Loan capital, £11,250. Maximum of divi­dend on ordinary shares, 10 per cent. ; on new shares, 7 per cent. The Company’s Works are situated on the Creek side at Mureton. Included in the Works are three gas holders, the capacity of which are 563,000ft., 70,200ft., and 50,400ft. respectively.

Offices 8, Crescent Street, Sitting­bourne.

Directors Messrs. A. Tidy (chairman), R. Chapman, H. Willis, D. Wills, and C. Scoones.

Collector Mr. H. Peters, High Street, Sit­tingbourne.

Engineer and Manager Mr. John Donaldson.

Secretary Mr. E.H. Goldfinch.

Auditors Messrs. J. H. Champness, Corderry, and Co., Chartered Accountants.


North-East Kent Mutual Building Society This Society was formed in

September, 1903, and embraces some 200 members.

Directors Messrs  C. H. Wills (chairman), J. S. Cramer, F. Gorely, C. Martin,

L. Seager, A. J. Turner. P. S. Payn, and F. Austen Bensted.

Solicitor Mr. John Dixon.

Architect and Surveyor Mr. E. C. Pearcy.

Auditor Mr. R. S. Dunn.

Bankers London and County Bank, Limited. Secretary Mr. A. J. Lee,

9, Crescent Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne Co-operative Society This Society was formed in 1874, and has thus been in existence 34 years. The Society, which possesses 2,725 members, provides its members and the general public with grocery, drapery, bread, boots, butchery, fruit, flowers, and vegetables; and it also, by means of its concerts, lectures, library, savings bank, etc., seeks the domestic, social, and intellectual advancement of its members. Share capital, £37,748. Annual business, over £100,000. Number of Employees, 119. Registered Office 123, East Street, Sittingbourne. Various departments of the Stores are situated at 84, 86, 88, 119, 121, 123, 125, and 127. East Street; 25, 27, and 29, Milton Road; 4 and 6, Station Street; Church Road, Murston; and rear of East Street, Sittingbourne.

The offi­cers of the Society are President, Mr. W. Copping.

Com­mittee, Messrs. F. Read, H. Ward, H. Chapell, W. Spice, J. J. Milling­ton,

J. W. Long, and G. Lukehurst.

Education Department (committee):

Messrs. G. Budds, A. J. Arnold, F. A. De la Mare, J. W. Mungham,

H. Chapell, F. Hinkley, G. F. A. Huart, E. Saxby, T. Gray, F. Read, J. Bray, and

J. L. Prior (secretary).

Auditors, W. B. Crowhurst, G. B. Goldsack, and G. E. Hoghen.

Manager and Secretary, Mr. J. T. Cashman.


Sittingbourne Loan Club : Headquarters, Go~den Fleece, West Street, Sittingbourne. Meeting nights, Mondays.

Secretary, J. W. Bolton, Dover Street, Sittingbourne.





St. John Ambulance Brigade (Sittingbourne Division)

A corps of the St. John Ambulance Brigade was formed in Sittingbourne in 1904, and forms a valuable addition to the philanthropic institutions of the district.

Head­quarters, Oddfellows’ Room, Pembury Street, Sittingbourne.

Drills, Thurs­day evenings. A wheeled litter is kept at the Rose Inn, High Street, Sittingbourne. Stretchers are kept at the Sittingbourne Co-operative Society & Stores, the Co-operative Bakery, and Mr. L. R. Deuce’s premises in Station Street, Sittingbourne.

Superintendent, Mr. C. W. Ellis. Rose Inn, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Hon. Surgeon, Dr. F. Noble.

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Sergeant, L. H. Dence. Sergeant, W. Reeve. Two Corporals and twelve men.


Railway Ambulance Corps : There is a branch of the S.E. & C.R. Railway Ambulance Corps at the Sittingbourne Railway Station, and of the 100 men on the staff, nearly all are capable of rendering first aid. Classes are held each week during the winter months, and courses of lectures are given and examinations held. A stretcher is stationed at Sittingbourne Station to­gether with other ambulance appliances. The branch enter two teams in competition each year for the championship of two of the four groups the system is divided into for the purposes of the contest. The first team was returned winners of Group 2 in 1907, and the second team was first honours for Group 3, in 1906. Committee man for the district, Signalman W. Harcox.

Secretary, Clerk W. H. Wakeford, junior, Railway Station, Sittingbourne.


Fire Brigade Ambulance (see Sittingbourne Fire Brigade).





“Daily Chronicle” Paper Mills Band This Band has been established in connection with the Paper Mills for many years. Practices are held week y in the Band Room near the Paper Mills. Patrons : Messrs. F. Lloyd, A. Lloyd, H. Lloyd, and

T. E. Denson.

Bandmaster, Mr. F. Dunk.

Hon. Secretary, Mr. P. D. Taylor, East Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne Amateur String Band This Band provides orchestras for concerts, dances, flower shows, garden parties, etc.

Conductor, Mr. E. A. Saxby, 43, Ufton Road, Sittingbourne.

Secretary, Mr. E. P. Handle, Tong, Sittingbourne.




Sittingbourne and Milton Adult School (Men only)

This Adult School meets every Sunday at Peters’ Room, The Butts, Sittingbourne, at 9 a.m. The School is affiliated to the Kent Adult School Union.

President: Dr. R. M. Boodle.

Vice-Presidents: The Rev. J. C. Alfred Bohn, and Messrs. F. Gorely, G. F. A. Huart, and A. Allberry.

Treasurer : Mr. F. Gorely. Other officers are:

Messrs. D. Geater (assistant-secretary registrar),

G. A. Scotchman (provident secretary),

J. Latter (coal club secretary),

H. Martin (temper­ance secretary),

W. MilIen (press correspondent),

S. Williams (book steward),

G. Thomas (organist),

F. Smith (“ One and A1” secretary),

and P. Foster and C. Smart (auditors).

General Secretary Mr. J. Bray, Park Road, Milton.


Women’s Adult School :

Meetings in connection with this organization are held at Peters’ Room, The Butts, Sittingbourne, every Tuesday, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Membership, 103.

President: Mrs. H. M. Boodle.

Vice-Presidents: Mrs. Huart and Mrs. Cremer.

Club Secretary: Miss Morris.

Book Secretary: Mrs. Smith.

Organist: Miss Pillow.

Treasurer : Mrs. S. J. Brigden.

Secretary : Mrs. F. Gorely, High Street, Sittingbourne.



St. Michael’s Chapter, No. 1,273 Headquarters, St. Michael’s Masonic Hall, Albany Road, Sittingbourne.





Sittingbourne and Milton Provident Medical Club

This Institution was inaugurated on October 11th, 1857, at the instance of the late Rev. George Moore, the Rector of Tunstall, and was formed for the purpose of enabling poor persons to ensure for themselves medical attendance and medicine in time of sickness, independent of parochial aid.

The officials are Honorary Stewards, Messrs. J. E. French, H. T. Maundrell,

W. H. Gurr,  E. C. Flack, A. J. Thomas, Rev. H. E. T. Cruso, and Rev. H. J. Hordern.

Medical Officers Drs. F. Grayling, N. Robson, H. H. Fisher, and G. T. Willan.

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. E. C. Harris.


County of Kent Friendly Society

This Society was formed in 1828, and is considered to be one of the richest in comparison with its membership, of any in the United Kingdom. It is said that if the County of Kent Friend­ly Society paid all its liabilities, and paid back to every member all the money he had paid in, there would still be £30,000 left over to pay out as bonuses. Lord Harris is president of the Society and there are 64 directors. Of these the following reside in this district :

Rev. J. G. Easton,

Rev. J. C. Eyre Kidson,

Rev. T. G. Crosse (Faversham), and

Messrs R. J. Tylden, Henry Payne, W. Ryder, H. Greensted, L. H. Page,

A. U. B. Chapman, F. A. Bensted, W. R. EIgar E. B. Gascoyne, F. J. Seale,

F. Neame, F. Grayling, and A. S. Webb.

The local agent is Mr. Friend John Seale, of Station Street, Sittingbourne


Ancient Order of Foresters, Court “Resolution,” 3570

This Court was founded at Sittingbourne in 1861, and now possesses a membership of 525, with a capital of £5,700.

Chief Ranger, Mr. F. P. Boucher.

Sub-Chief Ranger, Mr. F. Smith.

Treasurer, Mr. G. J. Reeve.

Secretary, Mr. F. F. Boucher, 90, High Street, Sittingbourne, and Highsted, Sittingbourne.

Trus­tees, Messrs. H. Payne, H. Greensted, and W. T. Mount.

Surgeons, Drs. W. Gosse, H. H. Fisher, and H. M. Boodle.

Auditors, Messrs. G. Gurney, A. E. Tidy, and S. Storr.

Courts are held on the first Monday in each month at the Drill Hall (late Foresters’ Hall, Sittingbourne).


Ancient Order of Shepherds, Sanctuary “Resolution,” No. 3570. This branch has 120 members.

Ancient Pastor, Mr. F. Smith.

Treasurer, Mr. E. F. Handcock.

Trustees, Messrs. J. W. Andrews and S. Storr.

Scribe, Mr. Frank F. Boucher, 90, High Street, Sittingbourne,

Sanctuaries are held on the third Wednesday in every month at the Drill Hall (late Foresters’ Hall), East Street, Sittingbourne.


Ancient Order of Foresters, Juvenile Court “Resolution,” No. 3570.

This juvenile branch was formed in 1879, and the membership numbers forty. Juveniles between the ages of six and seventeen years are eligible for mem­bership. Secretary, Mr. T. W. Pearce, 100, Shortlands Road, Sittingbourne.

Payments are made at the Drill Hall, Sittingbourne, on the second Monday in the month.


National Deposit Friendly Society The East Kent Division claims 6,200

members and 34 districts, including those of Sittingbourne, Milton. Key Street,

Newington, Teynham, Faversham, etc.

The divisional officers are

President, Mr. H. Greensted, Tunstall.

Representatives, Mr. H. Greensted and Mr. F. Honeyball, of Sittingbourne and Highfield, Birchington.

Secretary, Mr. F. C. Brown, Annisville, Briton Road, Faversham.


National Deposit Friendly Society (Sittingbourne district). The Sittingbourne district possesses a membership of over 900 members, being the third largest district in point of numbers in the whole of the United Kingdom. The district was established in 1877. Contribution nights are on the first Monday in every month at the Crescent-street Schoolroom. The district committee (Mr. H. Greensted chairman) meet at 90, High Street, Sittingbourne, on the Tuesday following the second Monday in every month.

Secretary, Mr. T. W. Jarrett, 124. East Street, Sittingbourne.


Loyal Independent Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity) Loyal Pride of Kent Lodge, No. 5393. The headquarters of this Lodge are at the Odd-fellows Club Room, Pembury Street, Sittingbourne. The Lodge is in the Isle of Sheppy district. and has a membership of about 150 members, with con­siderably over £2,000 invested money (mainly in 4 per cent.).

Trustees, Messrs. A. J. Bourne and W. W. Elliott.

Treasurer, Mr. E. C. Pearcy, P.P.G.M.

Lodge Surgeons, Dr. H. H. Fisher and Dr. N. Robson.

Secretary, Mr. T. K. Hampshire, Ryhope Villa, Belmont Road, Sittingbourne.


Juvenile Oddfellows (Manchester Unity) Pride of Kent Lodge Held at the Oddfellows Club Room, Pembury Street, Sittingbourne.

Chairman, C. Chesney, P.P.G.M.

Trustees, J. Barter, P.P.G.M., and J. Foord.


Messrs. T. Hampshire, P.P.G.M., W. W. Elliott, P.G.M., H. Lewis, P.G.M., and

A.Evers, V.G.

Treasurer, C. T. Hopkins.

Secretary, H. W. Lewis, P.G.M. 127, Charlotte Street, Milton.


Loyal United Order of Angio-Saxons Friendly Society “Nil Desperan­dum” Branch, No. 41. This branch which was formed in 1896, has its headquarters and registered office at the Railway Arch Inn, Milton Road, Sittingbourne. The membership numbers about 100 persons. The meeting nights are every alternate Monday.

Chairman, C. J. Wiles.

Treasurer, H. J. Williams.

Trustees, C. J. Wise, A. Harris, and F. Henley.

Committee, A. Harris, C. J. Wiles, H. J. Williams, and F. Henley.

Secretary, Walter George Baldock, 12, Shorne VilIas, Rock Road, Sittingbourne.


Milton and Sittingbourne Death Club

This is the largest burial club in the district, possessing no less than 1,703 members. Contribution nights every third Saturday. Headquarters, St. Paul’s School, Kingsmill Road, Milton.

Trustees, Messrs. E. Bishop and A. Jordan.

Assistant-Secretaries, Messrs. J.Dedrick and O. Matson.

Secretary, Mr. H. G. Bishop, 34, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Thacker’.s Burial Society This Society, known as Thacker’s, is one of the oldest in the district, having been in existence over forty years. There are 900 members. Committee, Messrs.

A. Bones, W. Everett, A. Walton, W. Mitchell, J. Rainer, W. Botting, H. Baker,

A. Sage, T. Huxted, H. Neves, G. Brown, and A. Shilling.

Secretaries, Mrs. Eleanor Thacker and Mr. G. E. Thacker.

Contributions are payable every third Monday at 49, Murston Road, the residence of Mrs. Thacker.


Prince of Wales Death and Burial Club This Club is a very large one, possessing a membership of 900. Contribution nights are held on every third Monday at headquarters, the Prince of Wales Inn, Canterbury Road, Sit­tingbourne.

Secretary, Samuel Wellard, 63, Albion Terrace, Canterbury Road, Sittingbourne.


Tunbridge Wells and South-Eastern District Equitable Friendly Society

A branch of this Society has been established in Sittingbourne four years, and the membership numbers 40 persons. Meeting nights are held on the last Monday in each month at Peters’ Room, The Butts, Sittingbourne.

Chair­man, Mr. A. B. Lane.

Treasurer, Mr. A. Gambell.

Secretary, Mr. A. Richardson, 7, Bemont Road, Sittingbourne.


Messrs. Smeed, Dean, and Co.’s Field Benefit Society This Society is run in connection with the employees at Messrs. Smeed, Dean, and Co.’s, and there are some 650 senior members and 100 junior members. The Company pay all the working expenses and also pay half the contributions of the junior members. Secretary George R. Goldsack. Office Adelaide Dock, Sittingbourne.


“Daily Chronice” Paper Mills Employees Sick Benefit Society Head­quarters,

Band Room, near the Paper Mills. Membership, 310.


Mr. J. Colegate.

Vice-Chairman, Mr A. Foster.

Committee Messrs. F. Hinkley, G. Strouts, E. Rookes, H. West, F. Thompson,

T. Coxon, G. Rossiter, W. Long, A. Foad. F. Buggs, W. Mills, and H. Thomas. Treasurer, Mr. W. Read.

Sick Steward, Mr. G. Cheeseman.

Auditors, Messrs. G. Hogben and W. Sutton.

Secretary, Mr. H. Thompson, 1, Church Street, Milton.



Postmen’s Federation (Sittingbourne branch) Membership of this feder­ation is confined to the members of the outdoor staff of the postal service.

 President of local branch Mr. C. J. Lee.

Vice-President Mr. H. Kift.

Committee Messrs. W. Hadlow, R. Hill, G. Bose, and W. Quaife.

Audi­tors Messrs. E. G. Pretty and W. Bishop.

Treasurer, Mr. H. Kift.

Secretary, Mr. B. A. Philpott, 59, Shortlands Road, Sittingbourne.


Operative Bricklayers’ Society - (Sittingbourne branch) Headquarters,. Three Kings Hotel, East Street. Meeting nights, every Saturday.

Secre­tary, T. Jarrett, 99, High Street, Sittingbourne.


German’s Burial Club Held at Mr. F. German’s house, 79, Church. Road, Murston. Membership, 180. Meeting nights, every third week.

Com­mittee Messrs. A. Brenchley, H. Carey, W. J. Naylor, C. Fletcher,

 C. Shilling,

J. Hughes, W. Hubbard, W Mannooch, and J. Spice.

Trustees Messrs. S. Millen and T. Brenchley.

Secretary, Mr. F. German.


United Abstainers Sick Benefit Society Meetings, first Monday in the month. Membership, 25.

President, Dr. B .M. Boodle.

Secretary, W. Burden, 58, Harold Road, Sittingbourne.


Following will be found a list of the public-houses in Sittingbourne in which benefit and share-out clubs are held, together with the names of the Secretaries:

Ship Inn, East Street (H. Frid, Crown Quay Lane, Sitting­bourne).

Railway Arch Inn, Milton Road (W. G. Baldock, 12, Shorne Villas, Rock Road, Sittingbourne).

Navy Arms public house, Prince’s Street, Sit­tingbourne (H. Akhurst, 2, Faith Street, Sittingbourne).

Golden Lion public-house, Milton Road, Sittingbourne (G. Clout, Lloyd Street, Sittingbourne).

Globe and Engine Inn, 16, Berry Street (J. W. Long, 49, Rock Rd., Milton).

Milton Arms public-house, The Wall, Sittingbourne (H. Hampshire, New Road, Sittingbourne).

Bell Inn, Bell Road, Sittingbourne (H. Duffin, Albany Road, Sittingbourne).

Rose and Crown public-house, Bell Road (Samuel Jeffrey, Sittingbourne).

Rose Inn, High Street (C. J. Mungham, Railway Terrace, Sittingbourne).

Castle Inn, Berry Street (G. H. Walker, 2, West­bourne Street, Sittingbourne).

Golden Eagle, Station Street (T. Smeed. Covelly, West Street, Sittingbourne). Foresters’ Arms, Station Pace (E Dutnall, Staplehurst Road, Milton).

Golden Fleece, West Street (William Hills, Burley Road, Sittingbourne).

Rendezvous Inn, High Street (J. F. Richardson, Queen Street, Milton).

Wheatsheaf Inn, East Street (A. Huxted, 17, Murston Road, Sittingbourne).

Old Oak public-house, East Street (George Sands, 39, Chalkwell Road, Milton).

Old Oak public-house, East Street (S. Bills, Shortlands Road, Sittingbourne).

Peace and Plenty public-house. Milton Road (W. C. Blackmore, Beatrice Villa, Burley Road, Sittingbourne.

Prince Albert public-house, Hawthorn Road (G. H. Keel, Shortlands Road, Sittingbourne).

White Hart Inn, Crown Quay Road (J. Harris, Shortlands Road, Sittingbourne).

Three Post Boys Inn, High Street, Sittingbourne.



The Core Court Carol Singers tour the district each Christmas season in aid of charitable objects.

Chairman, Mr. P. H. Willis.

Treasurer, Mr. Hedley Peters,

Hon. Secretary, Mr. W. G. Matthews, 4, Albany Road, Sittingbourne.




Sittingbourne Musical Society This well-known and capable Society was founded in 1882, and has thus been in existence 26 years. The main objects of the Society are to practice and publicly produce the works of the great Masters. Several converts are held during each winter. Practice nights, Monday evenings, at the Butts’ Infant School, The Butts, Sitting­bourne.

President, Rev. M. C. Wells.

Committee, Mr. G. H. Wills (chairman),

Miss Fisher, Mrs. H. Greensted, Miss Burton, Miss H. Epps, Mrs. Maundrell, and

Messrs. A. J. de Winton, G. H. Hulburd, R. S. Jackson, and V. Harris.

Treasurer, Mr. H. Payne.

Conductor, Mr. J. Sterndale Grundy.

Accompanist, Mr. H. Bone.

Hon. Secretary, Mr. Frank Peters, 15, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Gore Court Archery and Lawn Tennis Club. The headquarters and grounds of this old-established Club are situated at Gore Court Park, Sittingbourne.

The ground is open for play each afternoon and evening during the summer months. An open lawn tennis tournament takes place in connection with the Club, generally the third week in August of each year.

Patroness, Lady Harris.

President, Mr. H. L. Webb.

Vice-President, Mr. R. Mercer.

Committee, Dr. H. H. Fisher, Dr. W. Gosse, and Messrs. A. G. Duplock,

W. H. Elgar, C. B. Harris, E. C. Harris, F. C. Lowe, H. Payne, and C. R.


Hon. Secretaries, Messrs. R. W. Cowper, Gortanore, Sittingbourne,

and W. S. Cowper, 30, Park Road, Sittingbourne.


Gore Court Cricket Club

This well-known Cricket Club was founded in 1839. Ground, Bell Road, Sittingbourne. Matches principally Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

President, Lord Harris.

Vice-Presidents, Dr. T. B. Napier, and Messrs.

F. Lloyd, John Howard, C. D. Twopeny, A. J. de Winton, H. Lumley Webb,

C. B. Harris, C. E. Homewood, T. E. Denson,  H. Greensted, G. C. H. Wheler

Henry Payne.


Messrs. H. E. Andrews, W. Bowes, S. W. Burley, W. S. Cowper,

H. S. Crow, L. B. Grant, E. Packham, L. H. Page, F. C. Scoones, R. J. Tylden,

L.S. Watson, and R. F. de Winton.

Captain, Dr. G. T. Willan.

Hon. Treasurer, Mr. H. Payne.

Hon. Secretary, Mr. R. S. Jackson, junior, 117, High Street, Sittingbourne. Application for membership should be made to the Secretary.


Sittingbourne Football Club

This Club has been in existence in Sit­tingbourne for the past twenty-five years, and formerly played matches in the Sittingbourne Recreation Ground. Following for a few years the present Gore Court Cricket ground was used by the Club for matches, and in 1890 the present ground at the rear of the Bull Hotel was enclosed and a gate was charged. Now a well-appointed ground with enclosed playing space, stand and dressing rooms exists. From the status of a junior team the Club has risen to the front rank in county football, and has won during its career the Kent County Football Cup, the Kent League, the Thames and Medway Combination, and the Chatham Charity Cup. In addition the Club was four times in the final of the Kent Cup. and also won their way into the First Division of the South-Eastern League. Club Headquarters, Bull Hotel, Sittingbourne.

Colours, black and red.

President, Mr. Henry Payne. Vice-Presidents (who have power to assist in the management of the Club), Dr. F. Noble, and Messrs. J. W. Andrews, R. W. Cowper, J. S. Cremer, G. H. Butcher, A. Dean, I. E. Denson, L. B. Grant, Hardinge,

C. B. Harris, John Howard, A. J. Lee, J. R. Millen. H. Panteny, H. J. Parrett,

H. Peters, F. Seager, P. Watson, H. L. Webb, G. H. Wills, and J. Wills.

Auditors. Messrs. R. V. Coulcher and G. F. Roper.

Treasurer, Mr. H. Payne.

Hon. Surgeon, Dr. F. Noble.

Committee, Messrs. A. Barnes, J. Bray, E. Capp, F. Dawton, S. Freeman,

E. F. Handcock, W. Hawker, G. Higgins, J. High, F. Hyland, F. Kennard, B. Martin,

J. Partridge, H. E. Simpson, L. Smeed, W. Sturges, W. R. Summers, and C. Town. Hon. Secretaries, Messrs. C. W. Ellis, 50, High Street. Sittingbourne, and W. Hilliard, Station Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne Swimming Club: This club is strong and includes among its membership a number of capable swimmers. The club was returned champions of Kent, for the year 1907 for both water polo and team racing.

Headquarters, Peters’ Room, The Butts, Sittingbourne. The club have the use of the Sittingbourne Swimming Bath each Tuesday and Thursday even­ing during the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September. The club are members of the Ashford and District (Kent County) Water Polo League, the Southern Counties Association, and the Life Saving Society of Great Britain.

President, Mr. Frank Lloyd.

Captains, Messrs. G. Surry and G. Ash.

Life Saving Society’s representative, Mr. G. Surry.

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. L. Smeed, Clovelly, West Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne and Milton Gardeners and Amateurs Association:

This Association has been in existence since 1874, viz., 24 years. Monthly meetings

are held, with a grand exhibition in November of each year. Headquarters,

Globe and Engine Inn, Berry Street, Sittingbourne.

President, Mr. Henry Payne.

Committee, Messrs. G. F. A. Huart (chairman),

W. G. Shipley (vice-chairman),

W. Saunders, E. F. Handcock, H. Barns, G. Clout, W. R. Crowhurst. H. J. Cook,

E. Hadlow, R. A. Kadwell, W. Knight, H. Lampkin, E.Chopping, F. Smith, W. Storr,

W. G. Kitchingham, T. Underdown, and F. G. Tyler.

Treasurer, Mr. H. Payne.

Secretary and Collector, Mr. S. Nicholls, 49, Crown Road, Milton.


Sittingbourne Lawn Tennis Club

This club was established in 1906.

Ground, Sittingbourne Football Ground. Courts open, Two pm. till dusk.

Season, May 1st to September 30th.

Officers, President, Mr. Hedley Peters.

Captain, Mr. H. S. Crow.

Committee, Messrs. G. H. Luckhurst, J. R. Mitlen, A. J. Turner, G. H. Westcombe, F. Peters, G. F. Roper, A. E. Tidy, and P. Ward.

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. Ernest Peters, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne Cycle and Motor Club: Headquarters, George Hotel, High

Street, Sittingbourne. Runs on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

President, Mr. F. G. Gibson.

Captain, Mr. B. Seager.

Vice-Captains. Mr. J. Brooker and Mr. H. J. Reeve.

Treasurer, Mr. F. Brittenden.

Committee, Messrs. W. Sturges, G. Hooker, W. Ainsbury, B. Cornford. L. Smeed,

B. Seager, M. Cornford, G. Batchelor, and A. Brittenden.

Assistant-Secretary, Mr. W. Pullen, Pemberton Place, London Road, Sittingbourne. Secretary, Mr. W. R. Summers, 33, High Street, Sittingbourne.



National Cyclists’ Union (Kent Centre)

The Kent Centre consists of twelve Clubs.

Chairman, Dr. F. Noble.

Secretary, Mr. W. B. Summers, 33, High Street, Sittingbourne.


Sittingbourne and District Fur and Feather Society

Headquarters, Cremer’s Refreshment Rooms, 72, High Street, Sittingbourne. President, Rev. H. E. T. Cruso.

Committee : Messrs. H. F. Ambrose (chairman), W. Copping (vice-chairman),

C. Hogben, C. Murphy, J. Taylor, C. Redgrove, W.    Boon, A. W. Clark, S. Clinch,

G. Pavey, H. G. Parrett, F. Chandler, A.         Attwood G. Whatford, F. Kennard,

G. Nixon, A. Cole, and J. Fentiman.

Treasurer, Mr. J. S. Cremer.

Secretaries, Messrs. E. Coupland, Kildare, London Road, Milton, and F. Matthews, Genista Cottage, London Road, Milton.


Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Football League:

This League was formed in 1907, and includes many junior clubs in the Sittingbourne dis­trict.

President, Mr. H. Payne.

Chairman, Mr. E. F. Handcock.

Committee, one delegate from each Club.

Treasurer. Mr. H. Payne.

Referee Secretary, Mr.. W. Hilliard, 42, Station Street, Sittingbourne.

Appeal Com­mittee, Messrs. J. Rigden (Gillingham),

S. Tyler (Chatham), and

W. N. Rule (Sheerness).

Hon. Secretary, Mr. S. Ost, Harold Road, Sittingbourne.

Head­quarters, George Hotel, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Committee meetings, last Wednesday in every month.


Competing Clubs :First Division, Milton, “Daily Chronicle” F.C., 22nd Co. R.G.A.. H.M.S. Trafalgar, H.M.S. Acfron, and Rainham Amateurs.

Second Division, Upchurch United, Milsted Church Institute, Milton Reserves, “ Daily Chronicle Reserves, Rainham Amateurs Reserves, Teynham, and Newington.


“Daily Chronicle” Paper Mills Cricket Club : Headquarters, The Paper Mills. Ground, Bull Meadows. Matches, Saturdays.

Captain, Mr. T. E. Denson.

Sub-Captain, Mr. E. Bennett.

Treasurer, Mr. C. Martin.

Secre­tary, Mr. J. Buggs.


St. Michael’s Mission Room Choral Society : Headquarters, St. Michael’s Mission Room, Canterbury Road, Sittingbourne. Practice nights, Mondays,

8.30.    President,, Rev. M. C. Wel’s. Committee, the Misses Mortley, Wood, and Wakelan, and Messrs. Ellis, Wyles, Foster, and Sedge. Conductor, Mr. S. Biddle. Pianist, Miss Pettit. Treasurer, Mr. A. Jarman. Hon. Secre­tary, Mr. Mears.


“Daily Chronicle Paper Mills Cycling Club : The Club was founded in 1907. Headquarters, the Paper Mills. Runs, Wednesday evenings and Satur­day afternoons. President, Mr. I. E. Denson.

Vice-Presidents, Messrs. B.D. Bell, C. Martin, and R. O. Hutchison.

Hon. Secretary. Mr. A. A. Richards.


Sittingbourne and Milton Homing Pigeon Society: This Society is affiliated to the National Union of Homing Societies and the ‘Kent Federation. Headquarters, Crown Inn, Chalkwell Road, Milton. Meetings monthly as arranged.

Hon. Secretary, M. H. F. Ambrose, 27, Rock Road, Milton.


Sittingbourne Wednesday Cricket Club: Headquarters, Bell Inn, Bell Road, Sittingbourne. Ground, Gore Court C. C. Ground. Matches, Wednesday


President, Mr. H. Payne. Captain, Mr. H. Bennett. Treasurer, Mr. W. Land. Committee, Messrs. E. F. Handcock, H. Walker, E. Hawkins, and C. J. Fox. Secretary, Mr. A. Stanley.

Daily Chronicle Paper Mills Football Club

President, Mr. F. E. Denson.

Vice-Presidents, Dr. F. Noble, and Messrs. R. D. Bell, C. Martin,

S. Freeman, W. Hawks, H. G. Hutchison, W. Ball, H. Barns, and G. H.Butcher.

Treasurer, Mr. C. Martin. Secretary, Mr. A. E. Ellis. First team

Captain, Mr. A. Stedman. Vice-Captains, Messrs. H. Jones and B. Steers.

Second team Captains, Messrs. L. Mills and R. Finn.

Dressing room and headquarters, Rose Inn, High Street, Sittingbourne.

Sittingbourne Wednesday Football Club This successful organization have been champions of the Chatham and District Wednesday League for the past two years. Headquarters, Bell Inn, Bell Road, Sittingbourne. Ground, Sittingbourne Football Ground. Matches, Wednesdays. President. Dr. F. B. Napier, Mr. Committee, Messrs. J.  Workman (chairman), W. Dolding, P. G. Harvey, C. J. Fox, E. Wood, H. B. Pitts, and H. Killeen. Secretary, Mr. A. Jones, Rock Road, Sittingbourne.


Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (East Kent Lodge) Headquarters, Three Kings Hotel. East Street, Sittingbourne. Lodge nights, Mondays, 8.45. Treasurer, Mr. W. G. Tucker. Secretary, Mr. W. Ainsbury, High Street, Milton.


Sittingbourne Amateurs’ Football Club Headquarters, Mr. Minter’s Re­freshment Rooms, High Street, Sittingbourne. Ground, Albany Road Meadow. Matches, Saturdays. Members of the Isle of Sheppy League. Secretary, Mr. A. E. Box, Connaught Road, Milton.




The National Telephone Company’s call office and exchange at Sitting­bourne (for Sittingbourne and Milton) is at Railway Terrace. The office is open day and night, both for calls and exchange.




The Railway  is approached by Crescent and Station Streets. The platforms are covered by a glass and iron roof in one span. The junction for Sheerness and Queenborough is at this Station, which is totally in­adequate for the large traffic of the towns of Sittingbourne and Milton. The Company recognizes this fact, and has had under consideration a scheme for a new station.

Stationmaster, Mr. W. H. Wakeford.

Chief Goods Clerk, Mr. W. R. Crowhurst.








Messrs. E. & E. Sage’s Omnibus makes the journey to and from Maidstone daily (Sundays excepted). leaving Sittingbourne Railway Station on the ar­rival of trains from Sheerness and Faversham at 9.30 am. ; and returning from the Mitre Hotel, Maidstone, at 3.20 pin., in time for the 5.50 p.m. train for Sheerness. Luggage Vans also run to and from Maidstone daily. Office, Plough Inn, East Street, Sittingbourne.

Mr. Alfred Buggs, of the Lion -Hotel, High Street, Sittingbourne, carrier, for Messrs. Sutton and Co., London; and Messrs. J. Stevens and Son, of Park Road, Sittingbourne, are carriers and agents for Messrs. Carter, Paterson, and Messrs. Saunders & Co., both of London.

Shepherd’s Van, from Strood to Faversham, passes through Sittingbourne on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, calling in the morning for Faversham, Greenstreet, Bapchild, &c., and returning in the evening for Newington,

Rainham, Chatham, Rochester, and Strood for the following day. Evans’ Van to and from Milsted daily.

Trice’s Van to and from Frinsted daily.

William Willis is express carrier from Sittingbourne to Strood daily, calling at intermediate towns and villages. William Willis is agent for Messrs. Pickford, carriers.

Mr. E. Watson, junior’s, hoys trade between Milton Creek and London with goods. Two barges make a journey every seven days (weather per­mitting).