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Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Directory 1908/09
Reprinted 1980 by W.J. Parrett Ltd, Sittingbourne
ISBN 0-9507107-0-9


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Rainham is a populous parish and village situated on the main road from Sittingbourne to Chatham, and possessing a station on the SE. & C.R. It is 5.5 miles north-west from Sittingbourne and four miles south-east from Chatham, and is 34 miles from London. The parish is in the North ­East Kent Parliamentary Division, the Upper Division of the Lathe of Scray, the Hundred and Union of Milton, the Sittingbourne Petty Sessional Divi­sion and County Court. The acreage of the parish is as follows: Land, 3,562 acres; water, one acre; tidal water, 51 acres; and foreshore, 414 acres. The mileage of the main roads in the parish is 2.25, and there are 14.25 miles of district roads. The rateable value of the parish is £18,120, and the population at the last census (1901) was 3,693. This is estimated to have increased to well over 4,000. The soil of the parish is loam, with a sub­soil of chalk. Bricks and cement are manufactured in the district, and agricultural industries are largely carried on. The principal crops are fruit (mostly cherries), hops, and wheat. There are also a number of, large market gardens. In the southern part of the parish are extensive tracts of wood land. The principal land owners are Lord Hothfield (who is lord of the manor), Mr. E. J. Wingham Stratford, and the Governors of St. Katherine’s Hospital. Sir Henry Nevill Dering, Bart., is the lay impropriator of the tithes. The parish has been an inhabited place from ancient times, and it was formerly known as “Renham.” Evidences of Roman occupation have been found in the shape of pottery and implements, which for the most part have been unearthed in the neighbourhood of Otterham Quay.




The Parish Church is dedicated to St. Margaret, and is a large edifice dating from the Early English period with interpolations in the later styles. There is a large western tower containing a striking clock and six bells. The interior of the Church is noticeable for the large size of the nave and the series of fine pointed arches mounted on octagonal pillars. On the north side of the chancel there are similar arches, though they are not uni­form in size, the centre one being smaller. On the north side of the chancel is the Tufton Chapel, which contains a number of fine tombs and monuments to the Tuftons, Earls of Thanet, and ancestors of the present Lord Hothfield, many of whom lie buried in the vaults below. There is also a monument to J. Norris (for some time Master of Trinity House) and his wife. There is a fine brass to John Bloor (ob. 592). There are a number of other brasses in a fair state of preservation. In the Tufton Chapel stands a magnificent old 14th century carved oak chest. The tower was much damaged by a violent storm on October 20th, 1791. The fine east window was erected at a cost of £150, contributed by parishioners as a memorial to the late Queen Victoria’s record reign. The window was placed in position in January, 1898. In June, 1898, Mr. Daniel Wills, of Garfield House, Park Road, Sittingbourne, presented to the parish three-quarters of an acre of land adjoining the Churchyard, for the purpose of increasing the burying space. A brass tablet was erected in the south aisle commemorating the event. In the Churchyard is a splendid yew tree. There are 800 sittings in the Church, and the registers date from the year 1592. The records of the Church date back to the 12th century. In 1136 the living was given, to­gether with a number of others, to found Leeds Abbey, near Maidstone, by Robert de Crevecour. When the monasteries were dissolved the living re­verted to the Crown, and was eventually presented, with a large number of others, to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in whose gift it still remains. The living is a Vicarage, of the net yearly value of £350, with residence and three acres of glebe, and has been held since 1876 by the Rev. Charles Cobb, M..A., of Christ’s College, Cambridge. The parish is in the rural deanery of Sittingbourne, the Archdeaconry of Maidstone, and the Diocese of Canterbury.





The following is a list of the Vicars of Rainham for the past 600 years, which was compiled by the Rev. A. J. Pearman, MA., sometime Vicar


1282  Richard of St. Edmunds            1571 Charles Garlick
1310   Richard of Marverryflgs        1593 R. Joy
13-     Richard de. Verne                     1609 or 1610 John Grime
1320    William de Marinham                1644 Griffin Spencer
1323   Guido de Overe                         1645 Thomas Bladen
13-     Galfridas Maleys                       1656 Thomas Lamb
1378  Reginald Catigo                         1662 John Campleshofl
1380  Thomas of Gloucester               1665 William Walter
-          Nicholas Chilton                       1676 Thomas Cradock
1416   William Corps                           1723 Henry Shove
1417    Thomas Skene                         1772 William Tarwell

1418   Richard Ffrenshe                      1777 James Richards

 -         William Adamsofl                      1806 Hon. Gerald Thomas Noel
1522   John Wright                              1826 John Poore

1547    John Townsley                         1866 Augustus John Pearman
-          John Makelyn                           1876 Charles Cobb
1562     John Dollinshed








In 1907 application was made by the members of the Parish Council and other local gentlemen (forming a committee known as the Urban Powers Committee) to the County Council for urban powers. After an exhaustive petition had been presented and an Inquiry held the County Council refused the application.





The Guardians for the parish of Rainham are Messrs. R. M. Wakeley and E. Kemp, and the Overseers are Messrs. James Adie, Joseph E. Masey, S. T. Wakeley, and George Bland.


Parish Council: Meetings of the Parish Council are held on the first Wednesday in the month. The Council is the largest in this part of the coun­ty, being entitled to thirteen members.


The list of Councilors is as follows: Dr. F. W. H. Penfold (chairman), Messrs. G. Quinnell (vice-chairman), J. A. Walter, W. P. Curling,

F. Barden, R.M. Wakeley, S. Waterman, E. Kemp, G. T. Mattocks, J. A. Masey, P. Edmonds, W. Hales, and G. Bland. Clerk: Mr. Reuben Wickins, Station Road, Rainham.


The Committees of the Parish Council are as follows

Lighting and Watching (including Fire Brigade): Messrs. G. Quinnell (chairman), G. Bland, W. P. Curling, S. Waterman, and P. Edmonds.

Footpaths:  Messrs. J. A. Walter (chairman), W. Hales, G. T. Mattocks, and E. Kemp.

Recreation Ground: Messrs. W. P. Curling (chairman), F. Barden, G. Bland, J A. Masey, and H. M. Wakeley.

Library and Reading Room: Dr. Penfold (chairman), and Messrs. G. Bland, W. P. Curling, and J. A. Walter.

Finance: Dr. Penfold (chairman), and Messrs. J. A. Walter, G. Quinnell, and W. P. Curling.




The large piece of ground which now forms the Rainham Recreation Ground was presented to the parish by Lord Hothfield in 1887, in honour of the Jubilee of Her Majesty the late Queen Victoria. The ground is seven acres in extent, and is planted with trees and flower beds, and will in the course of a few years present an attractive appearance. On the ground is a prepared cycle track and cricket pitch, with water laid on. A large shelter is situated on the northern side of the ground, and the headquarters of the Rainham Fire Brigade are also on the ground. The ground passed under the care of the Parish Council in 1896. The place is open as follows: - April 1st to September 30th, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.  October 1st to March 31st, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Clerk to the Council: R. Wickins, Station Road, Rainham. Care­taker: E. Rainer, Tufton Road, Rainham.




The Rainham Fire Brigade was formed in 1901, and is now an efficient and up-to-date organization. The headquarters are situated on the Recreation Ground, the Fire Station housing a modern 22-man manual fire engine, and all other appliances for fire fighting. The Brigade is called together by maroon.

The members of the Brigade are: Captain, Tilden Hollands; Lieutenant, H. Keutenius; Firemen A. Bland, H. Bishop, H. Heap, E. Heap, E. Keutenius, H. Taylor, J. Whiddett, and T. Wills. Secretary, E. Heap. Clerk to the Council, R. Wickins, Station Road, Rainham.





The Parish Free Library and Reading Room was established about ten years ago, and is situated on the ground floor of the Temperance Hotel, Station Road, Rainham. The Reading Room is open daily, and is supplied with the principal daily papers and weekly journals. The Library is replete with nearly 2,000 modern volumes, comprising all classes of litera­ture. There is also a Reference Library with all kinds of postal, county, and commercial directories, encyclopedias, etc. The Lending Library is open from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays. Librarian, W. J. Barrell, Milton Road, Rainham. Clerk to the Council: Reuben Wickins, Station Road, Rainham.





The public charities of Rainham, managed by a Board of Trustees, are as follows


Donor Unknown: There is an acre of woodland in the parish, the pro­ceeds of which are given to the poor. The wood is cut periodically (about every fourteen years), and then brings in about £10.


Colson’s Charity: John Colson, on June 20th, 1593, “from compassion as well to the distressed estate of very many aged impotent and very poor people, inhabiting and dwelling within the parish of Rainham, wanting  wherewith to sustain the daily necessities of life, as also such others as there might be of the like condition for age, impotence, and poverty, born and inhabiting within the said parish, and for their relief and maintenance at all times left to his heirs lands known as Payton Streatfield (7 acres 2 roads 32 poles), Perry Field (3 acres 2 roads 8 poles), Warden Croft (5 acres 3 roads 24 poles)  and a small field, tenement, and garden, the whole in the parish of Lower Halstow, providing they paid £4 yearly to the poor of Rain­ham.


Countess of Thanet Charity : Frances, Countess Dowager of Thanet, left, on December 20th, 1656, a sum of £50, which, together with £20 added by parishioners, was invested in land, and brings in £4 annually, which is dis­tributed to the poor of the parish. The money arises on lands situated in Chapel Lane (Mardale Nursery).


Adams’ Charity : On February 19th, 1719, John Adams left several parcels of land situated at “High Dore,” which together bring in a sum of about £1, which is distributed to the poor on St. Thomas’s Day.


Poor Houses: The rents of a number of houses in the parish, four being in Moor Street, are devoted to the general use of the poor of Rainham. The proceeds amount to about £16.


Lost Charity Formerly £2/0/0 was received annually from a charity left by William Hod, on April 1st, 1657. The land was situated in the parish of Cliffe, and this changed hands in 1699 or 1700. In 1788 the payments on the land ceased, and the land cannot now be traced.




The following lands have been in possession of the parish since 1611, and rents paid to the Churchwardens as applicable to the repair of the church

A cherry orchard of three acres, bringing in £5 per annum.

Two acres at West Rainham, let at rents amounting £5.

Two acres at Macklands, let at rents amounting to £4.





Rainham Council Schools: These Schools were erected in 1906 in Solo­mon Road, Rainham, at a cost of £4,500. The buildings are a perfect type of a modern scholastic establishment and comprise a large assembly hail sur­rounded by class-rooms. The Schools provide 250 places for children, but can easily be enlarged to accommodate 400 children. Present number on the books: Mixed department, 154; infants, 113.

The staff is as follows : Miss E. Dyason (head mistress, mixed department), Miss Ethel Barker (head mis­tress, infants’), Miss Maude Port,

Miss May E. Westcott, Miss Emma Epps. Miss Edith J. Springate, Miss Rose A. T. Kirby, and Miss M. J. Harrop. In March, 1908,

Mr. Harold F. Greenhalgh will commence duties at the School as headmaster.

The School Managers are as follows : Messrs. W. Stedman (chairman), E. Jelly, E. Kemp, G. T. Mattocks, G. Quinnell, and

Dr. F. W. H. Penfold. Mr. G. Quinnell, of The Russels, Rainham, is the hon. correspondent. Meetings of the School Managers are held monthly.


National Schools: The Rainham National Schools were erected in 1846, and were enlarged in 1878 and 1884, and will accommodate 600 children (205 boys, 190 girls, and 205 infants). Present number on the books: Boys 200, girls 150, infants 190; total 540.

The teaching staff is as follows: Boys Department : Messrs. Samuel Hodson (headmaster), G. R. Bone, and V. Way, the Misses R. E. Campbell and G. Campbell, and Messrs. S. A. Hodson and E. V. Pierce. Girls’ Department: Mrs. Charlesworth (Head Mistress), Miss Holman,

Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Woollett, Miss Rickells, and Miss G. Taylor. Infants’ Department: Mrs. A. Brice (Head Mistress), Miss Smith, Miss Good­ing, Miss Bolton, and Miss Ratcliffe. The School Managers are: The Rev. C. Cobb (Chairman and Correspondent), and Messrs. E. Jelly,

W. Stedman, R. M. Wakeley, J. Stewart, and E. Kemp. Meetings are held when necessary.


Lower Rainham National School: This School was erected in 1876 to accommodate 80 children. Present number on the books: 80. The teaching staff is as follows: Miss Knight (Head Mistress), Miss P. Miller, Miss E. Hodson, and Miss D. Kitney.

The School Managers are: The Rev. C. Cobb (Chairman and Correspondent), and Messrs. E. Jelly, R. M. Wakeley, E. Kemp, J. Stewart, and W. Stedman.


Private School: Miss Bertha Atkins conducts a private school at a schoolroom in the Churchyard Path.





Higher Education Committee: The following are the members of the Higher Education Committee at Rainham:—Dr. F. W. H. Penfold,

Dr. I. A. Webster, and Messrs. W. Stedman, E. Kemp, E. Jelly, G. T. Mattocks, and  G. Quinnell (secretary).

Technical Classes, with courses of lectures, are held from time to time during the winter months. Particulars may be had of Mr. G. Quinnell.





Sergeant Edwin Jenner, of Station Road, Rainham, is in charge of the police in the parish, and the constables are Thomas Fielder and William Smith.




Parish Church: Rev. C. Cobb, Vicar. Churchwardens: Messrs. J. A. Walter and E. Jelly. Sidesmen: Messrs. S. Hodson, E. Pierce,

R. Wickins, W. Ruck, and G. Gilbert. Organist and Choirmaster: Mr. Bone. Lay Reader: Mr. L. Bates. Visiting Sister: Sister Margaret Fullbrook.

Parish Clerk and Sexton: George Green, jun. Sunday Services: 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Holy Communion: Celebrations on the first Sunday in the month at 8 a.m., and after the morning service on the third Sunday in the month.

Sunday School: 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.; Superintendent, Mr. J. A. Walter. Mission Services are held in connection with the Church, conducted by Mr. S. Bates and Sister Fullbrook. There is also a band of bell ringers, and weekly practices are held.


Congregational Church: This modern Church, situated in Broad Walk, Rainham, contains about 300 sittings. It possesses a useful pipe organ. Ser­vices are held on Sunday at 10.45 a.m. and 6.30 p.m., and on Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Sunday School: 2.30 p.m.;

Superintendent, Mr. R. Smitherman. There is a Band of Hope and a Christian Endeavour Society carried on in connection with the Church. Pastor: Rev. E. S. Wilkinson, B.D., London University. Deacons: Messrs. R. Smitherman, A. Dines, J. Rains, D. Wakelin, and E. P. Fowler (Church Secretary). Organist and Choirmaster: Mr. George Mattocks. The Congregational Sunday School is a spacious building in Chapel Lane.


Baptist Church: The Providence Baptist Church is situated in Orchard Street, and contains about 100 sittings. The pulpit is filled by supply. Deacons: Messrs. William Wakeley, Alfred Harnett, Percy Wakeley, and T. Roper. Services are held on Sundays at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m., and on Thurs­days at 7 o’clock.


United Methodist (formerly Bible Christian) Church: This church, to which schools are attached, is situated in Station Road, at the junction of Wakeley Road. The building is modern, and contains some 250 sittings. Services are held on Sundays at 10.45 a.m. and 6.30 p.m., and on Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m. Sunday School: 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.; Superintendent, Mr. G. T. Mattocks. Band of Hope: Mondays, 7 p.m. Christian Endeavour Society: Tuesday, 7.30 p.m. Prayer Meeting: Saturday, 7 p.m. Pastor: Rev. J. S. Treweeke, Henry Street, Rainham.


United Methodist Church: This place of worship is situated in Ivy Street, and has seating accommodation for about 200 persons. In the rear is a large schoolroom. Services are held on Sundays at 2.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. Sunday School: 10.30 a.m.; Superintendent, Mr. W. Thomas.

Band of Hope, Monday, 7 p.m. Christian Endeavour Society: Tuesday, 8 p.m. Preaching Services and Prayer Meetings as arranged.

The pulpit is filled at this Church by the resident ministers in the Chatham Circuit and by Local Preachers.


Providence United Methodist (formerly Bible Christian) Church: This Church is situated on the Lower Road, at East Rainham, and is one of the oldest Nonconformist places of worship in the district, having been built, in 1853. It will accommodate about 120 persons. Services on Sunday are held at 10.45 a.m. and 6.30 p.m., and a Sunday School is held in connection with the Church, of which Mr. J. Styles is Superintendent.

The pulpit is occupied by Local Preachers or by the resident ministers in the Chatham circuit.


Salvation Army. A strong corps of the Salvation Army exists at Rainham, the headquarters being at the Public Hall. A piece of land in Station Road has, however, been acquired by the authorities of the Salvation Army, with a view of building a large Citadel there, but as is the practice of the Army, the building will not be put up until a large proportion of the cost has been collected. Meetings are held on Sundays at 11 am., 3 p.m., and 6.30 p.m., each meeting being preceded with an open-air service. Meetings are also held at the Public Hall on Mondays, Thursdays. and Saturdays, or as arranged. In connection with the Salvation Army at Rainham there is a Junior Corps and “Band of Love.” Present Officers: Ensign Browne and Lieutenant Howe, both of 5, Albion Terrace, Station Road, Rainham.


Original Peculiar People: The sect known as the Original Peculiar People have a meeting-house in William Street, and services are held there on Sun­days.




The Public Hall is situated in the London Road at Rainham, and is a building which will accommodate comfortably about 300 persons. The Hall has several ante-rooms. The building is let to the Salvation Army for services and meetings on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Lessee (for the owner): Mr. Samuel Hodson, Station Road, Rainham.





National Deposit Friendly Society: A branch of this Friendly Society is in existence at Rainham, there being over 200 members. Monthly payments are made at the house of the Secretary, Mr. H. Mattocks, Fayre Haven, Wakeley Road, Rainham.


Ancient Order of Foresters, Court “Garden of Kent,” No. 3378: The headquarters of this old Lodge are at the Lion Hotel, High Street, Rainham. Courts are held on the fourth Saturday in every month. The membership numbers 150. Chief Ranger: William Plum. Sub-Chief Ranger: H. Bowra. Treasurer: James Taylor. Secretary: Walter Wakelin, Vine Cottage , Quay Lane, Rainham.


Anglo.Saxons, “Speedwell” Branch, No. 42: Headquarters: Lion Hotel, Rainham. Meetings every alternate Saturday. The membership numbers 100.     Chairman: A. Price. Treasurer: A. C. Orton. Secretary: C. Chaney, Milton Road, Rainham.


White Horse Slate Club: Headquarters: White Horse Hotel, Rainham. Membership numbers 200. Club nights: Second Monday in the month. Bene­fits, in cases of sickness and death, with share-out in December. Secretary J. Glover, Ivy Street, Rainham.


Lion Hotel Benefit Society: Held at the Lion Hotel, Rainham. The membership numbers about 50. Club nights: Last Saturday in each month. Benefits in cases of sickness and death, with share-out in December. Secre­tary: C. Trice, Milton Road, Rainham.


Cricketers Inn Benefit Society, No. 1: Held at the Cricketers Inn, High Street, Rainham. Meeting nights: First Saturday in the month. Benefits, in cases of sickness and death, with share-out in December. Secretary: C. Trice, Milton Road, Rainham.


Cricketers Inn Benefit Society, No. 2: Held at the Cricketers Inn. Benefits, in cases of sickness and death, with share-out in December. Secretary: C. Trice, Milton Road, Rainham.


Rainham Working Men’s Sick Benefit Society: Held at the Man of Kent public-house, Broad Walk, Rainham. Membership numbers about 50 persons. Club nights: Second Saturday in every month. Benefits in cases of sickness and death with share-out in December. Secretary: William Till, Broad Walk, Rainham.


Mackland Arms Sick and Funeral Benefit Society: Held at the Mackland Arms, Station Road, Rainham. Membership, about 80 persons. Benefits in cases of sickness and death, with share-out in December. Meeting nights, third Saturday in the month. Secretary, J. C. Wills.


Army and Navy Share-Out Club: Held at the Army and Navy Inn, Lower Road, Rainham Membership, about 90 persons. Benefits in cases of sick­ness and death, with share-out in December. Secretary, J. Stephens, Lower Road, Rainham.


Rose Inn Slate Club: Held at the Rose Inn, Broad Walk, Rainham. Membership, 20. Benefits in cases of sickness and death, with share-out in December. Club nights, third Saturday in the month. Secretary, G. Inwood, Broad Walk, Rainham.





Rainham and District Horticultural Improvement Society: Headquarters, Lion Hotel, Rainham. This Society was formed in 1906 with the object more especially of bringing about the better cultivation of cottage gardens in the district. Monthly meetings and shows are held on the second Wed­nesday in every month, with an annual show in August. President, Dr. Irby Webster; Chairman, Mr. R. M. Wakeley; Treasurer, Mr. W. P. Curling; Secretary, Mr. James Packman, High Street, Rainham.


Rainham and District Horticultural Society: Headquarters, Lion Hotel, Rainham.

Committee: Dr. F. W. H. Penfold (chairman), and Messrs. J. A. Walter, MA. (Vice-chairman), E. Croucher, P. Curling, W. Dennis, W. Finnes,

F. Glass, J. Gunner, S. Hodson, T. Hollands, S. J. Holmes, E. Jelly, E. Pierce, R. G. Quinnell, F. Scott, W. Stedman, A. Tucker, S. Wakeley, and Seymour Wakeley; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. G. Quinnell; Hon. Secretary, Mr. E. Pierce. No monthly shows are held in connection with this Society, but a large annual show is held on the last Wednesday in July of each year. The Society has been in existence nearly a quarter-of-a-century, and is therefore one of the oldest of its kind in this part of Kent.





Rainham Cycling Club: The headquarters of this large and enterprising Club are situated at the Lion Hotel, Rainham. Club runs are held each Wednesday and Saturday during the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September. There are about 160 members. Large race meetings are held twice yearly, and monthly race meetings (confined to members) are also held.

President, Mr. Walter Finnes; Treasurer, Mr. W. P. Cur­ling; Secretary, Mr. M. Kitney, Regina Cottages, Orchard Street, Rainham.


Rainham Cricket Club: Headquarters, Lion Hotel, Rainham. Ground, Siloam Farm, Chapel Lane. Matches played, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This Club has been in existence many years, and in 1904 and 1905 won the Sittingbourne and District Cricket League trophy.

Chairman and Captain, Mr. R. M. Wakeley; Vice-Captains, Messrs. G. Bland (Wednesday matches) and S. J. Holmes (Saturday matches); Hon. Secretary, Mr. Charles Clark, Station Road, Rainham.


United Methodist Cricket Club: Headquarters, United Methodist Church, Station Road. Ground, Recreation Ground.

Matches played, Saturdays. Captain, Mr. A. Worsley; Secretary, Mr. F. Philpott, Henry Street, Rainham.


Rainham Social Club This Club has been in existence about four years. Spacious club premises are situated in the rear of the Jubilee Temperance Hotel, Station Road, Rainham. The Club possesses a full-size billiard table. Membership, 70. The Club is open from 10 am, to 10.30 p.m. Chairman, Mr. S. Hodson; Treasurer, Mr. J. Adie; Secretary, Mr. J. Springate, London Road, Rainham. Steward, C. Child.


Rainham Football Club Headquarters, Lion Hotel, Rainham. Ground, White Hill, London Road, Rainham. Matches played on Saturdays. The

Club are the present holders of the Kent Junior Cup and members of the New Brompton and District League (First and Second Divisions) and the Sittingbourne and District League. Secretary, S. Syms, Gillingham.


United Methodist Football Club Headquarters, United Methodist Church, Station Road, Rainham. Ground, Recreation Ground. Senior and Reserve teams. The Club belongs to the New Brompton Free Church League. Captain, Rev. J. S. Treweeke; Vice-Captain, W. Wildish;

Secre­tary, Charles Clark, Station Road, Rainham.





Rainham Waterworks Company, Ltd. Capital, £24,000, of which £20,000 is paid up. Pumping station and reservoir, Rainham Mark. Addi­tional reservoir for Hartlip and Newington districts, Matt’s Hill. Directors, Messrs. George Whayman (chairman), Alfred Abbot, George Quinnell, George H. Wills, and Mr. F. W. H. Penfold; Managing Directors, Messrs. G. Whayman and C. H. Wills;

Solicitors, Messrs. Harris and Harris, Sit­tingbourne; Collector, Mr. E. Pierce; Engineer, Mr. E. P. Fowler.


Good Templars: “Garden of Kent” Lodge, I.O.G.T., No. 3,635. Chief Ranger, Mr. F. Mattocks. Lodge meetings weekly. Membership, 40.


Ambulance Classes Ambulance Classes are held each winter in con­nection with the local branch of the St. John Ambulance Brigade (Chatham Division). Meeting nights, Tuesdays. Headquarters. Lion Hotel. For in­formation application should be made to Mr. W. Finnes.





Mrs. Simmons, to Maidstone on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. George Shepherd, to Chatham, Rochester, Sittingbourne, Faversham, New­ington, and Greenstreet, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.





The telephone call office and exchange is situated at the Post, Office, High Street, Rainham. The call office is open for business from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on week-days, and from 8 a.m. to 10 am, on Sundays. The exchange is open at all hours.





Rainham Sub-Post Office is in the Chatham postal district, and is situated in the High Street. Sub-Postmaster, Mr. Ernest Cozens. Business, stamps, postal orders, money orders, telegraph, telegraphs money orders, post office telephone, savings bank, and issue of Inland Revenue licenses. Deliveries, 6.40 am., 11.45 a.m., and 6 p.m. Box cleared for despatches, 9 am., 11.10 a.m., 2.50 p.m., 5 p.m., 7.15 p.m., and 10 p.m. Hours of business, week­days, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.