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Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Directory 1908/09
Reprinted 1980 by W.J. Parrett Ltd, Sittingbourne
ISBN 0-9507107-0-9


The Sittingbourne, Milton and District Directory may not be copied or distributed by way of trade without written agreement. However, copies of all or part of the Directory may be made by libraries and others for the benefit of researchers - without further permission, provided that this copyright notice is included.



Lynsted is a populous village situated three-and-a-half miles south-east from Sittingbourne and a mile-and-a-half south-west from Teynham Station, on the S.E. & CR. It is in the North-East Kent Parliamentary Division, Lathe of Scray, Teynham Hundred, and Faversham Union, Faversham County Court, and Faversham Petty Sessional Division. The area of the parish is 1,826 acres, the rateable value is £6,923, and the population at the census in 1901 was 1,215. The soil is mainly of the sort known as brick earth, and the subsoil is chalk. Fruit and hops form the chief crops, the celebrated Nouds orchards being situated mainly in this parish.

The Parish Church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, and is of flint in the Perpendicular and Decorated styles. The tower has a somewhat lofty spire with a clock and five bells. The Church is large, containing 400 sittings, of which 250 are free. The registers date from the years 1654 (marriages and burials) and 1693 (baptisms). In the Church are monuments erected to the memory of members of the Hugeason, Teynham, Drurye, and Knatchbull families. There are also brasses to the Roper and Worley families. The living is a Vicarage, of the net yearly value of £210, with three acres of glebe and residence, in the gift of the Archdeacon of Canterbury. The living has been held since 1891 by the Rev. Thomas Jackson Sewell, M.A., of Queen’s College, Oxford. Lynsted parish is in the Rural Deanery of Ospringe, and the Archdeaconry and Diocese of Can­terbury.

The Guardian for the parish is Mr. William Roper Dixon, and the Overseers are Messrs. George Alfred Henry Smith and Thomas Back.

The Parish Council meets four times a year, or as often as is neces­sary, and is composed as follows :—The Rev. T. J. Sewell (chairman), and Messrs. C. Busbridge, J. Dence, B. B. Dixon, G. A. H. Smith, C. Seagers, and W. Kemp. Clerk, Mr. T. L. Ackermann.

Council Schools: These commodious Schools were erected in 1877, for 200 children, and were considerably enlarged in 1897, and the present buildings will accommodate over 300 children. There are about 230 children on the books. Headmaster, Thomas L. Acker­mann. Assistant Teachers, Miss Hambrook, Miss M. E. Hunt (infant mis­tress), Miss Miles, and Miss White.

Parish Church: Rev. T. J. Sewell, M.A., Vicar. Churchwardens, Messrs,  G. A. Filmer and G. A. H. Smith. Sidesmen, Messrs. C. R. Busbridge, B. R. Dixon, and W. White. Organist and Choirmaster, Mr. T. L. Acker­mann. Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. Caleb Seagers. Services are held on Sundays at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Children’s Service, 3 p.m. Sunday School, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Holy Communion, first Sunday in the month at 11 a.m., third Sunday in the month at 10 a.m. Other Sundays at 8 a.m.

Wesleyan Church—see Teynham.

Salvation Army Barracks: A corps of the Salvation Army is located at Greenstreet, and meetings are held on Sundays at intervals, and each evening during the week.

George Inn Hand-and-Heart Benefit Society: George Inn, Greenstreet, Lynsted. Benefits for sickness, and death with share-out in December. Meet­ing nights, first Tuesday in the month. Membership, 70. Secretary, John Ruck, Station Road, Teynham.

Greenstreet Death Club: Headquarters, George Inn, Greenstreet. Bene­fits in case of the death of children with share-out in December. Club nights, every third Wednesday. Membership, 220 persons. Secretary, John Webb, Greenstreet, Lynsted.

Swan Benefit Club: Held at the Swan Inn, Greenstreet, Lynsted. Bene­fits in cases of sickness and death, with share-out in December. Membership, about 50 persons. Club night, first Monday in the month. Secretary, Mr. Alfred P. Challender, Cherry Gardens, Lynsted.

Dover Castle Benefit Society: Held at the Dover Castle Inn, Green-street. Benefits in the event of death or sickness with share-out in December. The membership numbers about 100 persons. Meeting nights, every fourth Tuesday. Secretary, George Bullock, Church Road, Teynham.

Dover Castle Burial Club: Held at the Dover Castle Inn, Greenstreet. Benefits in case of death of members’ children. The membership numbers about 110 members. Club night, every third Monday. Secretary, Walter Tumber, Mount Pleasant, Greenstreet, Teynham.

National Deposit Friendly Society—see Teynham.

Foxhunters Hand-in-Hand Friendly Society: Held at the Foxhunters Inn, Erriott Wood, Lynsted. Benefits in eases of sickness and death with share-out in December. Club nights, every fourth Monday. Membership, about 40 persons. Secretary, T. Styles, Teynham Peat, Teynham.

Kingsdown and District Sparrow and Rat Club: The objects of this Society are to prevent the abnormal prevalence of various pests. Head­quarters, Foxhunters Inn, Erriott Wood, Lynsted. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday in the month from October till April (open season). Secre­tary, A. A. Rye, Malthouse Cottages, Erriott Wood, Lynsted.

Greenstreet and District Gardeners’ Society: Headquarters, Dover Castle Inn, Greenstreet, Lynsted. Monthly meetings and shows held at the Dover Castle Assembly Room, with annual show in August. President, Dr. P. D. Selby. Chairman, Mr. E. Oxford. Secretary, Mr. E. Kingsnorth, Rose Villa, Greenstreet, Lynsted.

St. John Ambulance Brigade - see Teynham.

Greenstreet Rifle Club - see Teynham.

Associated Greenstreet and District Cycle, Cricket, and Hockey Clubs— see Teynham.

Carrier, George Shepherd, of Newington, between Chatham and Faver­sham. Passes through Greenstreet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Postal Arrangements: Lynsted Sub-Post Office, Street, Lynsted (Mr. Ernest Alfred Bensted, Sub-Postmaster). Stamps, postal orders, money orders, telegraph, savings bank, and issue of inland revenue licenses. Deliveries, 7 a-in. and 1.45 p.m. Sundays, 7 a.m. Box cleared for des­patches, 10.25 a.m. and 6.35 p.m. Sundays, 12.15 p.m.

Greenstreet Sub-Post Office—see Teynham.