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Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Directory 1908/09
Reprinted 1980 by W.J. Parrett Ltd, Sittingbourne
ISBN 0-9507107-0-9


The Sittingbourne, Milton and District Directory may not be copied or distributed by way of trade without written agreement. However, copies of all or part of the Directory may be made by libraries and others for the benefit of researchers - without further permission, provided that this copyright notice is included.


Including the Parishes of










Halstow (Lower)




















In presenting this our first Directory for Sittingbourne, Milton and the large industrial district of which these Towns are the centre, we wish to thank all those who have kindly assisted us in its compilation by curiously supplying the necessary information that goes to make a work of reference of this description. The book is somewhat larger than it was first intended to be, and during the final preparations for publication changes of residence taken place here and there; these are few, and however we hope will not appreciably lessen the value of the Directory for commercial and general purposes. A book of this magnitude cannot, of course, be published at the small charge of six pence, unless supported by Advertisers. We therefore hope that in future editions of this work it will receive that support which we can say, with confidence, it deserves.






The Directory contains advertisements and some contain photographs of individuals or premises. These have been scanned and are available in JPEG picture format only. Individual copies of these adverts can be requested on the condition that they accepted “as is” as the quality of the original is somewhat faded and not in mint condition.


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Adie, C., licensed victualler

Allchin, F. W., engineer        

Atkins, William, draper and outfitter

Attwood, C. H., fishmonger

Barling, W. H., draper
Barns, Harry, licensed victualler
Barry, Geo. E., farrier (Photograph)
Bates, John, miller and cornfactor
Bennett, G., stationer
Biddle, T. Kirk, photographer
Birkett, T., West End Stores
Bishop, E., & Sons, builders and contractors (Photographs)
Bloxham, Herbert, hairdresser
Bristow, F. A., saddler and ironmonger
Budds, H. S., outfitter
Buggs, A., licensed victualler and jobmaster
Buggs, Geo., licensed victualler and undertaker
Buggs, T., grocer
Building Society, North East Kent Mutual
Bull Hotel (T. Thorne)
Burch, H., cycle agent
Burley, C., Ltd., brick manufacturers and manure merchants.

Carrier, F., picture frame maker

Church, F., licensed victualler

Cleaver, F., & Co., cycle and motor agents

Coast, F. & H., laundry proprietors

Coldwell and Co., chemists

Curling, Phil, licensed victualler

Daly, F. J. & Co., milliners

Dean, G. H., wholesale jam manufacturers (Photograph)

Dean & Williams, mineral water manufacturers

Dence, J. J., cycle agent                                                      

Dence, L. H., painter and house decorator                          

Dives, William, coal merchant (Photograph of sailing barge) 

East Kent Gazettes                                                              

East Kent Iron Works (H. Gardiner)                                     

Economical Tailoring Co. tailors                                          

Fentiman, O., laundryman

Filmer, Henry, coal merchant

Fountain Hotel (E. Gorham)

French & Sons, grocers and butchers

Gambell, A., fancy draper   
Gambell, Albert, grocer
Gambell, H. & N.,
Berlin woolwarehouse

Gardiner, R. (East Kent Iron Works)

Gardler, Harry, builder and contractor

Geere & Wood, monumental masons

Geering, A. Ut, picture frame maker

George Inn (George Buggs)

Glass & Son, bakers and confectioners

Globe and Engine (Harry Barns) 

Gorely, F., grocer
Gorham, E., licensed victualler and carriage proprietor.
Gransden & Matson, rope manufacturers

Handcock, E. F., jeweller and tobacconist

Harris, J. T., cornfactor and seedsman

High, R., & Sons, builders and undertakers
Holdstock, S.. Cycle and motor agent
Honeyball & Son, coal merchants
Hooker, Geo., cycle and motor agent
Hubbard, Percy, boot merchant
Hulburd & Son, grocers and drapers

Humphrey, A., wheelwright and van builder cover

Hunt, W., & Co., grocers and drapers

Jarvis, A. W., cycle agent

Jelly, Edwin, outfitter and boot merchant (Photograph)

Jordan, George, painter and plumber

Jordan, L. & H. R., painters and gas fitters

Kemp Brothers, estate agents

Kingsmill, watchmaker and jeweller

Knowles, H. S., fruit and vegetable merchant

Lee, A. J., chartered accountant 

Lion Hotel, Rainham (Phil Curling)

Lion Hotel, Sittingbourne (A. Buggs)

London and County Banking Co., Ltd

London Photographic Co., photographers  (Photograph)

Luckhurst, F. J., licensed victualler

Martin’s Bank, Ltd

Maundrell, Henry, chemist and optician

May & Sayers, outfitters (Photograph)

North.East Kent Times

Norwich Union Fire Office

Ongley, H. T., jobmaster

Packer Brothers, basket makers and market gardeners  
Palmer, W. & H. E., gunsmiths
Panteny, H., ironmonger
Park Tavern (F. Luckhurst)
Parrett, Ltd., commercial and general printers

Pavey & Sons, builders and undertakers

Payn, Percy S., cornfactor and coal merchant (Photograph)

Peters, Hedley, auctioneer, valuer, and estate agent

Peters, John, & Sons, house furnishers

Pettit, E. J., sail, tent, and rick cloth maker

Phillips, R. E., nurseryman

Pittock, H., butcher

Poggensee, M. C. F., nurseryman

Potter, Matthews, & Co., dog and game food manufacturers

Rainham Co-operative Society
Ramell, F. 31., photographer
Read & Son, grocers
Read, W., cycle and motor agent (Photograph)
Redgrove, W., painter and house decorator
Reeve, C. J., painter and house decorator
Reynolds, Alfred, house furnisher and auctioneer
Rye, William, cycle and motor agent (Photograph)

Shakespeare Hotel (F. Church)
Shrubsole, H., wholesale fruiterer

Simpson, H., wholesale grocer
Sittingbourne Amateur String Band
Sittingbourne Co-operative Society
Smeed, Dean, & Co., brick and cement manufacturers and flint merchants
Smith, C. V., house decorator
Smith, F. W., nurseryman
Smith, Jabez, ironmonger
Snelling, Harry, shoemaker
Solomon, C., & Co., public-house furnishers

Standen, T., & Sons, furniture removers

Stevens, J., & Son, carriers

Tett, H. S. & Co., Ltd., ironmongers and agricultural implement manufacturers  

Thomas, G., tailor

Thomsett, G., window blind manufacturer

Thorne, T. (Bull Hotel)

Tidy, H. J., builder and undertaker

Tucker, A. jeweler

Tucker, W.G. (Three Kings Hotel)

Tucker, Mike (Three Kings Hotel) (Photograph)

Twydall Garden City Estate

Usher’s Stores, patent medicines

Walter, Charles, boot merchant

Watron, Edwin, (jun.), hoy proprietor

Watson, W., jeweller

Watts, H. J., painter and plumber

Wetherill, E., artificial teeth manufacturer
Whalebone, J. R., tobacconist and newsagent
Whayman, Geo., clothier and outfitter
Whibley, J. H., clothier and outfitter

Whitehead, A. J., house furnisher
White Horse Hotel (C. Adie)  
Willson, W. H., coal merchant