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Will of William Dylnott

of Sellindge, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury 1528 Vol.18 f.134 #188928
Transcribed by Dr Alan Dilnot of Victoria, Australia
Submitted by Patreece Palmer
In Dei Nomine Amen the x day of Ap'le in the yere of our lord god 1528 I William Dylnott theldar of the parishe of Sellyng next Horton Monkyns in the Countie of Kent beyng hole and perfite of remembraunce God be thankid do make my testament and last will conteyned in the same in maner and forme foloweng. First I bequeith my soule unto allmyghty God to our Lady Saynte Mary and to all the holy company of heven and my body to be buryed yn the churcheyard of Sellyng aforesaid. Item, I bequeith to the high aulter of the same churche for my tithes and oblations negligently forgoten or withholden xij d. Item, to every of the lights of the crosse and oure lady there iiij d . Item, I will have doon for me at my burieng iiij masses at my monethis day iiij masses and at my yeres mynde what shall please myne executors.

Item, I give and bequeith to Parnell my wif ij kyene my mare and all my instuff durying her lif and aft her decesse I will it shall remayne unto my son Thomas holy excepte the kiene and mare whiche to be at her disposition. Item, I will she shall have one acre of whete and one acre of oats.

Item, I will to my son Thomas all the residue of my whete and oats to helpe pay my detts with. Item, I will my said son have my caple of oxen if he can fynde the meanes to pay my detts so that they nede not to be sold to helpe pay with my detts. And I will that my other cowe be sold imediatly to paye with my detts and bequeists and all the residue of all my goods and cattells my detts and bequeists fynally payd and doon I will shall remayne to my son Thomas Dylnott whiche Thomas my said son and Thomas Dylnott theldre my cousin I ordeyne make and constitute myne executors of this my present will and testament and I desire my cousyn William Dylnott of his charite to be myne overseer of this present will and testament.

And as touchyng the disposition of all my lands and tenements, first I will that the said Thomas Dylnott my cousin shall have take and receive all the profitts and revenues comyng of all my lands whiche we shold shifft or make petition of from the feste of Saint Michell Tharchangell next ensueyng the date hereof unto the time of syx yeres then next foloweng and fully to be completed to have hold and occupie that same parte of the houses and landes with thappurtenances to the same Thomas his heires and assignes duryng all the said time without any money payeing but it be for rent full payment and contestation of the syx yeres that I have occupied his parte therein to be ended at the feste abovesaid and not paid the ferme thereof he fynding my wyf an honest chambre therein with fyre and flete at all tymes with free comyng and goyng at all times duryng the said tyme of syx and the terme yeres so ended then I will my parte of the said housed and lands with the appurtenances shall remayne to my son Thomas and his heires for ever he suffryng my saide wyf to have and receive half the revenues and profitts thereof duryng her life. These beyng witness
Sir Richard (_____) John Elvy clerke, John Haulke, Thomas Dylnott his son and other.

Concordat ac originali Probatii fuit superscript testm xxvij april anno domine 1528 jurat Johis Haulke et Johis Elvy ac appbat ets Omnes executores comissus est executoribus prius iuris partii ac fideliter iuris jurats.

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Will of William Dylnott
Created by Maureen Rawson