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Will of Symon Dey

of Rolvenden, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury RC17/16/24
Submitted by Roy Day
In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen [In the name of God, Amen,]
The 20th day of Novemb[e]r in the yere of o[ur] Lorde God Ml vC xxiijti [1523],
I, Symon Dey, of the p[ar]ishe of Rolvenden, with hoole myende and goode memory, make my testament and last will in maner and forme folowenge.
First I bequethe my soule to all[e] migthy God, our blesside Ladye, and all[e] seyntes, and my body to be buryede in the churche yarde of oure blesside Lady in Rolvenden[e] afforseide.
It[e]m I will[e] and ordeyn[e] to the high[e] aulter ther[e], for my tithes and oblacions by necligence w[i]t[h]holden, 12d.
It[e]m I will[e] and ordeyn[e] to be distributed to p[re]st[es] and clerk[es] sengeng and redeng [singing and reading] at the day of myn[e] ought[e] buryeng in the p[ar]ishe of Rolvenden 10s.
It[e]m I wull[e] ther[e] be distrybuted in the saide churche after lieke man[er]e at my monythes day 13s 4d.
It[e]m I will[e] ther[e] be bestowiede after lieke man[er]e in the sa[m]me churche at my yeres mynde 13s 4d.
It[e]m I wull[e] what shalbe sone after my yeris mynde be at the discrestion[e] and will[e] of myn[n]e Executours.

Also I will[e] that Johan my wieff have my kyen[e] [cows] and a mare, a sowe, 2 piggys and 2 shotlinges.
Also I wull[e] to the sa[m]me Johan all[e]suche stuff as she brought[e] to me at the ty[m]me of oure mariage.

It[e]m I wull[e] that the residue of all[e] my housolde stuff and cattall[e] as yet not disposide nor willid[e] be solde to the best p[ri]ce for the payment of my dett[es] and p[er]formaunce of this my p[re]sent testament, last will[e] and ordinaunce.
Executours to this my p[re]sent testament, last will and ordinaunce I will[e], ordayn[e] and make Johan Dey my wieff, Thom[a] Day my so[n]ne.

Theis wittnessis Sur Richarde Calcote p[re]st, Joh[a]n Criar, Jerves Mapulsdeyn[e], Will[ia]m Dey th’eldest, Kat[er]yne Well[e] and othir moo.

As toucheinge all[e] my howseing and lond[es], with th’app[ur]tenaunces, lieng and beyng w[i]t[h]in the p[ar]ishe of Rolvy[n]den or ellis whear, my last will[e] and ordinaunce is that Will[ia]m Baker, Richard Baker, John [?C]oke and John White, of Rolvynden afforseid, beyng my feoffes of and in all[e] my fornamyd houseing londes, with th’app[ur]tenaunces, Do suffur Johan[ne] Dey my wieff and Thom[a]s Dey my son[ne] to take the yerly proffitt[es] of all[e] my forseide houseinge and land[es], the seide Johan[ne] and Thom[a]s keping co[m]pete[n]tly and sufficiently all[e] maner rep[ar]acions and charg[es] belonging to the saide howsenge, and payeng all[e] maner rent[es] belongeng to the lord[es] of the fee, unto suche tyme they shalbe sufficiently thereof by the fornamyd Johan[ne] and Thom[a]s rescevede for, with such othir thing[es] I have ordeynide to be solde, as shalbe sufficient and inow [enough] for the full[e] payment of all[e] my dett[es], leggacies, and for the p[er]formaunce of this my testament, last will[e] and ordinaunce.

Also I wull[e] that my feoffies immediatly aftir my dissece do sell a pece woodland conteyneng by estimacion[ne] 3 acres, more or lesse be itt, named Whiteinge Wodd, and the mony therof commeing I wull[e] be deliveride to myn[e] Executours for the p[er]formaunce of this my testament, last will[e] and ordinaunce.
Also when[ne] that all[e] my dett[es] bequest[es] and funerall[es] expenc[es] be fully satisfiede, contentiede and paide, and this my p[re]sent testament in ev[er]y condicion fulfillid, Then my will[e] is that my feoffis forseide delyver or do to be delyverid a sufficient Estat to Henry Dey my son of and in my messuag, w[i]t[h] all[e] my lond[es] belonging to the same, namyde Nottes, lieng w[i]t[h]in the p[ar]ishe of Rolvynden, and if the saide Hery do decese or dy before he shall receyve his seide state, withought lawfully begoten[e] heir, then my will[e] is the fornamed messuage and land[es], with th’app[ur]tenaunces, be delyvered to Thom[a]s and Richarde Dey my sonnes and their heires for evir, by equall sheft to be devidied.

Concordat cu[m] originali [It agrees with the original]

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