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Will of Katherine Denne

of Canterbury, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.76 f.254
Transcribed by Brian Denn
In the name of God Amen I Katherine Denne of the City of Canterbury, widow being in good health and perfect memory and understanding do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament (being of two parts indented both of the same words and ?) in manner following. Imprimis I commit my Soul to God my faithful Creator and to Jesus Christ my most merciful Redeemer by whose only merits I hope to be saved and my body to the Earth to be decently buried in the parish church of Saint Paul without Burgate Canterbury as near the grave of my first husband as may be.
Item I give to the poor of the said parish twenty shillings and to the poor of the parish where I happen to die and to the poor of the several parishes of Saint Mildred and Northgate Canterbury and of the Parish of Holy Cross Westgate and of the several parishes of Kingston and Barham in the County of Kent to each of the said parishes ten shillings.

Item I give to William Denne and Vincent Denne sons of my late brother Thomas Denne fifty pounds apiece.
Item I give to the two children of my brother William Denne deceased twenty pounds apiece and I forgive the money due to me from their said father on bond.
Item I give to the two sons of Henry Stroud of Selling ten pounds apiece.
Item I give to my cousin John Nethersole of Barham, Gent (whom I make Executor of this my will) fifty pounds
and to George Thompson of Petham one hundred pounds.
Item I give unto Mr Peter Tomlin of Updown in trust for Katherine the daughter of William Fanting my part and share of the ? called William.
Item I give unto John Denne of Canterbury ? five pounds.
All which legacies as before mentioned (which are above twenty shillings) I will shall be paid within one year next after my decease.

Item I give to my niece Elizabeth the wife of the said Mr John Nethersole of Barham and to every of her children ten pounds apiece.
Item I give and devise all my wearing apparel to the daughters of my sister Dad(?) equally to be divided between them.
Item I give to Mary Stroud daughter of the said Henry Stroud four pounds a year during her natural life.
And to the wife of John Stroud four pounds a year during her life.
Item I give and devise unto Katherine Rigden, widow of the said Edmund Rigden the like yearly sum of four pounds during her natural life.
All the said yearly sums of four pounds to be paid out of the sums aforesaid by four equal quarterly payments at the four most usual feasts.

Item I give to every one of the children of the wife of the said John Stroud and of the said Katherine wife of the said Edmund Rigden and of the said Anne wife of the said William ? which shall be living(?) at the time of the death of their said respective mothers the sum of ten pounds apiece to be paid within one month after the death of their respective mothers.

Item I do hereby give and bequeath all that my messuage or tenement and farm called Hollington Dene(?) in Saint Lawrence in the Isle of Thanet with all and every the lands and appertuances thereunto belonging charged as aforesaid unto the said John Nethersole and his heirs for ever.
Nevertheless ? for only upon trust that in case my personal estate shall not be sufficient to pay and ? all the legacies and yearly payments herein by me given then the same shall be paid by and out of the rents and profits of my said farm and land.
Item I give to Francis Taylor of the City of Canterbury ? five pounds.

In witness whereof to each part of this my last Will and Testament I have set my hand and seal the thirtieth day of December in the six and thirtieth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith, Ano Domini 1684. The mark of Katherine Denne. Signed sealed published and declared by the said Katherine Denne as her last Will and Testament in the presence of (after an obliteration in the twelfth line)
Vincent Denne, Jane Hubbant, Valentine Norwood.

Probatum 1685

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Will of Katherine Denne
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