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Will of Thomas Denne

of Wingham, Kent

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Transcribed by Brian Denn
In the name of God Amen I Thomas Denne of Wingham being in good and perfect memory do hereby make my last Will and Testament. Imprimis I give and bequeath my Soul unto God who gave it and my body unto the dust from whence it came in full hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.

Imprimis I give unto Anne my loving wife all my lands during her life in case she keep herself a widow.
Item I give unto my loving wife ten pounds.
Item I give unto her three bedstools with beds and all furniture belonging to them with ten pair of sheets two of the best chests and a trunk and half a dozen of chairs three green ones and three leather ones the little churn one dozen of pewter great and small half a dozen milk bowls two middling kettles and one small one those I give and bequeath to my wife during her life with half a dozen of pillow ? with two dozen of fine napkins two fine table cloth half a dozen of coarse table cloths one dozen of rough napkins one dozen of towels two chamber pots three pewter ? one dozen of pewter spoons one silver spoon that was mine half a dozen of ? one salt two tables one great and the other small half a dozen of ? stools one Court cupboard and ? two pair of ? one fire pan one pair of tongs and a pair of bellows half a dozen of wooden dishes two wooden plates one iron kettle half a dozen of quickshaws(?) one brass small furnace half a dozen of barrels and half a dozen of tubs three coolers(?) all which I give to her during life.

Item I give to my eldest son Thomas all my lands after my wife’s decease or if she shall happen to marry either which shall happen first paying to his two brothers David and Valentine within two years after that he does enjoy it twenty pounds apiece if that the ? the said Thomas do enjoy it when they come to the years of one and twenty and not also till he does enjoy it.
Item I give unto my son Thomas nine hundred pounds at the age of one and twenty also I give unto him one silver salt seller and one silver bowl which he is not to have not till after his mothers decease and one brass pot.

Item I give unto my son David two hundred pounds at the age of one and twenty.
Item I give unto my son Valentine the sum of two hundred pounds at the age of one and twenty.
Item I give unto my child which is now in the womb a hundred and fifty pounds in case it lives or otherwise to be divided equally amongst them all.
Also in case if either of them do happen to die before the age of one and twenty his or their portions to be divided equally amongst them.
Item my will is that all my linen should be equally be divided amongst all my children when they come to age.

Item I make my loving brother John Denne of Patrixbourne my full and whole Executor to oversee and dispose of all my goods and chattels whatsoever. Also I give unto him full power to ask demand sue fix and receive all bonds bills dues debts whatsoever for the government and finishing(?) of my children. And also I give unto my Executor the sum of ten pounds. In witness whereof we have set our hands this 9th of October 1669. Thomas Denne. Sealed and delivered in the presence of
Alexander Davison, Robert Tulley.

Probatum 1669

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Will of Thomas Denne
Created by Maureen Rawson