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Will of David Denne

of Littlebourne, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17/46/82 Film #: 188944
Transcribed by Norm Dennie
In the name of God Amen the 18th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred eighty six and in the 28th year of the reign of our Soverign Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith. I Davyd Denne of the parish of Littleboune in the county of Kent, yeoman, being poor in body but of good and perfect remembrance, Thanks be to Almighty God, do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, revoking all former wills here to fore by me made. First, I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God hoping through the death of his only sonne Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour to obtain full remission of all my sins and to be made partaker of his eternal Kingdom, and my body I will to be buried in the church or churchyard of Littlebourne at the discretion of my executors.

Item, I give to the poor ...... of the parish of Littlebourne five shillings, nine d.
Item, I will and bequeath unto Thomas Denne my sonne fifty one pounds of lawful money of England to be paid him by 21 years or if made payment by five pounds quarterly after my decease.
Item, I give unto Christopher Denne my sonne thirty one pounds to be paid him at the age of 21 years, if he so long lives, otherwise, I will the said be unto Margery my wife.

Item, I will and bequeath unto Elizabeth Denne my daughter fourty pounds at the day of her marriage, or at her age of 21 years which shall first happen.
Item, I will unto my daughter Alice Denne twenty pounds at the day of her marriage or at her age of 19 years which shall first happen.
Item, I give to both of my daughters Mary Denne and Margery Denne twenty pounds paid at their ages of 19 years or at the personal days of their marriages which shall first happen.
And if it happens any of my foresaid daughters to dye before their ... personal marriages, or before they personally shall accomplish their personal ages before said then I will that their parts shall remain unto .... of those my said daughters as shall .....

Item, I will unto Alice Parker my wife’s daughter five pounds thirteen shillings four pence, over and above the twenty which her father Paul Parker did bequeath her, at the day of her marriage or at her age of twenty years.
Item, I will unto David Denne and John Denne my sonnes all my .... and .... three .... furniture in the loft behind the .... door and all my .... and my .....
Item, my will is that David Denne my sonne shall not enter upon the farm of my manor of my mansion of Littlebourne until the ... of Saint Michaels next after my death ... from the said .... but shall quietly suffer Margery my wife to her and .... the wholy ..... the said ..... and the .... my sonne John shall .... accomplish the age of 21 years of age, if the .....
Item, my will is that John Denne my sonne shall not enter upon the said farm until he accomplishes the age of 21 years nor shall meddle with my profits from the said farm if his mother shall ... but shall permit her to enjoy the farm ... the said time.

Item, I give to Alice Brigden my daughter five pounds to be paid to her in one year after my death.
Item, I give to William Parker my wife’s sonne .....
Item, I will to every of the .... that I shall ..... at the time of my death thereby ...... at the time of my death .....

And to my wife faithful at the time of my death all my goods moveable and chattels bequeathed, my debts being paid, and my legacies being .... I give unto Margery my wife whom I make my sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament .... and my will is that if my said wife does marry again, then before her said marriage she shall put in sufficient bond unto my .... of this my testament unto the ... of them, to pay my legacies and to find my children meat, drinks and apparel until they shall accomplish the age of fourteen years and if any of my children perform this my last will and testament, then my will is that shall ..... any benefit by this my testament any thing before mentioned to the sanctuary ..... And I make my brother Michael Denne, and .... of .... my overseers of this my testament, and I do give to both of them for their ..... 10 shillings and .. pence.

I give unto Margery Denne my wife my tenement with the lands thereto belonging .... during her natural life She paying the lands rent and keeping ..., and after her decease, I give the said tenements and lands unto Christopher Denne my sonne and to the issue of his body lawfully begotten forever. And issue to Thomas Denne my sonne and his heirs forever whereof I give unto my hand .... to these appointed by me, David Denne
William Parker.

Probatum March 1586

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Will of David Denne
Created by Maureen Rawson