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Will of William A'Denne

of Lympe, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.24 f.128
Transcribed by Brian Denn
In the name of God Amen the 27th day of April in the year of our Lord God 1545 and in the 37th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Henry the Eighth by the grace of God King of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith and in earth under God the Supreme Head of the Church of England and Ireland I William A’Denne of Lympe being whole in mind and sick in body do make this my last Will and Testament in this manner and form following. First I bequeath my Soul to Almighty God and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Lympe. Also I will to be ? for me at my burying 20s and 5 masses with a placebo the ? and ? masses if more priests come and at my months day 20s and five masses with ? and at my yearsmind 20s and five masses with ?
Item I bequeath to the High Altar for my tithes negligently forgotten 12d.

Also I will and bequeath to John A’Denne my brother 20s
and to Henry Cole 20s
and to Thomas A’Denne 20s
and to Margaret Cole my sister 20s and my chest
and unto Henry Cole the son of Henry Cole 10s
and to Michael(?) A’Denne 6s 8d
unto Peter A’Denne 3s 4d
unto Henry A’Denne 3s 4d
and unto Mildred Cole 3s 4d
and to Richard(?) Brookman and his wife 8s to his two children 4d
and to Richard A’Denne 3s 4d
to Thomas Wyles and his wife 8s
to Edward Sayer 8d
to two maidens of St Michaels(?) Cole 4d
and to John Cole 4d.

Also I bequeath to Edward Sayer my Clerk cote a pair of hose a pair of shoes a shirt 2 doublets a jerkin and a cap.
Item to Thomas A’Denne my best shirt
to William Cole’s son a violet jacket
and to Thomas Cole an old jacket
and to John A’Denne a leather jerkin and a pair of slophose.

Item I bequeath all my land unto my ? brethren lying in the level of marsh called ?. These are the names of my brethren which shall have all my said land to them and to their heirs forever, John A’ Denne Thomas A’Denne Peter A’Denne and Henry A’Denne.

Also I will if Thomas A’Denne my brother will sell his land which I gave him then I will my three brethren shall have his part among them that is to say John A’Denne Peter A’Denne and Henry A’Denne to them and their heirs forever paying to my brother Thomas A’Denne and his heirs as long as they live 10s by the year.

Also I will Henry Cole and John A’Denne whom I make my Executors shall have the disposition and keeping of my two brethren’s parts of my lands that is to say Peter A’Denne and Henry A’Denne till they come to 18 years of age and then my two Executors to give unto my two brethren Peter and Henry the effects of their lands.
Furthermore I will that my Executors shall have all effects of my lands from our Lady Day the Annunciation until Saint Michael the Archangel next coming to fulfil all my bequeaths and bequests.
Item I ordain and make my overseer of this my testament and last will John A’Denne.
Theirs being witness ? John Newton Jurat of Lympe Parish Robert A Mounte and Thomas Wyles.

Probatum 1545

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Will of William a'Denne
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