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Will of James Den

of Tilmanstone, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Vol.32 folio 213
Transcribed by Brian Denn
Latin and then 23 August 1557 Reign of Phillip and Marie, I James Den of the Parish of Tilmanstone being in good and perfect remembrance but sick in body do make my testament and last will in manner and form following I bequeath my soul to Almighty God to the Virgin Mary and to all the holy company of heaven and my body to be buried in the church yard there by my father and mother in the parish aforesaid. Item I will have at my burying or for the ? masses(?) with drudge(?) and at my months mind as many with drudge and at my twelve months mind as many with drudge(?) after the most customed fashion of the church.

Item I bequeath to the high alter there for my tithes negligently forgotten one ewe.
Item I bequeath to every one of my god children 12d to be payable a ? after my months day except Anthony Roger James Hylde and William Piper the son of John Piper for to every one of them I give one ewe.
Item I will that my honest neighbours and friends after service after service is due at the three times before appointed come home to this my house and here to be refreshed honestly and also the poor people of the parish at the discretion of my executors.

Item I bequeath to either of my two daughters Julyan and Cyselley £6 13s 4d and to either of them a young cow or a bullock and I give to Julyan my daughter upon consideration of increase twenty ewes and to Cyselley ten ewes to be paid at the time of marriage.
Item I bequeath to Peter Den and to John Den my sons to either of them £4.
Item I bequeath ten ewes to John Den and 5 wethers a seame of wheat and two seames of barley.
Item I bequeath to Peter Den my son ten sheep half ewes half ? if I die before Saint Andrew or else at ? time ten ewes and ten lambs bearing charges and a seame of wheat and two seames of barley.
Item I give to Richard Panet(?) my servant twenty shillings six ewes and six lambs.
Item I give to Alyse Stedams 20s.

Item I bequeath to Thomas Den my son a chest a brass pot a pane half a dozen of pewter vessel two candlesticks a salt wythe all the store of my tenements(?) at Updown belonging and 2 horses and a mare five seames of wheat seven seames of barley a seame of oats 20 coppes of pedware and three pairs of sheets.
Item I will my wife shall bear with Thomas Den my son 20s for one year and next year she to have £10.
Item I bequeath to Johane my wife out of my son Williamsí lands and my son Thomasís lands yearly £4 during her natural life.
Item I give to John Den the elder and to John Den the younger my brother(?) to either of them one old angel to be delivered a ? after my twelve months mind the residue of all my goods moveable my debts and bequeaths fully complete(?) and paid I give to Johane my wife and to William Den my son the which Johane and William I make my executors to dispose for my soul and all Christian Souls as they think most best.

This is the last Will of me James Den made the day and year above said.
First I will that William my son shall have my tenements in the whyche I do dwell with all the lands thereto belonging as well that I bought as the other to him and to his heirs for ever except 2 small houses and 2 gardens in Stormston with a piece of ground upon the other side of the way For these I do give to John Denne my son to him and to his heirs for ever.
Furthermore I will that William Den my son shall suffer his mother Johane my wife to engage and occupy the chamber in the wyche I now do lie the last in the upper end of the hall with fire and wood sufficient egresse and regresse. And also the said William shall find her meat and drink during her natural life if she shall marry not.
Item I will that Thomas Den my son shall have my tenement(?) at Updown and the lands thereto belonging to him and to his heirs for ever except ? house with a garden the whyche little house and garden I do give to Peter my son to him and to his heirs for ever.
Witness thereof Thomas Lylforthe(?) vicar there and John Den the younger with other ?

Probatum in Latin

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Will of James Den
Created by Maureen Rawson