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Will of Margaret Deane

of Ightham, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 22 April 1823
Transcribed by John Crowson
MARGARET DEANE nee CHALKLEN Born abt 1755, died 10 May 1821.

This is the Last Will and Testament of me MARGARET DEANE of Ightham in the County of Kent Widow ffirst and most principally I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors herein after named and as for such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with I give and dispose thereof as follows (that is to say) In the first place I order and direct that all such just debts as I shall owe at the time of my death my funeral & testamentary and all other incidental costs charges and expences shall be paid and satisfied by my Executors with all convenient speed after my decease

And I give and bequeath unto my son James Deane the sum of ffour hundred pounds of lawful English money
Also I give and bequeath unto my son William Deane the sum of One thousand and one hundred pounds of like lawful money
Also I give and bequeath unto my son Richard Deane the sum of Two hundred pounds of like lawful money
And it is my will that the said several Legacies shall be paid by my son Thomas Deane within two years next after my decease and that in the meantime my said son Thomas Deane shall pay interest half yearly for the said several Legacies after the rate of five pounds per centum per annum to be computed from the day of my death

Also I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Deane and to Mr James Taylor of the Mote Farm in the said Parish of Ightham Gentleman their Executors and Administrators the sum of One hundred and ffifty pounds of like lawful money Upon trust that they the said Thomas Deane and James Taylor or the surviver of them his Executors or Administators do and shall with all convenient speed after my decease lay out and invest the same at Interest in or upon real or Government Security or Securities in their names or in the name of the name of the Surviver of them his Executors or Administators with full powers for them to alter vary and transpose the same Security or Securities as often as they or he shall think proper And my Will is that my said Trustees or the Surviver of them and the Executors or Administators of such Survivor shall stand and be possessed of and interested in the same money so to be placed out at Interest as aforesaid and the Interest Dividends and Proceeds thereof and the Stocks Funds and Securities wherein the same shall be so invested Upon trust to pay the same and every part thereof unto my Granddaughter Margaret Crosby the Daughter of Mr Peter James Crosby when she shall attain the age of twenty two years But if my said Granddaughter shall happen to depart this life under the said Age of twenty two years without leaving lawful Issue then it is my Will that the whole of the said Trust money together with the accumulations of Interest then out of the same shall go and be paid unto and amongst my said four sons namely Thomas Deane James Deane William Deane and Richard Deane equally Share and Share alike if they shall be then all living But if any or either of my said ffour Sons shall have departed this life leaving lawful issue then it is my Will that the Child or Children as with daughters or Sons of such Sons or Son respectively so dying as aforesaid shall be entitled to the Share or Shares of his her or their deceased Parent or Parents equally Share and Share alike And in case either or any of my said Sons shall at such time be dead without leaving issue as aforesaid then I so Will and declare that his or their Share or Shares shall be equally divided amongst the Survivors of them if more than one and if but one then to such only Survivor

Also I give and bequeath unto my said Son Thomas Deane all and every my Mefsuages or Tenement Lands Hereditements and real Estate whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature kind or quality soever to hold the same unto and to the use of my said Son Thomas Deane his heirs and Afsigns for ever Subject nevertheless to and charged and chargeable with the Payment of the aforesaid Several Legacies and all the Interest to become due respectively in the mean time And also upon condition that my said Son Thomas shall grant a good and valid Lease in the Law unto my said Son William Deane of the Mefsuage or Tenement Bakehouse Stable Yard and Premises now in the occupation of the said William Deane or used by him for carrying on his Trade of a Baker for the term of twenty one years from the twenty ninth day of September proceeding the day of my decease at such rent as shall be fixed on the said Premises by two disinterested persons one to be chosen by each of my said last named Sons Thomas and William or by such third man as the said two persons shall appoint as umpire in case of their disagreement my said Son William to execute a counterpart of the said Lease and thereby covenant to keep the Premises in repair and insured against fire for the sum of two hundred pounds at the least

Also I give and bequeath unto my said Son Thomas Dean all my Household furniture Stock in Trade and Book Debts and all the Rent residue and remainder of my Moines and Securities for money Goods Chattels Effects and Personal Estate whatsoever and I hereby make constitute and Appoint my said Son Thomas Dean and the said James Taylor joint Executors of this my Will Provided always and I so hereby declare my Will to be that it shall and may be lawful to and for my said Executors respectively and their respective heirs Executors and Administrators to repair to and reimburse themselves and himself all such reasonable Costs Charges Damages and Expences as they or either of them shall respectively incur sustain or be put into in or about the execution of this my Will and that neither of them shall be answerable or accountable for the other of them or for their Heirs Executors or Administrators Arts? Goods Receipts Payments Neglects or Defaults of the other of them but each of them for himself and his own Arts? and Goods only and not otherwise nor for any loss or losses unless the same shall happen by or through his or their own wilful neglect or default

and hereby revoking and making void all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made I declare this only to be and contain my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I the said Margaret Dean the Testatrix have to my last Will and Testament contained in four Sheets of Paper set my hand and Seal (that is to say) to the first three sheets hereof my hand and to this fourth and last sheet my hand and Seal this twenty ninth day of January in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and nineteen Margaret Deane
Signed Sealed Published and declared by the said Margaret Deane the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnefses to the same
Samuel Bates Wm Streeter Thomas Crow

Proved at London the 22nd April 1823 before the Judge by the oaths of Thomas Dean the Son & James Taylor the Executors to whom Administration was granted having been first Sworn by Commission duly to Administrator

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Will of Margaret Deane
Created by Maureen Rawson