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My Dead-Ends

Kent People I'm Searching For
Name Known Information Event Sought
ALCHIN, Richard and Jane Children bapt. at West Malling from 1732 Marriage pre 1732
BATE, James Married 1733/4 Sittingbourne Baptism c.1703
BATES, Ann Married 1766, of Sutton Valence Baptism c.1740, to John and Ann
BENSTED, Abraham Married 1696 Newington nr. Sittingbourne Baptism c.1670
BIRCH, Mary Married 1766 Maidstone Baptism c.1740
BROAD, Sarah Married 1793 Frindsbury Baptism c.1770
BULLARD, John and Mary Children bapt. at Maidstone from 1682 Marriage pre 1682
CAVELL, William Married 1667 Maidstone Baptism c.1640
CHAPLIN, William Married 1689 Maidstone Baptism by 1668
CLARK, John Married 1793 Frindsbury Baptism c.1761
COLEMAN, Francis Married 1666 Maidstone Baptism c.1640
ELLIOTT, Thomas Married 1756 Woolwich Baptism c.1730
GREEN, How Apprenticed Maidstone 1728 Baptism c.1714 to Thomas/Mary
HODSOLL, William and Mary Lived Ightham, Plaxtol Marriage c.1690
HODSOLL, William and Martha Lived at Ightham Marriage c.1658
OARE, Mary Married 1786 Bearsted Baptism c.1760
PAGE, Elizabeth Married 1704 Maidstone Baptism c.1680
PICKNALL, James and Mary Children bapt. Newington from 1665 Marriage pre 1665
SALE, David and Elizabeth Baptists, children born from 1696 Sundridge Marriage c1695
TUCKER, John Married 1743 Thurnham Baptism c.1720
WEBB, John Married 1736 Canterbury Baptism c1714

If anyone can read Latin I would love some help with this document.

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