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Will of Richard Day

of Ashford, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/74/99
Submitted by Roy Day
In the name of God, Amen, I, Richard Day of Ashford in the County of Kent, Chyrurgion, being very sic and weake, but of sound and p[er]fect minde and memory, praised be God for the same, doe make and ordain this my last will and Testam[en]t in manner and forme following, (th[a]t is to say),
First I bequeath my Soule into the hands of Almighty God, hopeing by the blessed bloud of my Lord and savio[ur] Jesus Christ to be eternally saved, and my body to the ea[r]th from whence it came, to be buried (by my Executor hereafter named) in the parish Church of St Mary in Dover, as neere the grave where my owne mother was interred as conveniently may be.

It[e]m I give to ten poore widow of the parish of the said St Mary in Dover the sume of ten pounds of lawfull money of England, to be p[ai]d unto tenn of the Poorest widowes in the said parish by my Executor hereaft[er] named when he shall or have received the One hundred pounds that is assigned unto me by writing und[er] my uncle Robert Day’s hand and seale, which is now in the hands of Mr Francis Wraight of Ashford afores[ai]d or in Mr Henry Wraight of Fev[er]sham.

Item I give unto my kinsman Henry Master of Ashford afores[ai]d Garden[er] the sume of tenne pounds of like money, to be paid unto him by my s[ai]d Executor upon his receit of the said one hundred pounds.
It[e]m I give unto my uncle Robert Day the su[m]me of Forty pounds of like money, to be p[ai]d by my s[ai]d Executor upon his receit of the s[ai]d one hundred pounds, for and towards the paying my s[ai]d uncles debts.
It[e]m I doe hereby give and bequeath unto my said uncle Robert Day the house and land in Braborne in the County of Kent, now in the occupat[i]on of John Freind which was lately Settled upon me and my heires and assignes for ever by my kind uncle upon the considerac[i]on and condic[i]ons and agreem[en]t as by the Indentures made between my s[ai]d uncle and I may and does appeare, To the use and behoofe of my s[ai]d uncle Robert Day, his heires and assignes for ever.

Item I doe give and bequeath unto my Landlord Edward Master of Ashford afores[ai]d, Butcher, the su[m]me of five pounds of like lawfull money,
and unto William Botting of Ashford and unto Mr William Eaton of the same, the su[m]me of twenty shillings apeece towards their remembrance of me, to be p[ai]d by my s[ai]d Executor imediatly after my decease.

It[e]m I doe hereby give and bequeath unto my honoured father Mr Thomas Day of Dover, Chyrurgion, whom I make sole Executor of this my last will, all those my houses, w[i]th their and every of their appurt[enance]s, Scituate in Dover afores[ai]d, w[hi]ch were lately settled upon me by my s[ai]d uncle Robert Day, being of the yearly value of five and twenty pounds p[er] annu[m] or thereabouts, and are in the sev[era]ll tenoures and occupac[i]ons of Edward Petts, John Pepper gent, Isaac Shoulder, and two of [marginal insertion illegible] afores[ai]d houses were heretofore in the occupac[i]ons of Edward Godden and William Mosse, To the onely p[ro]per use and behoofe of my s[ai]d father Thomas Day and his heires and assignes for ever, and to no other use, intent or purpose whatsoever.

It[e]m I doe hereby further give and bequeath unto my s[ai]d father All my ready moneys and goods in my shop now in Ashford, and all other my goods, chattells, lands and Tenem[en]ts whatsoever and wheresoever not herein bequeathed, to him, his heires, Executors, admi[nistrat]ors and assignes for ever, towards the paym[en]t of my buriall and funer[a]ll Expences, and my debts and legacyes.

Thus haveing by the p[er]mission of my gracious God disposed of the worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased him to blesse me, I humbly begg his blessing upon the disposition thereof, and Patiently wait till it shall please him to take me out of this vale of misery and translate me into his heavenly Kingdome, to remaine w[i]th him for ever.
In Witnesse whereof to this my last will and Testam[en]t, contained in two sheetes of Paper, to each sheet I have sett my hand and annexed my seale this two and twentieth day of February in the yeare of the reigne of o[ur] sov[er]aigne Lord Charles the Second, now King of England etc, the nine and twentieth, and in the yeare of o[ur] Lord 1676.
Richard Day
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the s[ai]d Richard Day to be his last will and Testament in the p[rese]nce of
William Botting, Edward Masters, Will[iam] Eaton.
Ex[amina]tur [It is examined]

Probatum fuit hu[ius]mo[d]i Suprascript[um] Test[ament]u[m] Richardi Day def[un]c[t]i Sexto die April[is] 1677 Cora[m] m[agist]ro Willi[el]mo Lovelace cl[er]ico et Surr[ogat]o vene[rabi]lis viri Thomæ Bouchier legu[m] d[o]c[t]or[is] rev[eren]di viri D[omi]ni Archi[diaco]ni Cant[uariensis] Offi[cia]lis l[egi]time deputat[i] Juram[en]to Thomæ Day p[at]ris etc d[i]c[t]i def[un]c[t]i et Executoris [in] d[i]c[t]o Test[ament]o no[m]i[n]at[o] Ac inde approbat[um] etc Onusq[ue] etc co[m]missu[m] fuit prius ad s[an]c[t]a etc iurat[o] Salvo iure etc

[This abovewritten will, of Richard Day deceased, Was proved on the sixth day of April 1677, Before Master William Lovelace, clerk and surrogate of the worshipful Thomas Bouchier, Doctor of Laws, lawfully deputed Official of the Reverend Lord Archdeacon of Canterbury, By the oath of Thomas Day, the father etc of the said deceased, and the executor named in the said will, And approved in respect thereof etc, And the burden [of administration] etc was committed [to him], he having been first sworn, on [God’s] holy etc. Saving the right [of anyone whomsoever] etc.]

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Will of Richard Day
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