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Will of Thomas Day

of Chart Sutton, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/52/202
Submitted by Roy Day
In the name of God, Amen, The fiveteene day of January in the yeare of our Lord God 1641,
I, Thomas Day, of Chart next Sutton Vallence in the county of Kent, yeoman, being sick in body but of good remembrance, thank[es] bee given to the Lord, doe make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and forme followeing.
First and principally I give and bequeath my soule into the hand[es] of Allmighty God, my only saviour and Redeemer, by whose paines, death and passion, and innocente bloud shedding I trust to bee purged from all my sinnes, And my body to bee buryed in the earth from whence it came.

First I give unto the poore people of Chart five shilling[es], to be paid at my buryall by my Executo[urs].
It[e]m I give and bequeath unto Susan Day my eldest daughter Thirty pound[es], to bee paid unto her at the age of eighteene yeares.
It[e]m I give unto Catherine Day my daughter thirty pound[es], to bee paid her at the age of Eighteene yeares.
It[e]m I give unto Mary Day my daughter thirty pound[es], to bee paid her at the age of Eighteene yeares.
It[e]m I give unto Sara Day my daughter thirtie pound[es], to bee paid her at the age of Eighteene yeares.

It[e]m I give unto Thomas Day my sonne thirty and five pound[es],
And my will is that if either of my daughters doe dy before the age of Eighteene, that her portion shall shalbe devided amongest the rest of my daughters.

It[e]m the residue of all good[es], Chattell[es] and moveables whatsoever I give unto Joseph Day my eldest sonne, And to Anne my wife, equally betweene them, whome I doe make and ordaine my Exec[ut]ors of this my last will and testament, they paying my debt[es] and legacies and funerall expences.

I doe desire them to give my daughters the worth of Forty shillinges a peece in houshold stuffe.
Witnes whereof I have sett my hand and seale.
Thomas Day
Witnes Richard Bennett his marke, Robert Rabbett

Probatu[m] fuit p[re]d[i]c[t]um testamentu[m] Thomę Day nup[er] p[ar]o[chi]ę de Chart iuxta Sutton Vallence Cant[uariensis] dioc[ese] et Cant[uariensis] p[ro]vincię etc
Decimo die mens[is] Martii Anno d[omi]ni iux[ta] etc 1640
Coram m[agist]ro Rufo Rogers cl[er]ico Sur[roga]to l[egi]timo d[omi]ni Com[missa]rii Cant[uariensis] etc p[rese]nte me Ric[hardo] Mascall no[ta]rio pub[li]co
Juram[en]to Josephi Day filii etc d[i]c[t]i def[un]c[t]i et unius Executoru[m] etc Ac approbatu[m] etc
Ac Co[m]missa fuit adm[inist]rac[i]o bonoru[m] etc d[i]c[t]o Executori prius Jurat[o] etc
Salvo Jure cuiuscu[n]q[ue] ac reservat[a] pot[est]ate alter[i] Executo[r]i cons[im]ile onus cu[m] venerit in se acceptandi vel refutandi

[The aforesaid will of Thomas Day, late of the parish of Chart near Sutton Vallence, in the diocese of Canterbury and the province of Canterbury etc,
Was proved on the tenth day of the month of March, in the year of our Lord, according to [the computation of the English church] etc, 1640,
Before Master Rufus Rogers, clerk, lawful Surrogate of the lord Commissary of Canterbury etc, in the presence of me, Richard Mascall, notary public,
to Joseph Day son etc ... and one of the executors etc
And approved etc,
And administration of the goods etc was committed to the said executor, he having been first sworn etc,
Saving all right whatsoever, and reserving similar power to the other executor, when she comes to accept or refuse it for herself.]

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Will of Thomas Day
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