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Will of Paul Day

of Lenham, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/65/125
Submitted by Roy Day
In the name of God amen: the eighteenth day of March in the yeare of our Lord God 1624,
I, Paule Day, of Leneham in the County of Kent, husbandman, being sicke in body but of good and perfect memory (God be praysed therefore) doe make and ordaine this my last will and testamente in manner and forme following, that is to say, First (as much as in mee lyeth) I will and bequeath my soule into the hands of God my maker, hoping assuredly through the only death and merrits of Jesus Christ my saviour to be made partaker of life everlasting, And I will my body to the earth whereof it was made.

Item I will and bequeath unto Paule Tryple my sisters sonne three pounds of good English money, and also unto Peeter Tryple forty shillinges of like money, to bee paid unto them at their severall ages of two and twenty yeares.
Item I will and bequeath unto Sibell Tryple my sisters daughter the some of twenty shillings, and unto Anne Tryple the some of five pounds of good English money, to be paid unto them at their severall ages of one and twenty yeares, and if any of them doe dye, the one to bee the others heire.

Item I will and bequeath unto Reginald Stydman twenty shillings, to bee paid unto him at two payments, the first w[i]thin one month next after my decease, and the other w[i]thin halfe a yeare then next following.
Item I will and bequeath unto Goodwife Woodgate, for her paines in tending mee in my sicknes, the some of forty shillinges.
Item I will and bequeath unto William Butler twenty shillinges:
Item I will and bequeath unto the widdow Downe, late the wife of Hugh Downe of Leneham deceased, the some of twenty shillings.
Item I will and bequeath unto Paule Burton of Leneham twenty shillings.
Item I will and bequeath unto the poore people of the parrish of Leneham, to bee distributed at the tyme of my buriall, the so[m]me of forty shillings of good English money.
Item I will and bequeath unto Stephen Rayner of Charing forty shillings.

The residue of all my goods and Chattells, my debts and legacies being paid and all my Funerall expences dischardged, I wholy will and bequeath unto Erasmus Elmstone, whome I doe hereby ordeine and make my sole executo[ur]:
In witnes whereof I have Cawsed this to bee written and have heereunto set mine hand and seale, and published it as my last will and testament, renouncing all other wills heretofore made, in the presence of the witness[e]s heereunder written.
The marke of Paule Day
Richard Christfeild - John Bachelo[ur] - William Butler his marke exa[m]i[n]atur [It is examined]

Probatum fuit hoc p[rese]ns testam[en]tum Pauli Day nuper dum vixit p[arochi]e de Lenham Arch[idiaconatu] Cantuar[iensis] def[un]c[t]i 29no Aprilis A[nn]o d[omi]ni Mill[es]imo sexcen[tesi]mo vicesimo quinto Cora[m] m[agist]ro Evano Haidocke Cl[er]ico sub[stitu]to etc d[omi]ni Georgii Newman Offi[cia]lis d[omi]ni Archi[diaco]ni Cantuar[iensis] etc Juram[en]to Erasmi Elmstone executoris in d[i]c[t]o testam[en]to no[m]i[n]at[i] Ac inde approbatum etc Onusq[ue] execuc[i]o[n]is etc Co[m]miss[um] fuit d[i]c[t]o executori prius iur[ato] ad t[a]c[t]a etc Salvo Jure etc Datum etc

[This present will, of Paul Day, late, while he lived, of the parish of Lenham in the Archdeaconry of Canterbury, deceased, Was proved on the 29th day of April in the one thousand six hundred and twenty fifth Year of our Lord, Before Master Evan Haidock, clerk, substitute etc of Sir George Newman, Official of the Lord Archdeacon of Canterbury etc, By the oath of Erasmus Elmston, the executor named in the said will, And approved in respect thereof etc, And the burden of execution etc was committed to the said executor, he having been first sworn touching [Godís holy gospels] etc, Saving the right etc. Dated etc.]

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Will of Paul Day
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