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Will of Richard Day

of Rolvenden, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/31/24
Submitted by Roy Day
In the name of God, Amen, The tenthe daye of Maye in the yeare of o[ur] Lorde God a thowsande five hundred thre score and nyne,
I, Richarde Daye, of the Parishe of Rolvinden in the Countye of Kente, being sicke in bodye but of good and p[er]fecte Remembrance, praysed be Almightye God therfore, doe make this my laste will and Testamente in manner and fourme followinge.
Firste I will and co[m]mit my Soule into the handes of Almightye God, my maker and Redeeer, and my Bodye to be Buryed in the Parishe churche yarde of Rolvinde[n] aforesayde.

Item I will and bequethe to the pore mens boxe of the Parishe of Rolvinden 20d, to be payde w[i]thin one quarter of a yeare next ensuing and followinge after my decease.
Item I give to eyther of my godchildren 4d, that is to saye Robarte Hubbarde, Thomas Potten, John Monke and Symon Monke, to be payde w[i]thin one quarter of a yeare nexte after my decease.

Item I will and bequeathe to John Monke and to Symon Monke, sonnes to John Monke of Bedinton, to eyther of them one pewter dyshe.
Item I will and bequethe also to the same John Monke, sonne of John Monke of Bedynden, thre shillinges fowre pence of good and currante monye, to be payde to him at th’age of eyghtene yeares.
Also I give and bequethe to Symon Monke, sonne of the aforenamed John Monke, thre shillinges fowre pence of good and currante monye, to be payde to him at the age of eyghtene yeares.
And if it fortune eyther of the aforesayde John Monke or Symon Monke do decease before they come to the age of eyghtene yeares, then I will th’one to succede the other, to be his heyre.

Item also I will and bequethe to Ales Fowell, wydowe of Nycolas Fowell of Rolvinden, fowre shillinges of good and currante monye, to be payde to her w[i]thin one yeare after my decease, that is every quarter of the yeare twelve pence.

All the Residue of my moveable goodes and cattelles, my debtes being payde and my bequethes discharged accordinge to this my will, I will and give to Johane Daye my wife, whome I make my sole Executrix of this my laste will.

Witnesses at the makinge hereof,
Richarde Penfoulde, Bartholomewe Norton, Stephen Waterman and Symon Lyngham, w[i]th other.

Probatum fuit Coram Nobis Thoma Lause Artium mag[ist]ro R[everendissi]mi in Xpo p[at]ris etc Visitac[i]o[n]em suam ordinariam actualiter exercen[ti] unacu[m] aliis con[juncti]m et di[visi]m l[egi]time deputat[o] et fulcit[o] xjmo die Julii Anno D[omi]ni 1569
Juramentis Richardi Penfolde et Simonis Lyngham testium etc
Ac app[ro]batum etc
Co[m]missumq[ue] est onus etc Johanne Rel[i]c[t]e executrici etc In debita Juris forma iurat[e]

[This was proved before us, Thomas Lause, Master of Arts, lawfully deputed and founded [capacity not specified] of the most Reverend father in Christ etc, actually exercising, together with others, jointly and severally, his ordinary visitation, on the 11th day of July in the year of our Lord 1569,
By the oaths of Richard Penfolde and Simon Lyngham, witnesses etc,
And approved etc,
And the burden etc was committed to Joan, the relict, the executrix etc, she having been sworn in due form of law.]

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Will of Richard Day
Created by Maureen Rawson