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Will of Thomas Deye

of [Dover], Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/30/33
Submitted by Roy Day
In the name of God Ame[n]
In the yere of our Lorde God a Thowsand fyve hundreth threskore and three, the 9th of Septembre,
I, Thomas Deye, beinge of p[er]fecte mynde and good reme[m]braunce, thankes be unto allmightie God, ordeine and make this my Last will and Testame[n]te in man[er] and forme followinge.
First I Bequeath my sowle unto all[e] myghtie God my Maker, and to Jhesus Christ my Redemer, and to the holie ghoste who hath replenyshed me w[i]th the grace of knowledge of this my Confession. Allso my Boddie to be Buryed in the Churche yarde of our Ladie in Dover.

Also I Bequeath unto Jhon Fearfild my Partener all my movables as good[es] or Cattells wher so ever they maie be founde.
Also I Gyve unto my sister Alice Deye 10 of Lawefull money of England, to be paid by the handes of Jhon Fearfild w[i]t[h]in one Moneth after my disceasse.

Also I Ordeyne and make my Full and sole Executo[ur] Jhon Fearfilld To Receave in my Dettes and to paie my Legacyes.
In wytnes wherof these p[ar]ties beinge presente have putte ther hand[es] as true witnesses of this my wyll.
Thomas Swetman S, William Janson W, Jhon Deacon, Margaret Bosworth, w[i]th others.

Be it knowen that Robert Whitethorne of Barrwicke, Souldier under Capten Bickewell, oweth unto me, Thomas Deye, the sum of 9 6s of Lawefull money of England, w[hi]ch I will him to paie unto the bearer herof, John Fearefylde, at the meatinge at Barwicke or ells wher.

Probatum fuit h[uius]mo[d]i test[ament]um ixo die Martii anno d[omi]ni 1563 Jurame[n]t[is] Executor[is] in eod[em] Testa[men]to no[m]i[n]at[i] Ac approbat[um] et insinuat[um] etc Co[m]missumq[ue] est onus execuc[i]o[n]is etc Jho[ann]i Fearfeild Executori etc, primitus etc in forma iuris iurat[o] etc

[This will was proved on the 9th day of March in the 1563rd year of our Lord, By the oaths of the executor named in the same testament. And approved and favoured etc, And the burden of execution of etc was committed to John Fearfeild, the executor etc, he having been first sworn etc in form of law.]

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Will of Thomas Deye
Created by Maureen Rawson