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Will of Agas Daye

of Benenden, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/34/234
Submitted by Roy Day
In the name of God, Amen, the 22 day of August in the fifte and sixte yeares of the raigne of o[ur] soveraigne Lorde and Ladye Philipp and Mary, by the grace of God, Kynge and Quene of Yngland, Spayne, Fraunce, bothe Cicill[ies], Jeruzalem and Yreland, defenders of the faighte etc,
I, Agas Daye, of Benenden in the county of Kent, single woman, doe make and ordeyne mye present Testament and laste will in manner and forme folowinge.
Firste I bequethe my soule to all mightye God, and to o[ur] blessed Ladye Saynte Mary, And to all the Holye companye of heaven, And my bodye to be buryed in holye buryall with in the churche yeard of Benenden aforesayed.

It[e]m I will to greate John Daye mye godson my cheste and mye spitte and 20s in monye.
It[e]m I will to Willyam Daye, mye brother Lawrence Dayes sonne, 6s 8d.
It[e]m I will to lytell John Daye sixe shillinges eighte pence.
It[e]m I will to Rychard Daye 6s 8d.
It[em] I will to Gervice Daye, brother to them, sixe shillinges eight pence.
It[e]m I will to Jone Daye, Sister to them, sixe shillinges eighte pence.
It[e]m I will to Agnes Day 6s 8d.
It[em] I will to Maryon Day 6s 8d.
It[em] I will to Anne Daye sixe shillinges eighte pence.
It[em] I wyll to Katheryn Daye sixe shillinges eighte pence.
It[em] I will to Mary Daye 6s 8d.

It[em] I will fower god daughters of myne, that is Agas Harnden the daughter of John Harnden, And Agas Harnden the daughter of Mathew Harnden, Agnes Stephen and Margaret Cowland, to eche of them 6d.
It[e]m I will to William Daye mye brother Johnís sonne thre shillinges foure pence.
It[em] I will to Alice Day his sister thre shillinges foure pence.

Further I will that mye executors shall paye to all mye brother Lawrence daughters there monye that before to them is wylled, as they com[e] to there ages of 18 yeares, or at the daye of there maryage, the which first shall happen,
And if it fortune any of them to departe this mortall lyff before they come to there agres, or day of there maryage, as is aforesayed, Then I will the overlivers to be heiers to her or them that soe departethe.

Item I make and ordeyne Wyllyam Day my Brother Lawrence sonne, And greate John Daye his brother, to be my executors, trulye to fulfill this mye laste wyll,
And the Residue of all mye goodes not geven nor bequethed I will my executors shall have betwne them.

Wytnes at the makynge hereof Robert Dogett and lytell John Day, And Wyllyam Daye sonne to my brother John Daye, and Sir Rychard Water, Vicar of Benenden, and William Hobard.

Probatum fuit p[rese]ns test[amentum] Tertio die mens[is] Maii Anno D[omi]ni Mill[es]imo Quingen[tesi]mo sexcentesimo
Jurament[is] Johannis Daye et Will[ial]mi Hobard testiu[m] etc
Ac app[ro]bat[um] etc
Co[m]missumq[ue] est onus executionis eiusd[em] executoribus in h[uius]mo[d]i testamento no[m]i[n]at[is] primit[us] in Juris forma Jurat[is]
Dat[um] etc

[The present will was proved on the third day of the month of May in the one thousand five hundred and sixtieth year of our Lord,
By the oaths of John Daye and William Hobard, the witnesses etc,
And approved etc,
And the burden of execution of the same was granted to the executors named in the will, They having been first sworn in form of law.
Given etc.]

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Will of Agas Daye
Created by Maureen Rawson