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Will of Joan Day

of Rolvenden, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/19/384
Submitted by Roy Day
In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen, the 24th daye of January in the yere of ow[re] Lord Ml CCCCC xxxj [1531],
I, Johanne Daye of the p[ar]ische of Rollynden, being of good mynde and memorye, make my Testame[n]t in this man[er].
Fyrst I bequeth my Sowle to Almyghtye God, and my Bodye to be Buryed in the Churche yarde of Rollynden.
It[e]m I bequethe to the hygh ault[er] there, for my tythes and offeryngs forgotten, 16d.
It[e]m I bequethe to be bestowyd at the daye of my Burying 13s 4d.
It[e]m at my mo[n]thys mynde 13s 4d.
It[e]m at my yeres my[n]de 13s 4d.

It[e]m I bequethe to ev[er]y of my godchildren 4d a pece.
It[e]m I bequethe to Alyce [?]Toottoll 6s 8d when sche cu[m]myt[h] of 16 yeres.
Also I bequeth to Rychard Daye my sonne the Cupbord in the hall.
Also I bequeth to Anne Daye my dowght[er] one …, my best [?]frenge, A chest, one table clothe.
Also I will the Resydue of my howsold to Rychard Daye and Anne Daye eqally betwene theme to be devydid.
Also I will th[a]t my sayd 3 Sonnes shalhave eche of theme a [?]sylver … sylv[er] Sponnes.
Also I bequeth to Johanne Hubard and Johanne Hode one sylv[er] sponne, my goddowght[ers], and to ev[er]y of theme 20d of monaye.
It[e]m I wyll to Anne Daye my dowghter my Second gowne.

This ys the last will of me, the Seyde Johanne Daye, mayde the daye and yere aboveseyde.

Fyrst I will th[a]t my feoffeys suffer Rychard Daye and Herry Daye to occupy all my landes ymedyatly aft[er] my decesse,
And the monaye therof cu[m]myng to be bestowyd aft[er] this man[er] fowloing.

Fyrst I will that the seyd Rychard Daye and Herry Daye paye to Anne Daye my dowght[er] £6 13s 4d, to be payde at the tyme of her maryage 5 marke, and w[i]t[h]in one yere aft[er] other 5 marke, at the age of 16 yeres or w[i]t[h]in one monythe aft[er] And [?in error for “All”] the Resydue of the monaye.

I will th[a]t the seyd Rychard and Henry Daye shall paye all my dettes and bequethes, And Furthermore I will th[a]t they shall yerely paye unto Will[ia]m French[a]m 5 marke in dischargyng of the [?sur]etie whiche I stand now b[ou]nd in till the Sum of £44 and 8s be payed unto the seyd Will[ia]m Frensh[a]m or to his Assignes accordyng to the …

Also I will th[a]t the seyd Rychard and Herry Daye shal take all the p[ro]ffyt of my Tename[n]t and Landes called Netts, and in and of all my other land[es] wythin the p[ar]ische of Rolynden, tyll my dett[es] and Bequethis be fully co[n]tentyd and payde,

And then I will th[a]t my seyd feoffeys shall delyv[er] all my Seyd land[es] to my Sonnes according to this my last will and ordyna[n]ce,

That is to saye, th[a]t the seyd Henry shal have the seyd Ten[em]ent and land[es] callyd Netts, w[i]t[h] al the land[es] thereto p[er]tenyng, clerely, w[i]t[h]owt paying of any man[er] of charge, under the Co[n]dycyon following, that is to seye, th[a]t the seyd Herry make no claime nor tytle to nor of any other land[es] the whiche I have ordeynid to my So[n]ne Thomas Daye and Rychard Daye,

And yf the seyde Herry do make any Clame or tytle to any of my other land[es] as ys afore rehersyd, Then I will th[a]t the seyd Herry shalhave no parte or p[ar]cell of my seyde Ten[em]ent callyd Netts, the which I late purchesid of Will[ia]m French[a]m, ne no part of all my other land[es], but th[a]t then I will th[a]t the seyd Ten[em]ent callyd Netts Remayne to my seide so[n]nes Thomas and Rychard.

Also when my dett[es] and bequethes and funerall expences be contentyd and payde, I will th[a]t my Sonne Rychard Daye have my mesuage the which I now dwell in, w[i]t[h] the land[es] within therto p[er]teynyng, and a parte of my goodes at [?]Haffynden the whiche I have in my own occupying.

Also when my dett[es] be payede I will th[a]t my Sone Thomas have all the Rest of my land[es] at Huffy[n]d’ the whiche that John Edmund hathe nowe in Farme at the makyng of this my last wyll when my dett[es] be co[n]tentyd and payde as above is seyd,

Of the which I make, ordeyne and [?]constitute Rychard Daye and Herry Daye myne Execut[ors] to this my last wyll and ordyna[n]ce,
And Also I wyll th[a]t the seyd Rychard Daye and Herry Daye my seyd Execut[ors] shalbe Cow[n]table eyther of theme one to the other well and truelye.
Also I wyll th[a]t Thomas my Sonne have my other Cubbord that is in my halle chamber.
Also I will th[a]t … … have [my] best kyrtell.

This wytnesith, Cleme[n]t Turner, John Cooke, Will[ia]m Cooke and Rychard Hobard.

Concordat cu[m] originali [It agrees with the original]

Probatu[m] [proved] [blank].

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Will of Joan Day
Created by Maureen Rawson