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Will of William Day

of Benenden, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC32/15/64
Submitted by Roy Day
In the name of God, Amen,
The 20th day of October in the yere of our Lord God Ml CCCCC xxviijti [1528],
I, William Day, of the p[ar]rish of Benynden[e], w[i]t[h] hole mynd and good reme[m]braunce, make this my testament and last will and ordynance in man[er] and fourme folowyng. Furst I beque[a]th my soule to almyghty God, oure blessed lady, and to all[e] the holy co[m]pany in hevyn[e], and my body to be buried w[i]t[h]in the church[e] yard of seynt George at Benynden[e] aforeseid.

It[e]m I will and ordeyn[e] to the high awtur ther, for my tythes and offeryng[es] neclygently w[i]t[h]holden, 20d.
It[e]m I will to ev[er]y of my godchildren 6d a pece.
It[e]m I will to my godson John Daye 3s 4d.
It[e]m I will to my goddoughter Alyce Daye 12d.
It[e]m I will to my godson William Skreche 3s 4d.

It[e]m I will ther be dystributid at the day of my owte beryng, to prest[es], Clerk[es] and power people as then shall seme most best, by the discression of my executo[ur]s and ov[er]sear.
It[e]m I will that ther be distrybutid after lyke man[er] at my monthesdaye 20s.
It[e]m at my yerismynd after lyke man[er] 20s.
It[e]m I will that my executo[ur]s do kepe an obbyt [obit] in the p[ar]ish church[e] of Benynden[e] aforeseid by the space of 8 yeris next after my yerismynd for my soule, my father and mother soules, and all Xpen [Christian] soules, of 3s 4d be the yere.
It[e]m I will to a prest for to syng a trentall of 30 masses for my soule, my father and mother, and all Xpen [Christian] soules, and to have 10s.
It[e]m I beque[a]th to the seid church[e] of Benynden[e] my prycke song bokes such as S[i]r Thomas prycked for me.

It[e]m as tochyng my howsold stuff my will is that the one half be at the disposic[i]on of my wiff and the other half to remayn[e] to my sonnes Gerveys and Martyn[e].
It[e]m I will unto Elynor my wyff a Cowe and a haffer [heifer] and my bay ambelyng mare.
It[e]m and if it be so that Elino[ur] my wyff be w[i]t[h] child, and if it be a man child, then I will he shall shyfte w[i]t[h] Gerveys and Martyn[e], And if so be that it be a doughter, Then I will she shall have to her maryage 10 mark[es].
It[e]m I will to ev[er]y of my feoffeis for ther labours 20d a pece.

The residue of all my moveables as yet not disposed, my dettes, legacyes and fun[er]all charg[es] first content and paid, I will, ordeyn[e] and do geve unto my sonnes, equally to be devyded betwixt them,
And my Executo[ur]s unto this my p[re]sent testament I ordeyn[e] and make Elyno[ur] Day my wyff and John Sharvold of Rolvynden[e] my brother in lawe, and to them I do make my ov[er]sear Gerveys Maplesden my father in lawe of Rolvynden[e].

Thiese witnesses, S[i]r John Sparke, Curat, S[i]r Robert Burton, stypendyare prest, Roger Prudney and John Harnden[e].

This is the last will of me, the before namyd William Daye, made the day and yere aboveseid, and declared unto my feoff[es].

Furst I will that Laurance Patynden[e], Willyam Everden, my brothers Laurence Daye of Benynden[e] and Richard Maplesden of Rolvynden, beyng my feoffeis of and in all my tene[me]nt[es] and land[es], lyeng and beyng in Benynden[e] foreseid or else where, that they shall suffer Elyno[ur] my wyff to occupye and the p[ro]fett to take of all my hole land[es] and tene[me]nt[es] lyeng and beyng in Benynden foreseid by the space of one hole yere next after my discease, kepyng my Children.

It[e]m I wull and ordeyn[e] that my Executo[ur]s shall leveye [levy, raise] and receyve the p[ro]fettes of my seid land[es] yerely, after the first yere be endyd, to the use of Gerveys Day and Marten[e] Day my sonnes, equally to be devyded betwixt them, and to kepe them w[i]t[h]all tyll they come to ther ag[es] of 21 yeris.

It[e]m if it fortune my seid sonnes to discease before ther ag[es] of 21 yeris w[i]t[h]out heires of ther bodies laufully begotten, Then I will and ordeyn that the aboveseid Elyno[ur] my wyff shall occupye and the p[ro]fett[es] take of all my foreseid land[es] for all the terme of her lyff, and after the discease of my seid wyff I will that my feoffeis shall sell of my seid land[es] to the valo[ur] of 40 mark[es], and the money therof co[m]myng I will and ordeyn to the church of Benynden aforeseid.
And then the Residue of my seid landes, and then I will shall remayn[e] to my next heires.

It[e]m I will and ordeyn that my seid feoffeis shall delyv[er] all my seid land[es] and tene[me]nt[es] to the aboveseid Gerveys and Martyn[e] Day my Sonnes, equally to be devyded betwixt them at ther ag[es] of 21 yeris in fesymple [fee simple],
Provyded alweys that and if my seid wyff be w[i]t[h] child, and if it be a man child, then I will that it shall have his part of all my seid land[es] and tene[me]nt[es] as far forth as any of his foreseid brothers, and if it be a woman child, then I will that she shall have 10 mark[es] paid at her mariage.
Witnes as above is w[ri]tten.

Tenore p[rese]nciu[m] nos Ric[hard]us Benger decretoru[m] doctor Rev[er]endissimi etc Co[m]missarius gen[er]alis et ad infrascript[a] sp[ec]ialit[er] deputatus Notum facimus univ[er]s[is] q[uod] xviijo die Maii Anno d[omi]ni Mill[es]imo qui[n]gen[tesimo] xxixo p[ro]batu[m] fuit cora[m] nobis p[rese]ns test[amentu]m et ultima voluntas Will[iel]mi Daye du[m] vixit de Benynden p[rese]ntib[us] annex[um] h[ab]ens mort[is] sue temp[or]e bona in div[er]s[is] dioces[ibus] Cant[uariensis] p[ro]vi[n]c[ie] etc
Admi[ni]strac[i]oq[ue] om[n]i[um] et sing[u]lor[um] bonoru[m] h[uius]mo[d]i Elinora Day relict[e] eiusdem et Johanni Harward executorib[us] in d[i]c[t]o test[ament]o no[m]i[n]at[is] p[ri]mitus ad s[an]c[t]a dei eva[n]gelia in debita Juris forma Jurat[is] p[er] nos extitit co[m]miss[io] et p[er] eand[em] admiss[is] etc

[By the tenor of these presents we, Richard Benger, Doctor of Canon Laws, Commissary General of the Most Reverend etc, and especially deputed for the purpose underwritten, Give notice to all men that on the 18th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty nine, Was proved before us the present testament and last will, annexed to these presents, of William Day, while he lived, of Benenden, who died having at the time of his death goods in diverse dioceses of the Province of Canterbury etc,
And administration of all and singular these goods [was committed] to Eleanor Day, the relict of the same, and John Harward [NB not Sharvold], the executors named in the said will, they having been first sworn, in due form of law, on Godís holy evangelists, and a commission of ours being in place, they were admitted by the same etc.]

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Will of William Day
Created by Maureen Rawson