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Will of Richard Dei

of Aylesford, Kent

Source: Court of Rochester Ref DRB5/355a
Submitted by Roy Day
English translation follows

In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen xj die mens[is] Sept[embris] Anno D[omi]ni Ml CCCC lxxxxix
Ego Ric[hard]us Dei de Aylisforde Roffen[sis] dioc[ese] compos ment[is] etc condo et ordino Testa[mentu]m meu[m] in hunc modu[m]
In p[ri]mis lego A[n]i[m]am mea[m] deo o[mn]ipotenti etc Corpusq[ue] meu[m] Sepeliend[um] in Cimit[er]io Ib[ide]m
It[e]m lego Su[m]mo Altari Ib[ide]m iiij d
It[e]m lego Ric[hard]o Mores Cl[er]ico p[ar]o[chia]li Ib[ide]m iiij d

Residuu[m] vero bonor[um] meor[um] tam mobiliu[m] q[uam] Immobiliu[m] debit[is] et legat[is] meis solut[is] do et lego Edwardo Culpep[er] et Joh[ann]i Brown de Aylisforde p[re]d[i]c[t]a Ad disponend[um] p[ro] salute A[n]i[m]e mee et p[ro] a[n]i[m]ab[us] parentu[m] meor[um] ac b[e]n[e]factor[um] S[e]c[un]d[u]m discreciones sunt
Quos hui[us] p[rese]nt[is] Test[ament]i ordino et co[n]stituo meos execut[ores]
Dat[um] die loco et A[nn]o D[omi]ni Sup[ra]script[is]

[In the name of God, Amen, on the 11th day of the month of September in the year of our Lord 1499,
I, Richard Dei, of Aylesford in the diocese of Rochester, whole of mind etc, make and ordain my testament in this manner.
First I leave my soul to almighty God etc, and my body to be buried in the churchyard in the same place.
Item I leave to the high altar in the same place 4d.
Item I leave to Richard Mores, parish clerk in the same place, 4d.

The residue, indeed, of my goods, both moveable and immoveable, my debts and legacies paid, I give and leave to Edward Culpeper and John Brown of Aylesford aforesaid, to dispose for the health of my soul, and for the souls of my parents and benefactors, according as their discretions are,
Whom I ordain and constitute my executors of this present Testament.
Given on the day, place and year of our Lord abovewritten.]

Ric[hard]us Dei [Richard Dei]

This is the last will of me, the seyde Ric[hard] Dei, of and upon the disposicion of my howse and lande settid and lying in Aylisforde Aforeseyde.
First I wull th[a]t my execut[or]es Immediatly aft[er] my disses sel the seyde howse and lande to the most valu that they can[ne] and maye,
And the money thereof ressevyd I wul oon[e] p[ar]tie be spent for the helth of my sowle,
And the secunde p[ar]tie to the rep[ar]acion of the church of Aylisforde aft[er] the discrecion of myn[e] execut[or]s.
Then[ne] beyng[e] p[re]sent Sir John [?]Roge, vicar there, Ric[hard] Lokyer, Ric[hard] Mores and many other.

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Will of Richard Dei
Created by Maureen Rawson