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Will of Laurence Day

of Benenden, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/5/151
Submitted by Roy Day
In dei no[m]i[n]e Ame[n], the 11 day of Februar[y] the yer[e] of our[e] Lorde Gode Ml CCCC lxxxix,
Y, Laurens Daye of Benynden[e], w[i]t[h] a hoolle mynde and goode memorye, make my testament and my last wyll yn this wysse.
Fyrst Y bequeth my Sowle to almyghti Gode, and to our[e] lady ye v[ir]gyne, and to all ye saynt[es] of hewyn[e], and my body to be beried in yn ye Church yarde of ye chirch[e] of Seynt george of Benynden[e] forsaid.
Also I bequeth[e] to ye hye aut[er] ther[e], for my tithes and oblaci[o]ns necligently forgotyn[e] 6d.
It[e]m to ye hye aut[er] of ye church of Rolvynden[e] 2d.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] and ordeyne 3s 4d to fynde A tapyr brennynge [burning] by fore ye ymage of our[e] lady in ye chirch[e] of Benynden[e] as longe as yat money ther to wyll dur [endure].
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to ye fyndynge of a prest to synge yn ye church[e] of Benynden[e] for my soule and all Cristen[e] by A quart[er] of a yere 33s 4d.
It[e]m to ye Frers of Loffynh[a]m to Say c[er]teyn[e] mass[es] and pray for my soule and all Cristene 16s 8d by a nother quarter[e].
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to ye amendyng[e] of ye Foot way betwene my place and ye chur[c]h[e] of Benynden[e] 6s 8d.

It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Agn[es] Daye A payr[e] of Shet[es] and 2 pewt[er] plateris.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Will[ia]m Daye the sone of John Daye 20d.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Will[ia]m Frengh[a]m A Scheryng[e] Scher[e]
It[e]m to Richard Frengh[a]m, Edward Frengh[a]m and John Frengham, to ev[er]yche of them[e] 12d.
It[e]m Y bequeth to Margaret Asshemonton A helyng[e] of A bedd called A howse and 1 Candilstyke.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to John[e] Judde 2 yerd[es] of grene cloth.
It[e]m to Thomas Elnoth 12d.
It[e]m to Raaffe Cooke 20d.
It[e]m to Harry Bygge 8d.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Agn[es] Merden[e] 1 howse.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to 3 of Will[ia]m Halt[es] sonys, eche of them[e] 6d.
It[e]m to Johann[e] Wodeman 1 howse.
It[e]m to Benett Bygge 1 howse.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Benet Ev[er]ynden[e] and Margaret Ev[er]ynden 3 yerd[es] and di[midia] [half] of Blankett.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Alic[e] Ev[er]ynden[e], Johan[ne] Ev[er]ynden[e] and Amye Ev[er]ynden[e], to ev[er]yche of them[e] 1 pewt[er] dysshe.
It[e]m to Johann[e] Leche A pewter[e] dysshe.
It[e]m to Will[ia]m Castolayn[e] 6d.
It[e]m to Agn[es] Maude 1 Cussh[i]on.
It[e]m to Simond Daye 1 banker and a Cussh[i]on.
It[e]m to Johann[e] Dowle a Cussh[i]on.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Rob[ert] Hoth[e] a Scherynge Scher[e].

Furdyrmore Y wyll yt Will[ia]m Daye my brother shall have my place w[i]t[h] ye gardyn[e] and land lyenge ther to yn Benynden[e], payinge in ye fulfyllynge of ye payment[es] of my dettes and my bequethes£10.
It[e]m Y wyll yat my lande callid ye Hothes be solde and Will[ia]m my brother for to bye, paynge yrfor £10 to pay my dettes and bequethes.

Also Y wyll yat John[e] Daye my brother[e] shall have my Medowys in Rolvynden and 40s in money.

Also Y wyll yat Martyne my brother[e] shall have a peece of londe called ye Folde abowte ye hows and ye land called Ev[er]yndennys lande, paynge therof to myn[e] executors 6 marc[as] [marks] to ye payment[es] of my dett[es] and bequethes.

Also Y wyll yt Simond my brother[e] schall have a Felde and A gardyn[e] yn[e] Rolvynden[e] callid Robard[es] Ha[m]mys and 5 marc[as] of money of the £10 yat my brother Will[ia]m Shall paye for ye Hoathes.

It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Richard Daye my godsone, ye sone of Martyn[e] Day, 6s 8d.
It[e]m Alic[e], Will[ia]m and Thomasyne, children of ye said Martyn[e] Daye, 6s 8d.
It[e]m Y wyll yat Agn[es] my Suster have 20s.
It[e]m Y bequeth[e] to Harry Frengh[a]m my godsone 6s 8d.
It[e]m to ev[er]y other[e] godchilde yat Y have yat be uns[er]vyd 8d.

The Residue of all[e] my godes, my dett[es] and bequethes and fun[er]all expens[es] Fyrst payd, Y bequeth[e] and ordeyne to be disposed A bowte power[e] maydens mariages, yn[e] amendyng[e] of Fowle wayes, and yn[e] other[e] almesse workes, aft[er] ye discression[e] of myn[e] executoris or of ther[e] assign[es] as them[e] semed best to ye moste plesur[e] of God and to ye moste helth[e] of my Sowle and all[e] Cristene.

Executors of This my Testament Y make John[e] Daye and Will[ia]m Daye my Brethern[e] by this present[es].

Probate of Will of Laurence Daye, 1489/90

Probat[um] fuit p[rese]ns Test[amentu]m cora[m] nobis Offi[cia]li d[omi]ni Arch[iepisco]pi Cant[uariensis] xxiiijo die mens[is] Maii Anno d[omi]ni Mill[es]imo CCCCmo Nonogesimo

[This present will was proved before us, the Official of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, on the 24th day of the month of May in the one thousand four hundred and ninetieth year of our Lord.]

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Will of Laurence Day
Created by Maureen Rawson