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Will of John Dey

of Aylesford, Kent

Source: Court of Rochester Ref DRB5/52b
Submitted by Roy Day
English translation follows

In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen xxijdo die me[n]s[is] Junii A[nn]o D[omi]ni Ml CCCC [?]lxxxiiij
Ego Joh[ann]es Dey de p[ar]ochia de Aylisforde compos me[n]t[is] et sane mem[orie] condo hoc p[re]sens meu[m] testa[mentu]m in hunc modu[m]
In p[ri]mis lego A[n]i[m]am mea[m] deo o[mn]ipotenti b[ea]te q[ue] marie virg[ini] et o[mn]ib[us] s[an]c[t]is Corpus q[ue] meu[m] ad sepelie[n]d[um] in Cimit[er]io eccl[es]ie p[ar]o[chia]l[is] de Aylisforde p[re]d[i]c[t]a
It[e]m lego Ib[ide]m p[ro] decimis oblitis etc xij d
It[e]m lego cuilib[e]t luminar[io] in d[i]c[t]a eccl[es]ia p[ar]o[chia]li ij d

It[e]m lego Agnete ux[ori] mee totu[m] t[er]minu[m] quod h[ab]eo p[er] indentur[am] in quod[da]m ten[emen]to cu[m] p[er]tin[entiis] in villa de Aylisforde p[re]d[i]c[t]a
It[e]m lego F[rat]ri meo una[m] vacca[m] et unu[m] vitulu[m]
Residuu[m] v[ero] om[n]i[um] bonor[um] meor[um] post debita et legat[a] mea solut[a] do et lego Agne[ti] ux[ori] mee
Et hui[us] mei test[ament]i facio et constituo meos executores eandem Agnete[m] ux[orem] mea[m] et Walteru[m] Blode ut ip[s]i faciant et disponant p[ro] salute A[n]i[m]e mee et a[n]i[m]ar[um] om[n]i[um] fideliu[m] def[unctorum] p[ro]ut eis melius videt[ur] expedire et deo placere etc

Joh[ann]es Dey

A[nn]o D[omi]ni Mill[esi]mo CCCC lxxxvto

Hec e[st] ult[ima] volu[n]tas mei p[re]fati Joh[ann]is Dey fact[a] et declarata die et [anno] sup[ra]d[i]c[t]is de in et p[ro] disposic[i]o[n]e om[n]i[um] terr[arum] et ten[emen]tor[um] meor[um] cu[m] p[er]tin[entiis]
In p[ri]mis volo q[uo]d Agnes ux[or] mea h[ab]eat et possidet p[ro] toto t[er]mino vite sue medietate[m] ten[emen]ti mei cu[m] o[mn]ib[us] terr[is] p[ra]t[is] pascuis et pastur[is] eid[e]m mediet[ati] p[er]tinen[tibus]
Et volo q[uo]d Ric[hard]us Fr[ater] meus h[ab]eat alt[era]m medietate[m] ei[us]d[e]m ten[emen]ti cu[m] terr[is] p[ra]t[is] pascuis et pastur[is] eid[e]m medietati p[er]tinen[tibus] sibi hered[ibus] et assign[atis] suis imp[er]petuu[m]

Et volo q[uo]d p[re]d[i]c[t]a medietas ten[emen]ti terr[arum] p[ra]t[arum] pascu[arum] et pastur[arum] p[re]dict[arum] cu[m] p[er]tinen[tiis] assignat[a] Agneti ux[ori] mee p[ro] t[er]mino vite sue mee post decessu[m] ei[us]d[e]m Agnet[is] remaneat hered[ibus] de corpore meo p[ro]creat[is]
P[ro]viso semp[er] q[uo]d si d[i]c[t]i hered[es] abierint an[te] decessu[m] d[i]c[t]e Agnetis tu[n]c volo q[uo]d ead[e]m medietatas sic ei assignat[a] vendat[ur] p[er] execut[ores] meos et q[uo]d pecunia Inde recipienda disponat[ur] in op[er]ib[us] caritativis p[ro] salute a[n]i[m]e mee et p[ro] A[n]i[m]ab[us] om[n]i[um] fideliu[m] defunctor[um] etc

Will of John Dey of Aylesford, [?]1484

In the name of God, Amen, on the 22nd day of the month of June in the year of our Lord [?]1484,
I, John Dey, of the parish of Aylesford, whole of mind and of healthy memory, make this my present testament in this manner.
First I leave my soul to almighty God, and to the blessed virgin Mary, and to all the saints, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of Aylesford aforesaid.
Item I leave in the same place for my tithes forgotten etc 12d.
Item I leave to each lamp in the said parish church 2d.

Item I leave to Agnes my wife all the term which I have by indenture in a certain tenement, with the appurtenances, in the town of Aylesford aforesaid.
Item I leave to my brother one cow and one calf.
The residue, indeed, of all my goods, after my debts and legacies paid, I give and leave to Agnes my wife.
And of this my testament I make and constitute my executors the same Agnes my wife and Walter Blode, that they might dispose of it for the health of my soul, and of those of all the departed faithful, just as may seem best to them to expedite them and to please God etc.

John Dey

In the 1485th year of our Lord

This is the last will of me, the aforenamed John Dey, made and declared on the day and year abovesaid, of, in and for the disposition of all my lands and tenements, with the appurtenances.
First I will that Agnes my wife should have and possess, for the whole of the term of her life, the moiety of my tenement, with all lands, meadows, feedings and pastures appertaining to the same moiety,
And I will that Richard my brother should have the other moiety of the same tenement, with the lands, meadows, feedings and pastures appertaining to the same moiety, to him, his heirs and assigns for ever.

And I will that the aforesaid moiety of the tenement, lands, meadows, feedings and pastures aforesaid, with the appurtenances, assigned to Agnes my wife for the term of her my life, should remain, after the decease of the same Agnes, to the right heirs begotten of my body,
Provided always that if the said heirs should pass away before the decease of the said Agnes, then I will that the same moiety thus assigned to her should be sold by my executors, and that the money to be received therefrom should be disposed in works of charity, for the health of my soul and for the souls of all the deceased faithful etc.

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Will of John Dey
Created by Maureen Rawson