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Will of William Dey

of Staplehurst, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/3/433
Submitted by Roy Day
Note: Latin testament, English translation follows below.

In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen xxijdo die mens[is] Octobr[is] Anno d[omi]ni M CCCC lxxxijdo Ego Willi[elm]us Dey de Stapleh[ur]st compos ment[is] saneq[ue] memor[ie] existens condo test[amentu]m meu[m] in hunc mod[um]
In p[rim]is lego a[n]i[m]am mea[m] deo b[ea]te m[ari]e et om[n]ib[us] s[an]ctis corpusq[ue] meu[m] sepeliend[um] in cimit[er]io eccl[es]ie p[ar]roch[iali] de Stapleh[ur]st p[re]dict[o]
It[e]m lego su[m]mo Altari ib[ide]m p[ro] dec[imis] meis oblit[is] xl d
It[e]m l[umi]ni b[ea]ti Xpoferi ib[ide]m iiij d

Resid[uum] v[er]o o[mn]iu[m] bonor[um] meor[um] mobil[ium] solut[is] debit[is] et legat[is] do et lego Alic[ie] Dey ux[or]i mee qua[m] hui[us] test[ament]i mei ordino facio et const[itu]o execut[orem] ut ip[s]a dispon[at] p[ro] salute a[n]i[m]e mee p[ro]ut ei melius videbit[ur]

In the name of God, Amen, on the 22nd day of the month of October in the 1482nd year of our Lord, I, William Dey of Staplehurst, being whole of mind and of healthy memory, make my testament in this manner.
First I leave my soul to God, to the blessed Mary, and to all the saints, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of Staplehurst aforesaid.
Item I leave to the high altar in the same place, for my tithes forgotten, 40d.
Item to the window of the blessed Christopher in the same place 4d.

The residue, indeed, of all my moveable goods, my debts and legacies being paid, I give and leave to Alice Dey my wife, whom I ordain, make and constitute executor of this my testament, that she might dispose of it for the health of my soul just as shall seem best to her.]

This is the last Will and ordin[au]nce of me, Will[ia]m Dey of Stapleh[ur]st beforseid, made yer and dat above specified uppon all the londis and ten[ementis] the which Stephyn Partrich, Thomas Battcok and Richard Wanden of Stapleh[ur]st standith and be enfeoffid.

First I will anon after my decese my seid foffe shal sell a tenement callid Tylen the best p[ri]ce they may, and of the first money ther of receyvid I ordeyn[e] to Alice Dey my wyff 10 mark.
Also I will that my seid feoffe shal delyv[er] to Alice Dey myn[e] executrix of the money receyvid of the seid ten[ement] and lond to p[er]forme this my testament and last Will and to pay my dettes trewly 20 mark.

Also I will that the ov[er]plus of the money receyvid for the seid londis shalbe distributid by the good discrecion of my feoffe In paying of ye dettes of Roger and Will[ia]m Dey my sonnys.
Also I will that my seid feoffe shal suffre Alice my wiff to occupy, take and receyve all rentes and p[ro]fites of my p[rin]cipall mesuage, gardyn[e] and 3 peces of lond all the t[er]me of her lyff.
Also I will that my seid feoffe shal suffr[e] the heyr[es] or the assign of the seid Alice to receyve the p[ro]fites of the seid mes[suage], gardyn[e] and 3 peces of lond the space of a hole yer after the deth of ye seid Alice.

Also I will yf Johon Dey my son[ne] ov[er]leve Alice my wiff yt that my feoffe befor seid shal delyv[er] to the seid Johon Dey a leful astate in and of the seid mesuage, gardyn[e] and 3 peces of lond in fe simple,
And yf the seid Johon my son[ne] decese leving the seid Alice my wyff than I will my seid feoffe shal selle the seid mesuage, gardyn[e] and 3 peces of lond to the best p[ri]ce, And the money ther of receyvid shalbe bestowed in the forme folowing, that is to say,
the one half ther of shalbe delyv[er]ed by my feoffe to the rightful heyris of my the seid Will[ia]m Dey,
And ye othir half shalbe distribute w[i]t[h] In the p[ar]ish of Stapleh[ur]st to the Chirch pou[er] people and to the mending of grevous weyes by the discrecion of my feoffe.

Also I will my seid feoffe shal delyv[er] to Will[ia]m Dey the son[ne] of Johon Dey a cler and lefull astate In a mesuage callid Sprottes Crowch in the p[ar]ish of Stapleh[ur]st in fee simple for ev[er]mor[e].

Probate of Will of William Dey, 1482

Probat[um] fuit xxvjto die Febr[uarii] Anno d[omi]ni p[re]dict[o] Co[m]missa est Execut[oribus] etc

[This was proved on the 26th day of February in the year of our Lord aforesaid [1482]. [Administration] was committed to the executors etc.]

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Will of William Dey
Created by Maureen Rawson