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Will of Sarah Deye

of Tenterden, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/2/93
Submitted by Roy Day
Note: Latin Will, English translation follows below.

In dei nomine Amen xxvijo die mens[is] Maii Anno d[omi]ni m[i]l[lesimo] CCCCmo lxxijdo Ego Sarra ux[or] Will[ielm]i Deye de Tenterden sana mente Condo test[amentu]m meu[m] et ultima[m] voluntatem mea[m] in hunc modu[m] In p[ri]mis lego a[n]i[m]am mea[m] deo om[n]ipotenti b[ea]te Marie virgini ac om[n]ib[us] sanct[is] corpusq[ue] meu[m] ad sepeliend[um] in Cimit[er]io eccl[es]ie s[an]c[t]e Mildrede virginis de Tenterden p[re]d[i]c[t]o
It[e]m lego Su[m]mo altari ib[ide]m vj d
It[e]m Marg[er]ie filie mee optima[m] toga[m] mea[m] et unu[m] Caputiu[m]
It[e]m Thomasine filie mee Toga[m] mea[m] blod[iam] et unu[m] Caputiu[m]
It[e]m Joh[ann]e Wyllys unu[m] Caputiu[m]
It[e]m Agneti Benet Toga[m] mea[m] de Medley
It[e]m Joh[ann]e filie Steph[ani] Smyth Toga[m] mea[m] de Sangweyn

Residuu[m] vero bonor[um] meor[um] non legat[orum] debit[is] meis et fun[er]alib[us] expens[is] p[ri]us solut[is] do et lego Will[iel]mo Deye Coniug[i] meo et ip[su]m Will[ielmu]m hui[us] testamenti mei Executore[m] fac[i]o ordino et co[n]stituo p[er] p[rese]ntes

It[e]m volo ut Rob[er]t[u]s [?]Blak… Thom[a]s [?]Jan …eneus atte Hall et Nich[ola]us [?]Loader feoff[ati] Thome Bereman [?]p[at]ris mei delib[er]ent Joh[ann]i Reade post morte[m] Laurencii Bereman duas pec[ias] t[er]r[e] in B’therse voc[atas] le Lok… et [?]Gasgyll quas id[e]m Joh[ann]es de me nup[er] p[er]quisivit Solvendo id[e]m Joh[ann]es seu assign[ati] sui Will[iel]mo Deye Juniori totu[m] quod ip[s]e de soluc[i]one sua p[ro] p[re]d[ictis] pec[iis] t[er]r[e] tunc a retro fu[er]it in p[ar]tem soluc[i]onis decem librar[um] eid[e]m Will[iel]mo p[er] me ex debite solvendar[um] ut maritagiu[m] Margerie filie mee ux[or]is p[re]d[i]c[t]i Will[ielm]i ut int[er] nos sic conv[entum] fuit

It[e]m volo et ordino p[re]fato Deye Jun[iorem] ill[os] xl s quos Will[iel]m[u]s Smyth[e] ordinavit d[i]c[t]e Marg[er]ie post morte[m] mea[m] et q[uod] d[i]c[t]i xl s sint p[ar]cell[a] de soluc[i]one d[i]c[t]ar[um] dece[m] librar[um]
It[e]m volo ut feoffati mei p[er]mittent Will[ielmu]m Deye Coniuge[m] meu[m] [?]habere et occupar[e] t[er]r[as] meas vocat[as] Clayes et una[m] pecia[m] t[er]re vocat[am] le Broke cu[m] suis p[er]tin[entiis] ad tota[m] t[er]m[inum] vite sue Et post decessum d[i]c[t]i Will[ielm]i Coniugis mei volo ut feoffat[i] mei delib[er]ent seu delib[er]are fac[iant] p[re]d[ictam] pecia[m] t[er]r[e] voc[atam] le Broke p[re]fato Will[ielm]o Deye Jun[iori] seu assignat[is] suis … p… … … et satisfac[ci]o[n]em dict[arum] decem librar[um] p[ro] maritagio p[re]d[i]c[t]o

It[e]m volo quod feoffat[i] mei hered[es] vel sui assign[ati] vendant post decessu[m] Will[ielm]i Deye Coniug[is] mei medietate[m] t[er]r[arum] mear[um] voc[atarum] Clayes et ut delib[er]ent alt[er]a[m] medie[ta]te[m] inde sup[ra]d[i]c[t]o Will[ielmo] Deye Jun[iori] et Marg[er]ie ux[or]i sue hered[ibus] et assign[atis] ip[s]ius Margerie imp[er]p[etuu]m Aut q[uo]d vendant totu[m] dict[arum] t[er]r[arum] voc[atarum] Clayes et un[am] medietate[m] pecunie inde … p[er]ceptis dimidia t[er]r[arum] delib[er]and[am] prefat[is] Will[ielm]o et Marg[er]ie hered[ibus] et assign[atis] d[i]c[t]e Marg[er]ie imp[er]p[etuu]m Et de pecuniis recept[is] de alt[er]a medietate ip[s]ar[um] t[er]rar[um] volo et ordino Thomasine filie mee de p[ri]mis pecuniis inde p[er]cept[is] aut de p[ri]mis pecun[iis] recept[is] de Joh[ann]e Reade xxvj s viij d

It[e]m ad exhibic[i]o[n]em unius sac[er]dot[is] celebrant[is] p[ro] anima mea et a[n]i[m]ab[us] o[mn]iu[m] fideliu[m] defunctor[um] in Eccl[es]ia p[ar]ochiali de Tenterden p[er] quart[er]iu[m] anni xxxiij s iiij d
It[e]m ad opus et rep[ar]ac[i]o[n]em ymagine Cruc[is] in ead[e]m Eccl[es]ia ap[u]d le North syde v s
It[e]m p[ro] uno Cereo fiend[o] et renovand[o] ad ardend[um] cora[m] ymagine s[an]c[t]e Mildrede virginis in Eccl[es]ia p[re]d[i]c[t]a v s
It[e]m cuili[be]t consilior[um] meor[um] vj d
It[e]m Ric[hard]o filio Andree Pynnok xx s
It[e]m Will[iel]mo Deye Jun[iori] iij s iiij d
Residuu[m] vero d[i]c[t]e pecunie si aliquid fu[er]it in op[er]ib[us] caritativis disponet[ur] p[ro] a[n]i[m]a mea et animab[us] omniu[m] fideliu[m] defunctor[um] p[er] discrec[i]o[n]em feoffat[orum] meor[um] et p[re]d[i]c[t]i Will[ielm]i Deye Jun[ioris] p[ro]ut eis melius videbit[ur] ad maiorem salutem anime mee p[ro]ficen[dum]

Will of Sarah Deye, 1472

In the name of God, Amen, on the 27th day of the month of May in the 1472nd year of our Lord,
I, Sarah the wife of William Deye of Tenterden, healthy in mind, make my testament and last will in this manner.
First I leave my soul to almighty God, the blessed virgin Mary, and all the saints, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the church of Saint Mary the Virgin at Tenterden aforesaid.

Item I leave to the high altar in the same place 6d.
Item to Margery my daughter my best gown and one hood.
Item to Thomasina my daughter my bluett gown and one hood.
Item to Joan Wyllys one hood.
Item to Agnes Benet my gown of medley.
Item to Joan, the daughter of Stephen Smyth, my gown of sanguine.

The residue, indeed, of my goods unbequeathed, my debts and funeral expenses first paid, I give and leave to William Deye my husband, and by these presents I make, ordain and constitute the same William executor of this my testament.

Item I will that Robert [?]Blak…, Thomas [?]Jan, … atte Hall and Nicholas [?]Loader, the feoffees of Thomas Bereman my [?]father, should deliver to John Reade, after the death of Laurence Bereman, two pieces of land in B’therse called The Lok… and [?]Gasgyll which the same John lately bought of me, the same John or his assigns paying William Deye Junior all that which shall then be in arrears of his payment for the aforesaid pieces of land, in part payment of ten pounds payable by me to the same William from the debt or marriage payment of Margery my daughter, wife of the aforesaid William, as was thus agreed between us.

Item I will and ordain to the aforenamed [William] Deye Junior those 40 shillings which William Smythe ordained to the said Margery after my death, and that the said 40 shillings should be parcel of the payment of the said ten pounds.
Item I will that my feoffees should permit William Deye my husband to have and occupy my lands called Clayes, and one piece of land called The Broke, with their appurtenances, for the whole term of his life.
And after the decease of the said William my husband I will that my feoffees should deliver, or cause to be delivered, the aforesaid piece of land called The Broke to the aforenamed William Deye Junior or his assigns … … … … and satisfaction of the said ten pounds for the marriage payment aforesaid.

Item I will that my feoffees, their heirs or assigns, after the death of William Deye my husband, should sell a moiety of my lands called Clayes, and that they should deliver the other moiety thereof to the abovesaid William Deye Junior and Margery his wife, and the heirs and assigns of the same Margery for ever,
Or that they should sell the whole of the said lands called Clayes, and should deliver one moiety of the money thereof, received from half of the lands, to the aforenamed William and Margery, and the heirs and assigns of the said Margery for ever.

And concerning the monies received from the other moiety of the same lands, I will and ordain to Thomasine my daughter, out of the first monies received therefrom, or from the first monies received from John Reade, 26s 8d.
Item to the exhibition of one priest, celebrating mass for my soul and the souls of all the faithful deceased, in the parish church of Tenterden, for a quarter of a year, 33s 4d.
Item to the use and repair of the image of the Cross in the same church, on the north side, 5s.
Item for making and renewing one taper to burn before the image of Saint Mildred the Virgin in the aforesaid church, 5s.
Item to each of my counsellors, 6d.
Item to Richard the son of Andrew Pynnok, 20s.
Item to William Deye Junior, 3s 4d.

The residue, indeed, of the said money, if any there be, should be disposed of in works of charity, for my soul and the souls of all the deceased faithful, by the discretion of my feoffees and of the aforesaid William Deye Junior, just as seems best to them to profit the greater health of my soul.

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Will of Sarah Deye
Created by Maureen Rawson