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Will of Richard Dawlinge

of Westerham, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Russell PROB 11/163
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
In the name of God Amen I Richard Dawlinge of Westerham in the Countie of Kent Mercer this twelveth daie of March Anno domini One thousand six hundred thirtie two And in the Eight yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England, Scotland Frannce and Ireland Kinge defender of the faith etc being sicke and weake of body, but thankes be given to the Almighty God of good and perfect memory, make and ordaine this my last will & Testament in maner and forme followinge
First and principally my soule I commend to God my maker and Redeemer through whom and by whose onely merittes I hope to be saved and to have a joyfull resurrection

My bodie I commend to the earth to be buried in such decent and seemely maner as Felix my lovinge Wife in her good discretion shall thinke fit and convenient whom I hereby nominate and appoint to be my sole and onely Executrix to this my last will and testament to see the same to be performed, my children to be educated and brought up in the feare of God, and my debts well and truly to be satisfied and paid

Item I give and bequeath to Richard Dawlinge my sonne and to his heires for ever All my freehold lands in Westerham aforesaid by what name or names soever they or any of them are called or knowne by or in whose hands occupacon or possession soever they are or any of them are reputed esteemed or taken to be the lands messuages or Tenements of mee the said Richard Dawlinge th'elder or to mee the said Richard th'elder any rent belonging and appperteyninge upon this Condicon and with this provisoe

that the said Richard my sonne his heires Executors administrators and assignes or some one of them shall paie or cause to be paid their severall porcons or sommes of money hereafter menconed that is to saie
to his three sisters Elizabeth Mary and Felix to each of them the somme of two hundred pounds apeece at theire severall ages of two and twentie yeares if they then shalbe livinge
And for default of payment of the severall portions aforesaid my will is that the said Elizabeth Mary and Felix or any of them or any of theire assignes for her or theire portion at her age aforesaid then due and payable shall and may lawfullie receive, take and enioy the rentes issues and profittes of all my freehold land in Westerham aforesaid untill the thereof and of every parte thereof shalbe fullie satisfied and paid and all theire costs charges and expenses in and about the gettinge and obtayninge of the same

And further my will is that none of my lands whereof Felix my Wife hath any ioynture or estate duringe her naturall life shalbe lyable or chargeable with the severall porcons aforesaid or with any of them

Item I give and bequeath to my said sonne Richard Dawlinge the some of Twentie pounds to be paid him by my Executrix within two monthes next after my decease for and towarde the payment of his fine to the lord of the Mannor for my Copyhold land

And I herby request my lovinge brother John Dawlinge and William Owtrem of Sundrithe (Sundridge) yeoman to be Overseers to this my last will and testament and to be ayding and assisting to my said Executrix in the due execution thereof aswell for the performance thereof as alsoe for the payments of my three daughters portions aforesaid And for their paines that they shall take in and about the same I give them tenne shillinges apeece

In witnes whereof to this my last will and testament I have hereunto sett my hand & seale the daie and yeare abovewritten Richard Dawlinge
Sealed and delivered published and declared to be the last will and testament of the said Richard Dawlinge th’elder in the presence of
William Outrem Thomas Twigge his marke

Memorandum that theis words videlicet (?) two and twentie in the first sheete were interlyned by the consent of the Testator in his life tyme and in the presence of
Agnes Dawlinge her marke mother to the Testator, William Outrem & John Dawlinge.

Probate 9 May 1633

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Will of Richard Dawlinge
Created by Maureen Rawson