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Will of John Culmer

of Deal, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury PROB 11/211, folio 377
Transcribed by Nol Siver
Upone the twentith of September one thousand six hundred forty nyne John Cullmer the elder of Deale parish being sick in bodie but of good understandinge did saie as followeith, That his mynde and will was, that his sonne John Cullmer should have his howse and land at Bradstair in the parish of Saint Peters in Tenett, payinge his Grandmother her Annuitie

Also his parte of his Shipp nowe belonginge to Sanwige And all his Sea craft and implements belonginge to the Sea, And Mast and Wood and all his Estate moveable and inmoveable, And that the said sonne should be his Executor to receive all and paie all,

But hee said that his wife should have his parte of that little Boate which his former wife had, And that if shee were then with childe, that childe should have halfe his howses in Deale And that his said wife should at her pleasure lyve at his howse in Deale with his said sonne for their mutuall comforte soo longe as shee shall remayne a Widdowe, And that shee should use the houshould stuffe there duringe the said time with his sonne,

And hee said that his former Wifes Mother should have all his parte of his little Boates and Cabell for longe as shee should lyve And afterward his sonne John should have them,

And he did saie that Susanna Right should have Tenn pound at her daie of marriage paid to her by his said sonne John, And that his said sonne should keepe and provide for her until shee is marryed alsoo to that his said sonne John should take Valentine Cullmer as his owne
The marke of Maria Nettor Witnesses hereunto James Henery Anne Culmer

Probatum fuit Testamentum suprascriptum apud London
[Will proved in London on 30 April 1650]

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Will of John Culmer
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