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Will of Valentine Culmer

of St Peters Thanet, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC 17, vol. 64, folio 169 [CKS]
Transcribed by NoŽl Siver
In the name of God Amen the fowrth day of July in the yeare of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ after the Computa[t]ion of the Church of England 1625: I Valentine Culmer of the parrish of St. Peters in the Isle of Thanet in the County of Kent ffisherman being in good health and perfect memory thankes bee given to God therefore doe make and ordeine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following: ffirst I bequeath my soule into the handes of Almighty God my heavenly ffather and to Jesus Christ his only sonne my Redeemer, home and through whose precious death and passion I only trust to bee saved and my body to be buried in ye Church or Church yard if it shall please God y [sic] I shall end my life upon the land at the discretion of myne executors:

Item I give and bequeath unto Margat my wife my bed and bedstedle wherein wee have alwayes layen standinge in the upper[?] lofte next the street furnished to have and to hold as long as shee shall live and after her decease it shall bee my sonne Valentines and his heires[.]
Also my wife shall have her dwelling in the part of that howse, yt now onto mother Cooke and her two sonnes dwells in or forty shillinges a yeare, soo long as shee lives, if that part shall stand soo long[.]
And my will is that my wife shall find all reparacons fitting and belonging unto that part of the foresaid house soo long as shee shall dwell therein and if shee doe remoove and dwell els where, shee shall have forty shillinges a yeare as afforesaid and the rest of the rent that shall rise, if there bee any shall goe towardes the bringing up of my children that shall bee youngest:
Also I give and bequeath unto Margat my wife three score pounds of Sterling english money to bee payd unto the said Margat my wife within fourteene monthes after my decease or such securitie as shee shall like well of wth ye consent of my overseers wch three score pounds aforemenconed after her decease shall bee repayd againe and equally devided amongst my children:

Also give and bequeath unto my daughter Ane Culmer at one and twenty yeares of age, forty pownds of sterling money:
Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne George Culmer whome I make my whole exsaketer the howse wherein I doe now dwell in wth the kitchin[,] herring howse[,] fish house[,] garden backe=place, and the fore=place wth the well to draw water for his owne use and not to deny any of his brethren at their need soe as they shall come quietly and in convenient tyme bearing part of the reparacons:
Also I doe give and bequeath un to my sonne George Culmer aforenamed two Acres of land lying in the great Close ioyning unto my brother John Culmers land whereon the said John Culmers barne standeth, and is for to ly all along the hedge, from the high way west till cometh unto the land that Thomas Browne bought of Mr. Elwood :

Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Mykill Culmer the house wherein John Curling now dwelleth wth the done-howse and store=house wth all the plate, roome, passages what soever at the age of one and twenty yeares:
Also I give and bequeath unto my sonne Valentine Culmer that part of my tenement that now Thomas Russell dwelleth in and all the remainder of the fore named close, except halfe one acre, adioyining and lying convenient unto the other part of the house which Margate my wife shall have during her life or forty shillinges a yeare as afforesaid and after my wives decease it shall be my sonne Valentine Culmers, I meane the whole house and the remainder of all the close when my sonne George Culmer hath had two Acres lying all along the north side and bownding as afforesaid:

Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Joseph Culmer those fower parcells of land wch lye in the ffeilds that is to say one peece of land lying at Brumslone Chalkepet another ioyning unto William Cookes, the third ioyning unto John Wylles, and ye fowrth and last parcell of land ioyneth unto the lands of Nicholas Yoakely conteyning by estimacon halfe an aker;
Also my will is that my sonne George Culmer shall have the ffreedome of the pear [pier?] edge, and all that my right of the peare=greene and chalk-howse thereunto belonging[.]
Also if my wife bee wth child, and if it bee a boy hee shall have fowrty pownd of lawfull money, if a mayd shee shall have twenty pounds of lawfull money of England:

And also my mind is when all my debts and legacies bee satisfied and paid that all the overplus of my Goods shall bee equally devided by my overseers betwixt my sonns and my mind is that none of them shall receive or enter upon his or her porcon untill they accomplish the age of one and twenty yeares, and soe by degrees as they shall come of age, And my mind is that all the moveable goods[?] shall bee imployed honestly and lawfully according to the Kinges lawes, and last the increase and benefit thereof shall bee towards the keeping of my children to schoole, and mainteyning them with ffoode and rayment,
Also I give unto my wife the cupboord in the hall and two sufficient chest[,] fower payre of sheetes, one iron pot and two indifferent kettell[,] a payre of pothanger,
Also I give to my sonne George Culmer, one cypres chest and one other chest, which my wife shall thinke fit:
Item I bequeath unto the poore of St. Peters xx s / exaiatur

Probatum fuit [Will proved 18 October 1625]

Fisherman Valentine Culmer, son of yeoman George Culmer and Alice Caunty, was baptised at St Peters in Thanet on 15 Feb 1578/79. Although an entry was not found in the parish register he is supposed to have married Margaret Nethersole by licence at St Maryís Sandwich on 13 March 1607/08. Valentine Culmer was buried at St Peters Thanet on 17 Sept 1625.

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Will of Valentine Culmer
Created by Maureen Rawson