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Will of John Culmer

of St Peter's, Thanet, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/51/410, Probate 28 Jul 1600
Transcribed by NoŽl Siver
John Culmer the elder, yeoman of Dumpton, St Peter's, Thanet, will dated 14 Aug 1598
my bodie to be buried in the pishe churche of Ste Peter the Apostle aforesaid nere to the place where my late wife was buried
to eight poore men of that pishe viii d for their labour in carrieinge of my bodye to the churche

unto George Culmer my eldest sonne my cipresse chest the bordel bedstedle standinge in the loft over the flor, with a fetherbedd, a bolster, a pillowe, one paire of blanketts and a coveringe, my best bras pott, the lesser brewinge cawderne, one hanginge kettelle and iii wracke pannes, one cowe and foure sheepe

to Henrye Culmer my second sonne the ioynd bedstead standinge in the flor with the fetherbedd, a bolster, a pillowe, and paire of blanketts and my best coverings, and the fayrest chest standinge in that parlor, the cupbord and table in the haule with the forme and benches to the same, my second bras pott, the greatest brewinge cawderne, one hanginge kettell, iii wracke pannes, one cowe and fowre sheepe

to Guilford Culmer my third sonne the bedstedle that I nowe lye in, the fetherbed, a bolster, one pillow, one paire of blanketts, and the blacke coveringe, one greate chest wherein my fyne lynnen doth lye, my third brasse pott, and copper kettle and one other hanginge kettle and iii wracke pannes, one weaninge calfe and iiii sheepe and the cupbord that is in the butterie

to Margaret Springe my daughter nowe wife of Robert Springe xxs and to everie of her children xii d to be paid within one yeare next after my decease if they be then lyvinge
to my daughter Jone Wylde nowe wife of Robte Wilde xxs and to all the residue of her children nowe lyvinge (excepte Edward Wylde her sonne) to everie of them xii d to be paid within one yeare next after my decease to so manye as they are lyvinge
to the said Edward Wylde my godsonne xxs a little bras pott, one wracke pann, a flocke bedd, a blankett, a coveringe, a bolster, one paire of shooes and the cheste nowe standinge at my bedds foote where I lye: All wch my legacies willed before to the same Edward I will shalbe delyvered to him at or before the ffeast of Easter next ensewinge after my decease

to Cecillye Awdryan my daughter Awdrens childe one flockbedd with the hucklebedd she nowe lyeth uppn, one bolster, one blankett, a redd coveringe and two paire of sheetes and a little pillowe, my chest standinge by my bedds foote, the handle chafer, with a small kettle called the copr kettle, one wracke panne and fortie shillings, all wch things I will shalbe delyvered to her at her age of fourteene yeares if she be then lyvinge Otherwise the same to rest in the hands of my Executors

to Edward Culmer my godsonne xs, the beast sylver spoone & one wracke pan
to Elizabeth Culmer my goddaughter my Mazer cupp and one stuppen and one wracke panne
to Martha Culmer the daughter of George Culmer my sonne, one ewe lambe and one wracke panne
to John Awdrian my daughters sonne iiis iiiid And to Edward his brother other iiis iiiid to be paid to everie of them within three yeares next after my decease
to George and Henrie my two sonnes my stoole standinge in the churche
to everye of my sonnes George, Henrye and Guilford to everie of them one sylver spoone.

All the residue of my moveable goods, cattell and chattells whatsoever remayninge after my debtes legacies and funerall expences be pformed I will shalbe equallie devided to and amonge the said George Henrye and Guylford my sonnes by even portions, wch said George, Henrye & Gylford I doe make and ordaine my executors to see this my last will and testament in all points performed and fulfilled according to the true meaninge thereof
And I will that the said George my sonne shall have the custodie and bringinge upp of the said Cecillie Awdryan and the keepinge and guydinge of her said portion untill she shall accomplishe her said age of fourteene yeares.

In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale dated the daye and yeare first above written be me John Culmer sealed published & delyvered in the presence of
Robte Webb writer hereof & Thomas Culmer by his marke

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Will of John Culmer
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