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Will of William Cox

of Broomfield, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC16/409 C/7, Probate 13 Sep 1743
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
In the Name of God Amen the Six & Twentieth day of April in the thirteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second King over Great Brittain ec & in the year of our Lord 1740.
I William Cox of Bromfield in the County of Kent yeoman being of sound & disposing Mind & Memory Do make this my last Will & Testament in Manner following (that is to say)
First as touching that Estate as well real as personal whereof I am possessed or any ways intituled unto either in possession or Revertion & which I have any right or power to dispose of I give & dispose thereof as followeth

I give and devise unto my beloved wife Elianor Cox & to her Assigns for & during the term of her natural Life one Annuity or clear yearly payment of Tenn pounds per Annum of lawful money of great Brittain (free from all Taxes or other deductions whatsoever) issuing payable & going out of All that my Messuage Farm Lands & premises in Bromfield aforesaid wherein I now live which I do hereby charge with the payment thereof by equall quarterly payments (vizt) upon the Feast days of St Michael the Archangel, the feast day of the birth of our Lord Christ, the Annuntiation of the blessed Virgin Mary & the feast of St John the Baptist, The first payment to begin & be made upon the first of the said Feast days which shall happen next after my decease

And in default or for non payment thereof & so often as the said Annuity or any part thereof shall be behind or unpaid within one & twenty days next after the same shall become due as aforesaid It shall be lawfull for my said wife Eleanor & her assigns to make Distress & distresses on the said premises or any part thereof & such Distress & distresses to lead drive take away sell & dispose of for the payment & satisfaction of her said Annuity & all arrears thereof as shall be then due with the Costs & charges occasioned thereby And for want of such Distress to enter on the said Messuage Lands & premises hereby charged therewith & to hold & enjoy the same & take the profits thereof until payment of all the arrears thereof & of all such Costs & Charges which my said Wife shall have been at or putt unto in the Recovery of the same

Item I give and devise unto my son Nicholas Cox & his assigns one Annuity or yearly payment of Six pounds per Annum of lawfull Money to be issuing & going out of the Messuage Lands & premises abovementioned & to be paid unto him free from all Taxes or other deduccons by equall quarterly payments for & during so long as he shall continue to live single & unmarried to be paid at the respective Feast days & times & in like manner
And for default of payment subject to the like Distress & distresses sale & sales And for want of distress to have power to make entrys on the said Lands & premises & to hold & enjoy the same until his said Annuity & all arrears & all Costs & Charges be paid & satisfied as fully & effectually as my said wife is impowered to do in default of payment of the said Annuity

And my will and meaning further is that immediately from & after the Intermarriage of my said Son Nicholas his said Annuity shall cease & be no longer paid And I do hereby give & bequeath unto him the summe of one hundred pounds of Lawfull Money of great Brittain in liew of his said Annuity to be paid unto him with Interest for the same within six months next after such his marriage
And I do hereby also Charge my said Messuage Lands & premises before mentioned with the payment of the said summe of one hundred pounds & for non- payment thereof I do hereby Impower my said Son Nicholas to Distrain upon the said Farm for the same And for want of Distress & distresses to enter thereon & hold & enjoy the same & receive the rents & profits thereof in as ample a manner as my said wife may do for the Recovery of her said Annuity & to use all other lawfull ways & means for the Recovery thereof & of all his Costs & Charges which he shall be putt to in the Recovery of the same

And my Will & mind further is that in Case my said Son Nicholas shall happen to be afflicted with sickness before such his Marriage & thereby rendered incapable to support himself That during such sickness or incapacity I do hereby order & direct that my son Robert Cox shall supply & support his said Brother Nicholas in proportion to his Necessities not exceeding the Summe of Two Shillings & six pence per week All which Moneys with interest for the same shall be deducted & detained by my said Son Robert out of the said one hundred pounds when the same shall become payable & to be accounted & taken as part of payment thereof

Item I give unto my loving wife Elianor the bed whereon we usually lye with all the apparel & furniture thereunto belonging as also one equall half part of all my linen & pewter

Item I give unto my Son & Daughters John Cox, Ann Godden & Elizabeth Hatch the sum of five Shillings each I having already given them what I think sufficient
& to my grandsons William & Joseph Cox five shillings each

Item I give devise & bequeath unto my said son Robert Cox & to his heirs & Assigns for ever All that my Messuage Farm Lands & premises wherein I now live in Bromfield aforesaid (Subject nevertheless to the said Annuities & payments abovementioned) & all & every other my reall Estate whatsoever
And as to all the rest & residue of my personal Estate not herein before given & disposed of (after the payment of all my just Debts Legacies & Funeral Charges) I give devise & bequeath unto my said Son Robert Cox

And I do hereby make Constitute & appoint my said Wife Eleanor & my said Son Robert Cox joint Executors of this my last Will hereby revoking & making void all former Wills by me formerly made

In witness whereof I the said William Cox to this my last Will & Testament contained in two Sheets of paper to the first whereof I have sett my hand & to the last my hand & Seale the day & year first abovewritten ./. William Cox W his mark
Signed sealed delivered published & declared by the said William Cox the Testator as & for his last Will & Testament in the presence of us who at his request & in his presence have subscribed our Names as Witnesses hereunto :
Anthony Idenden Senior, Anthony Iddenden, Samuel Belcher

Probate : 13 September 1743 before the Reverend James Henstridge Clerk Surrogate In the presence of me John Keet

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Will of William Cox
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