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Will of William Cox

of Maidstone, Kent

Source: Consistory Court of Canterbury PRC31/136 C/1
Submitted by Mary Connaughton
In the Name of God Amen, I William Cox of Maidstone in the County of Kent do make this my last will & testament the first day of August 1666.
Inprimus I commit my Sowl to God that gave it mee & my Boddy to the Earth.

Item I doe will & appoint that my land & house with the appurtenances thereto belonging in Upchurch & all my houses nere Maidstone pound? with all their five severall Gardens, all other Nesesaries to them belonging to be sold to pay my debts by my Loving Ounkell Mr Edward Cox of Seale in the same County whom I make Executor of this my last Will & Testament
and likewise I doe mak my dear & loving Wiffe Executrix & likewise my daughter Anna Cox another Executrix so that they three or Any two of them have as full power to sell them as law can make them.

Item I give my soone William Cox solely unto my very lovinge good Father Mr James Belfut of Seale in Kent

I give to my loving wife the house I now livin, for Twenty years in Case shee live so long for to bring use hir small ones I meane Children & when the Twenty years ar expired I give the same house to my soone William Cox, provided that he pay to his dear Mother twenty five shillings every quarter which is five pounds a year so long as she shall live ortherwise his mother is to disenter him for non payment & for my eight daughters I leave them to the discretion of my wife, but I would faine my William may be brought up to lerning if he can attain to it for I have schole books for him,

(the word in upchurch is enterlined betwixt the 4 & 5 lines, the word ayeare is enterlined in & betwixt the 19 & twentieth line)

In testificatio that is my last will & Testament I do sett to my Hand & seale & in Case he prove a Chirurgeon I have book & other neseraries for him
By me William Cox

This will was written by the Testator himself, William Cox “Chirurgion”, who was buried in All Saints church, Maidstone, on 6 February 1667.
Probate was granted 27 Mar 1667 to his wife “Maria” (or Mary?), Anna and Edward Cox.

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Will of William Cox
Created by Maureen Rawson