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Will of John Cooper

of Littlebourne, Kent

Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury PRC17/41/134
Submitted by Veronica Nops
In the Name of God Amen the 17th Day of Apryl in the yeare of Our Lord God a thousand fyve hundred and seventye one.
I JOHN COOPER of Lyttlebourne in the Countye of Kent Yeoman Beinge Sick in Bodye but of Good and perfect remembrance laude and prase be gyven to God do make and ordayne this my present Testament and last Will in manner and forme followinge.
Fyrst I comend my soule unto my Lord and Savyor Jesus Christ by the merytts of whose most precyous death and passion onlye I do stedfastlye beleve and am surelye persuaded to have remyssyon of all my synnes.
And I comytt my bodye to the earthe to be buryed in Lyttlebourne Churche.
Item I gyve to be dystybuted to the poore of Lyttlebourne in money at the Daye of my Buryall 10 shillings.
I gyve towards the reparacons of the Churche of Lyttle bourne 10 shillings.

Item I gyve to JOANE my wyef durynge all the terme of her naturall lyef my howse or tenemente with the orcharde hereunto belongynge with all and syngular the appurtenances thereunto belongynge sett lyeinge and beinge in Lyttlebourne aforesayde and she to make neither scrippe nor wast.

Item I gyve unto the sayd JOANE my wyef halfe my idishe lyenge in Wickham Valley durynge also the whole terme of her naturall lyef.
I gyve unto the sayd JOANE my wyef 10 of my best kyen to be takin at her owne choyse.
And I also gyve unto my sayd wyef the one halfe of all my householde.
Item I gyve unto her also my graye amblynge mare and 3 hoggs.
Item I gyve unto my wyef 6 ewes frelye to be kepte for her uppon my farme grounds durynge her naturall lyef if my lease doe so longe contynue.

Item I gyve to my sayd wyef yearelye durynge and the tyme of her naturall lyef three quarters of good wheate and three quarters of good barley to be delyvered unto her soelye at her mansyon and dwellinge place where she shall happen to dwell
Item I gyve unto my sayd wyef durynge all the tyme and terme of her naturall lyef oute of my landes in Byrchington yearlye 26 shillings and eighte pence quarterlye to be payd
And also my best standynge bedd thoroughe furnyshed with all thereunto belongethe with one flock bedd with all that thereunto belongynge and my flock bedstole.

Item I will that my sonne ROBERT shall yearelye and frelye delyver unto his sayd mother and my wyef at her mansyon howse 20 loade of woodd for her fyer.
Item I gyve to DOROTHE COOPER one cowe and in money fortye shillings.
Item I gyve unto JOANE ARNOLD my mayde two yerynge bullocks and a payre of sheites.
Item I gyve to THOMAS SALYE his wyef 12 monthinge calfs.

The resydue of all my movable goods not before gyven and bequeathed after my debts payd my legacyes performed and my funerall payd I wholye gyve and bequeathe unto ROBERTE COOPER my sonne.
Item I gyve to ROBERTE COOPER my sonne and to his heyres and assignes forever my tenements and landes in Lyttleboume with all and syngular the appurtenances thereunto belongynge ymmedyatlye after the decease of JOANE my wyef.
Item I gyve unto my sayd sonne ROBERTE COOPER and his heyres and assignes forever all my landes and tenements with all and syngular their appurtenances in Byrchington and Wyckham Breux except before excepted.

And of this my presente Testament and last Will I make and ordayne my sole and onlye Executor ROBERTE COOPER my sonne. And I desyre my fryende ROBERTE SYMES to be Overseer of the same whome I gyve for his paynes therin to be taken twentye shillings.

These beinge Wytnesses

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Will of John Cooper
Created by Maureen Rawson