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Will of John Cogger

of Sevenoaks, Kent

Source: Lambeth - VH96/3673
Transcribed by Patricia Salter
In the name of God Amen this eight day of November in the ffourth year of the reigne of our Sovraigne Lady Ann by the Grace of God of England Scotland Ffrance & Ireland queene & defender of the ffaith etc Anno dom[ini] 1705 I John Cogger the Elder of Sevenoaks in the County of Kent yeoman being in good health & of sound & disposing mind & memorie (praised be God) do make and ordaine this my last will & testament in maner following (that is to say) ffirst I comitt my soule into the hands of Allmighty God my creator, trusting for salvation through the merritts of Christ my redeemer and my body I committ to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executrix & Executor hereafter named And as to my estate both reall & personall I give & dispose thereof as followeth

Item I give & bequeath unto my three daughters Elizabeth Mary & Margarett one Guinea apeice & to my daughter Edith one shilling to be paid unto them by my Executrix & Executor hereafter named within one month after my decease
Item I give & bequeath unto my youngest daughters Jane & Ann Cogger the sums of one hundred pounds apeice of lawfull money of England to be paid unto them within Six Months after my decease out of the money which shall bee raised by sale of my Messuages & lands herein ordered to be sold by my Executrix & Executor

Item All the rest & residue of my Goods cattell chattells debts ready money bills bonds leases & mortgages & other my personall estate whatsoever I give & bequeath unto my dear & loveing wife Elizabeth Cogger & to my eldest sonn John Cogger equally to be devided betweene them (they paying & dischardgeing my debts lecacies funerall expenses & probac[i]on of this will) and I hereby make & ordaine my said loveing wife Elizabeth & my said sonn John Cogger full & sole Executrix & Executor of this my last Will & Testament, and as concerneing my land & tenem[ents] I give and dispose thereof as followeth

Item I give & bequeath unto my said loveing wife Elizabeth & to my said sonn John Cogger All that my Messuage or tenem[ent] called little Kippington with the barnes stables outhouses yard garden & orchard & ffive peices or parcels of land with the appurtenances thereunto belonging contayneing by estimacon seaventeene acres more or less situate lyeing & being in Seavenoaks aforesaid and now in the tenure or occupac[i]on of William Butterfeild or his assignes, and also three messuages or tenem[ents] with the outhouses yards gardens orchards & appurtenances to them or either of them belonging or appeteyneing situate lyeing & being in Seavenoaks towne in Seavenoaks aforesaid & now in the severall tenures or occupac[i]ons of John Williams _______ Cater & ______ Boreman widdow or there assigne or assignes to have and to hold to my said loveing wife Elizabeth & my sonn John Cogger their heires & assignes for ever (the aforesaid Messuage lands & premisses called Little Kippington chargeable with a Mortgage of two hundred pounds with interest which I lately made to my daughter Mary Harrod but uppon speciall trust & confidence in my said wife & sonn John reposed that they or the survivor of them or the heires of the survivor shall & doe with all convenient speed they can sell & dispose of the aforesaid messuages or tenem[ents] lands & p[re]miss[es] with thappertenances for the most they can gett for the same and with the money thereof raised to pay my aforesaid daughters Ann & Jane Cogger there legacies of one hundred pounds apeice, My will & meaneing is that my said two daughters legacies of one hundred pounds apeice shall be putt out att interest by my said loveing wife & my sonn John untill my said daughters shall attain there respective ages of one & twenty years or dayes of mariage w[hic]h shall ffirst happen and the loane or interest thereof made or ariseing to goe towards my said daughters maintenance & education and the overpluss of the money that shall be made by sale of my aforesaid messuages lands & tenem[en]ts if any be after the aforesaid mortgage of two hundred pounds & the interest thereof & my two youngest daughters portions paid and my wife & sonn Johnís charges & expenses paid that they or either of them shall be att in the selling or disposeing of my said messuages lands & tenem[en]ts shall be equally devided between & amongst my ffour sonns John William Ffrancis & Thomas Cogger share & share alike

Item all other my messuages or tenem[en]ts lands & hereditam[en]ts whatsoever & wheresoever in the County of Kent or elsewhere in the Kingdom of England in whose possession soever the same are in & not herein mentioned to be sold & disposed of (except my wifes joynture and that alsoe after her decease I give and bequeath unto my aforesaid ffour sonns John Cogger William Cogger Ffrancis Cogger & Thomas Cogger to have and to hold to them there heires & assignes forever (as tennants in comon & not joynt tennants In witness whereof I the said John Cogger the Elder have to this my last will & testament revoakeing all former wills by me made, written in two sheets of paper to each sheet thereof sett my hand & seale the day and yeare ffirst above written
Signed sealed published & declared by the said John Cogger the Elder to be his last will & testament in the presence of us who in his presence subscribed our hands as witnesses hereunto
Elizabeth French - Tho. Streatfeild - John Frances
John Cogger (signature & seal)
(probate 20th Nov 1707)

AN INVENTORY of John Cogger 1707

A true and perfect Inventory of all & singular the goods cattell chattells debts creditt & personall estate of John Cogger late of Sevenoaks in the County of Kent yeoman deceased taken & apprized the three & twentieth day of September in the sixth year of the reigne of our Sovraigne Lady Ann by the Grace of God of Great Brittain Ffrance Ireland queene defender of the ffaith etc Anno Dom[ini] 1707 by John Cooke & Samuel Hawes as followeth (that is to say)

  								£	s	d
Imprimis	the deceaseds wareing apparrell of all
		sortes						2	0	0
In the kitchen in the deceaseds dwelling house
Item		two payer of andirons one payer of 
		Creepers ffyer pann and tongs one forke two
		spitts one iron coverlide ffour box irons & heaters
                seaven candlesticks & two gridd irons one 
                tosting iron two tables six chayers one 
                gunn & one lanthorne				2	0	0	
In the Washhouse
Item		ffour copper boylers  ffive brass kettles
		ffour brass skillets one little iron kettle
		one chorne ffour milke trays ffive pailes
		two little coolers twelve pewter dishes 
		one cheese plate two douzen & halfe of 
		plates two porrengers two sawcers &
		two pewter candlesticks			        2	13	0

In the Hall
Item		two tables & two chayers			0	5	0
In the Parlor
Item		one payer of andirons fyer shovell &
		tongs two tables & twelve chayers		2	5	0

In the Brewhouse
Item		two brass ffurnances one bucken tubb
		one mashfat ffower coolers one sive &
		one tapp hoose					1	7	0

In the Greate Celler				                £	s	d
Item		two leads three milke trays two 
		powdering tubbs one payer of skailes
		& waites three drinke tubbs two douzen
                of bottles one sive				1	5	0

In the Little Celler
Item		ffour drinke tubbs nine coolers & two
		scalders					0	18	0

In the Bunting Room
Item		three drinke tubbs one bunting hutch
		two meale tubbs two meale baggs one sive
		one little cooler & one scalder		        0	12	0

In the parlor chamber at topp of the Stayers
Item		one payer of andirons ffyer shovell & tongs
		one payer of bellows one beddstedle curtained 
		vallance feather bedd boulster pillowes
		blanketts quilt & all thereto belonging
		one chest of drawers one table seaven kaine
		chayers three window curtaines two curtaine rodds
                one lookeing glass & one clocke		        7	10	0

In the little chamber over the porch
Item		one beddstedle curtained vallance bedd 
                blankett & rugg				        1	0	0

In the hall chamber
Item		One payer of andirons one beddstedle curtained
                Vallance featherbedd boulster & pillowes
                blanketts counterpaine & all thereto belonging
                one old chest of drawers two chests
		seaven chayers one looking glass two windowe
		curtaines & rodds				6	10	0

In the chamber over the bunting room
Item		one beddstedle one trundle bedd two ffeather
		bedds and all to them belonging & two
		chests						2	10	0

In the chamber over the brewhouse
Item		one beddstedle flockbedd & all thereto
		belonging					0	10	0

Item		eighteene payer of sheetes twelve 
		pillowbeers twelve tablecloathes three
		douzen of napkins twelve towells & other
		linnen						9	0	0

Item		one silver tanckard one silver cupp one
		silver porrenger one silver taster & two
		silver spoones					8	0	0

In the Barnes
Item		wheat & barley & oates peas clover logs	        71	10	0
Item		six worken oxen				        21	0	0
Item		seaven young bullockes			        10	0	0
Item		seaven cowes & ffour calves			17	0	0
Item		three horses & mares				6	0	0
Item		ffive shoates					5	0	0
Item		six score lambs & sheepe			24	0	0
Item		one waggon two courts one water carte one
		plow three harrowes & all other  husbandry
		tackleing					8	5	0
Item		for the stocke of hoppoles on all the
		gardens					        60	0	0
Item		for the growth of underwood on Everlands	
		& chesnutt shawes				5	10	0
Item		six hundred of hopps growing on Everlands
		hopgarden					24	0	0
Item		five & thirty hundred of hopps growing on
		the joynture lands				145	0	0
Item		three & thirty hundred of hopps growing
		on Lawrences & Gravell Gardens		        132	0	0

Item		in ready money				        12	0	0
Item		debts sperate & desperate			30	0	0
Item		old lumber					0	5	0

				Sum Total			619	15	0
John Cooke
Sammuell Hawes	Aprizors

22 November 1707

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Will of John Cogger
Created by Maureen Rawson