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Will of John Cogger

of Sevenoaks, Kent

Transcribed by Patricia Salter
In the name of God Amen I John Coggar of the parish of Sevenoaks in the County of Kent yeoman being sick of body but of perfect mind and memory (praised be God therefore) I do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following vizt: Inprimis I bequeath my soule to Almighty God who in[fused?] the same trusting through the meritts and passion of Christ Jesus my blessed Redeemer to obtain pardon[?] for my sinnnes and also[?] a joyful resurrection to life everlasting My body I comitt to the earth to be decently interred by my Executor hereafter named, And as touching that Estate wherewith God hath blessed mee I dispose thereof as followeth -

Inprimis I nominate and appoint my sonne John executor of this my last will and testament
Item I give unto my loving wife Margaret the moyety of all my household goods whatsoever, more I give unto her tenne pounds a year during her natural life out of the profits of my messuages and lands to be payed unto her by my executor half yearly by equal portions, in lieu and satisfaction of her Right of Dower to my said lands and tenements, and for default of payment thereof within fforeteene dayes after any halfe year after my decease it shall be lawfull for hir to enter into any and every of my messuages or tenements or lands and thereon to disteyne and the distresses there taken to retaine and keepe untill payment thereof be made together with all expenses and charges, More I give unto her one [Cow?]

Item I give unto my grandchild John Berdsworth sonne of my daughter Edy Berdsworth tenne pounds of lawfull money of England to be payed unto him at his age of ffifteene yeares (if he soe long live).
Item to Thomas Berdsworth one other of hir sonnes ffive pounds at his age of ffifteene yeares (if he soe long live).
Item I give unto my grandsonne John Harres sonne of my daughter Mary one annuity of fforty shillings a yeare out of my lands and tenements at Dibden in the parish of Sevenoaks to be payed unto him half yearly by my said executor, the first payment to begin next half yeare after my wife Margaret decease for and during the term of his naturall life.
Item I give unto my ffive grandchildren Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Edy and Margaret daughters of my said daughter Mary ffive pounds a piece at their severall ages of ffifteene yeares if they so long live.

Item I give unto my said daughters Mary Harres and Edy Berdsworth tenne pounds a piece to be payed unto them by my executor […?] twelve months after my decease.
The rest and residue of all and singular my messuages and tenements lands and hereditaments and all my goods cattle and chattells whatsoever my debts legacyes and ffunerall expenses being payed I wholy give to my said sonne and executor desireing him to fullfill this my will in all respects. In witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale (revoking all former wills by me made and declaring this for my last will and testament the three and twentieth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty and six.
His mark

Sealed and delivered and published and declared for his last will and testament in the presence of
Chris. Thomas
Thomas Playston his marke
Thomas Giles
his marke

Jurat[um] fuit John Coggar Ex(ecu)tor … die festo[?] nominat 27* die mens[i]s october Ao dni 1666to coram me Ed. Clerke, Surr.

Probatum fuit hunc testamentum viresimo Septimo die mensis octobris anno d[omin]I 1666 coram venti viro Edwardo Herbe sanctae theologiae professori surrogato ..oulis viri do[min]i Egidij Sweite[?] juranto John Coggar executoris in ec cui ec de bene ec ad s[anc]ta[?] dei evangelia jurat. [The legal bit - most of it standard contractions]

AN INVENTORY of all and singular the goods & chattells & credits of John Coggar late whilst he lived of the parish of Sevenoaks in the County of Kent yeoman deceased taken and prized the Nine and Twentieth day of October Anno d[omin]i 1666 by John Harres & John Berdsworth as followeth vizt://

In the Hall

Inprimis one old table and forme one litle table one
litle cubbord  certaine old chayres 2 joyned stooles
with the pothangers ffireirons fire [shovell?] & tongs	       v	xxj s		
Item certen Pewter vizt 8 pieces 	v				xs
						Suma			xxxjs
In the Chamber over the Hall

Item the testators wearing apparrell	       v			xls
Item one joyned table 4 joyned stooles one chest one
Trunk & one chayre		v					xxs
Item one bedsted & curten and vallence one fflockbed 
with the ffurniture to the same belonging	v			xxxs
Item 6 p[ai]r of sheets & some other small linnen	v		ls
						Suma		xijl
In the Chamber over the Buttery

Item 2 fflockbeds with the ffurniture & one old cheste	v	        xxxs
Item 3 brasse kettles, 2 ironpots & 3 brasse skillets 
a warming pan, pestle & mortar	v				        xxxs
Item 3 kilderkins 3 pailes with all other wooden 
vessells about the house						xiijs    iiijd
Item 3 bags of Hops being Browne
waying about 600 lb wayte		v			xijl
Item 4or bushels of wheate		v				viijs
						Suma		xvjl     js     iiijd
Without Doores

Item 15 cox[?] of ots 5 cox[?] of wheate
2 load of hayy a few pease		v			iiijl     xs
Item 2 hogs & 4or shoots[?]		v			iijl
Item certain implements of husbandry	v			        xxxs
Item 4or bullocks	v					 viijl
Item one mare & a colt	v					 iijl
Item xxty ewes & lambes	v					 vl
Item all the stock of hoppoles being upon 5 acres of ground	 xxl
Item certain lumber about the house & things unseen
& forgotten		v					 vl
Item in ready money in the house				xxl
Item owing to the deceased at the time of his death	v	xxxvl
						Suma		lxvijl

					SUMA TOTALIS		lxxxxjl
[actually, £91-12-4, rounded down]
Chris[topher] Thomas
E fini fuit huius[?] Inventorium ultimo die mensis octobrisI Ano dni 1666 per manu  xxofori Thomas 
Noriis publica……………………etc. [The usual legal bit]

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Will of John Cogger
Created by Maureen Rawson