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Kent Coastguard Stations

1871 Census

Transcribed by Dorothy Holden

See also Isle of Sheppey coastguards.

Coastguard Station at Hougham, near Dover, Kent 

WILLIAMS Joseph G married aged 40 Chief Officer and guard b All Saints Canterbury
Mary A wife aged 40 b Seasalter, Kent
Fanny B daughter aged 11 Scholar b Frister, Sussex
Eliza G daughter aged 8 b Holywell, Old Eastbourne, Sussex

1 Coastguard Station
OLIVER George married aged 40 Coastguard man b Middlesex
Sarah wife aged 41 b Cathrington, Southampton

2 Coastguard Station

COOK Thomas J married aged 43 Coastguard man b Ireland
Elizabeth J wife aged 41 b Plymouth, Devon
Thomas J son age 11 Scholar b Preston Dorset
William H son aged 9 Scholar b Preston Dorset
Ellen daughter aged 7 Scholar b Preston Dorset
Charles A son aged 5 Scholar b Guston Kent
Elizabeth J daughter aged 3 b Dover Kent
George A son aged 2 b Dover Kent
Alfred J son aged 1 month b Dover Kent

3 Coastguard Station

WELLARD Henry married aged 34 Coastguard man b Deal Kent
Martha wife aged 30 b Queensborough Kent
Henry R son aged 5 b Fishergate, Sussex
Arthur J son aged 3 b Fishergate, Sussex

4 Coastguard Station

PETTET John E J married aged 30 Coastguard man b Deal Kent
Catherine E wife aged 28 b Woolwich Kent
John W son aged 1 b Hougham, Kent
WOODALL Catherine widow aged 60 Mother b Winterbourne, Berkshire

5 Coastguard Station

BOOTYMAN Charles married aged 33 Coastguard man b Plymouth Devon
Ann L wife aged 27 b East Allington Devon
Charles son aged 2 b Plymouth Devon

6 Coastguard Station

SIMPSON Thomas married aged 40 Chief Boatman b Scotland
Ann wife aged 37 b Weymouth Dorset
William J son aged 11 Scholar b Cowes Isle of Wight
Ann S daughter aged 13 Scholer b Weymouth Dorset

7 Coastguard Station

WADE John married aged 41 Coastguard man b Folkestone Kent
Charlotte S wife aged 35 b Dover
Emma S daughter Scholar aged 11 b Dover Kent
Charlotte M daughter Scholar aged 8 b Dover Kent
Harriet M daughter aged 3 b Hougham Kent

8 Coastguard Station

PAGE John married aged 42 Coastguard man b Greenwich Kent
Janet A wife aged 39 b Woolwich Kent
Frances A daughter aged 8 Scholar b Burling Gap Sussex
John J W son aged 5 Scholar b Burling Gap Sussex
Alfred G son aged 4 b Burling Gap Sussex
Henry C son aged 2 b Hythe Kent
Walter C son aged 9 months b Hougham Kent

9 Coastguard Station

DIBBLE Thomas married aged 46 Coastguard man b Middlesex
Margaret wife aged 37 b Scotland
Margaret daughter unmarried aged 17 b Romney Kent
Thomas J son aged 14 Scholar b Romney Kent
William son aged 10 Scholar b West Hythe Kent
Joseph son aged 8 Scholar b West Hythe Kent
Mary E daughter aged 6 b Hougham
Frederick son aged 4 b Hougham

10 Coastguard Station

WEBSTER William married aged 41 b At Sea
Sarah wife aged 39 b Gosport Hants
William H son aged 12 Scholar b Gosport Hants
James son aged 5 Scholar b Gosport Hants
Sarah A daughter aged 4 b Gosport Hants
Thomas E son aged 3 b Gosport Hants
Caroline E daughter aged 9 months b Hougham

Hougham Lodge Cottage

BISHOP William A married aged 39 Coastguard man b Dover Kent
Catherine S wife aged 35 b Dover Kent

GRIGGS James married aged 51 Coastguard man b River Kent
Eliza wife aged 49 b Eastry Kent
Edmund son aged 21 unmarried Farm Servant b St Mawes, Cornwall
William son aged 11 Farm Servant b St Just Cornwall
Ellen granddaughter aged 2 b Buckland Kent
MARTIN Walter no occupation or relationship given aged 16 b Eastry

Lydden Spout Coastguard station

PENNICK Thomas W married aged 40 Coastguard b Brightingsea Essex
Jane wife aged 35 b London Middlesex
Edward son aged 13 Scholar b Folkestone Kent
Frances daughter aged 11 Scholar b Folkestone Kent
George son aged 9 Scholar b Folkestone Kent
Alice daughter aged 6 Scholar b Folkestone Kent
Thomas son aged 3 b Folkestone Kent
Harry son aged 1 b Hougham  Blind in left eye from Scarlet Fever

CARD  Edward married aged 43 Coastguard b Sandwich Kent
Lydia E wife aged 33 b Dover Kent
Robert H son aged 6 Scholar b Worthing Kent
Adelaide daughter aged 5 Scholar b Hougham Kent
Lydia E daughter aged 3 b Lydd Kent
Eliza A daughter aged 2 b Lydd Kent

PARTINGTON Edward married aged 31 Coastguard b Cheshire
Fanny wife aged 25 b London Middlesex

WEST William married aged 45 Coastguard b Chatham
Harriet wife aged 41 b Waterloo Hants

ROBINSON William married aged 49 Chief Boatman in Charge of Lydden Spout C.G.Station b Larne, Ireland
Mary A wife aged 46 b Fovey Cornwall
Mary E daughter aged 11 Scholar b Gosport Hants

BROWN John married aged 34 Coastguard b Chislehurst Kent
Harriet wife aged 38 b Southampton Hants
Harriet E daughter aged 9 months b Hougham

IRWIN George R unmarried aged 28 Coastguard b Portsmouth Hants

RULE William married aged 44 Coastguard b Devonport Devon
Ellen wife aged 35 b Brooke Norfolk
George son aged 7 Scholar b Romney Kent
Alfred W son aged 5  Scholar b Romney Kent
Richard son aged 3 b Romney Kent
Charles E son aged 1 b Hougham Kent

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1871 census - Kent Coastguard Stations
Created by Maureen Rawson