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Will of Jesse Chantler

of Cranbrook, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1857
Transcribed by Dallas Window
This is the Last Will and Testament of me Jesse CHANTLER of Cranbrook in the County of Kent, Farmer. I nominate David BUTLER Yeoman and George TYE Cornafactor both of Cranbrook aforesaid Executors and trustees of this my will. I give and bequeath unto my said Executors their executors and administrators and assign All my personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever and upon trust that my said Executors or that survivors or survivor of them or the executors or administrators of such survivor shall as soon as conveniently may be after my decease call in sell and invest into money such part of my said personal Estate as shall not consist of money and shall stand possessed of the monies to arise from such calling in sale and conversion and of my ready money and upon trust in the first place to pay my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and after payment Thereof In trust for my children John CHANTLER, Mary the wife of John REED of Milkhouse Street in the Parish of Cranbrook aforesaid Labourer, Edward CHANTLER, Ann the wife of George WALTER, of Tonbridge Wells in the said County, Blacksmith, James CHANTLER, Sarah CHANTLER, George CHANTLER and Charles CHANTLER share and share alike (except as to the said John CHANTLER whose share I direct to be fifty pounds less than the others) and I direct my said Trustees to deduct from the share of my daughter Mary the wife of the said John REED such sums of money as I may from the date of this will give to her or her husband or otherwise pay for the support of herself or her husband such deducted sum to be divided between her and my other children.

But in case any child or children of mine shall die in my lifetime leaving any child or children then as to so (s---) of the said share of (each) such child of mine as would become payable to him or her at my decease if he or she were then living and upon trust for my said Trustees to invest such share and to hold and apply the same and the income thereout in trust for that child or children of such child of mine so dying as aforesaid who being a son shall attain the age of twenty one years or being a daughter shall attain that age or marry and if more than one in equal shares his her or their executors administrators or assignees and in the case there shall be no such child or children of any such deceased child of mine or being such (nout?) being a son shall live to attain the age of twenty one years or being a daughter attain that age or marry then as to the share or shares hereby intended for such grandchild of mine together with the administrators and upon the trusts therein declared concerning the other shares of the said trust (p-----) and I direct that as to the presumptive share or shares of such of my grandchildren the income and annual produce thereof shall during his minority if a son and during minority or until marriage if a daughter be from time to time added to the capital thereof and shall accumulate or be applied for or towards his her or a maintenance duration and benefit as in the direction of my said trustees or trustee shall deem best and I declare that all and every share or shares of my daughter or grand-daughter of mine shall be for her sole and separate use free from the debts (roused) or engagements of her present or any future husband and for which her or their (Ecrcipts) alone shall be sufficient discharges

Provided always and I do hereby declare that in case my said son John shall not be in England or his place of residence shall be unknown to my said trustees or trustee at the time of my decease my said trustees or trustee shall invest the share of my said son John and shall stand possessed of the annual proceeds thereof in trust to accumulate the same by adding them to the capital from which they shall arise and unless my said son shall return to England before his daughter Elizabeth CHANTLER shall attain the age of twenty one years or marry in trust on her attaining such age or marrying to pay and transfer such share and the accumulations to her for her sole and separate use But in case the said Elizabeth CHANTLER shall be under the age of twenty one years and my said son shall not have returned to England in trust to permit such share to remain invested and to accumulate that dividends interest and annual proceeds thereof as aforesaid for the (space) of seven years from the day of the decease of the said Elizabeth CHANTLER and if my said son shall not have returned at or before the expiration of such period of seven years then at the expiration of such period I direct my said trustees or trustee to divide the trust funds equally between my other children in the manner thereinbefore directed with respect to the shares hereinbefore bequeathed to them of my personal estate and I direct that any money to be invested under the trusts of this my will shall be invested on Government or real security or in a Savings Bank as my said trustees in their direction shall think fit and I declare that any vacancy or vacancies occurring in any Trusteeship under my will by death [in my lifetime or afterwards] resignation or incapacity may be supplied by trustee or trustees for the time being (----) any (----) or (--) (---) trustee or trustees if any or if (nout) by the existing executors or administrators of the person who shall have last (d-- --) in the trust or if there shall be no such persons by my (acting) executors or administrators every such appointment to be made be any attested writing or [in case of a sole appointee] by any attested writing or will I declare (-- -- --- ----) in writing of my Trustees or trustee for the time being for any trust monies or trust property shall discharge the person or persons paying or transferring the same from the application thereof or the property or regularity of the payment or transfer thereof and of any transaction leading thereto and I exculpt every Trustee of my will from liabilities for losses occurring without his own wilful default and authorize him to retain and allow to himself and to his so trustee all expenses (int---) to the Trusteeship and I give and devise unto my said trustees or the survivors or survivor of them or the heirs executors administrators or assignees of such survivor all estates (---ted) in (---) as a trustee or a mortgage subject to the equities affecting the same respectively in witness whereof I the said Jesse Chantler have hereunto set my hand this first day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifty six - Jesse Chantler - Signed by the said Jesse CHANTLER as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses
- James Bell Clerk to Messrs New & Wilson Solicitors Cranbrook - James Miller Butler - Mount Pleasant Cranbrook

PROVED at London the 16th May 1857 before the Judge by the oaths of David Butler and George Tye the Executors to whom (------) was granted having been first sworn duly to admission [by Canon]

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Will of Jesse Chantler
Created by Maureen Rawson