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Will of William Carder

of Deal, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prob11/1708
Submitted by Ros Dunning
In the Name of God Amen I William Carder of Deal in the County of Kent Superannuated Pilot do make my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say

I give devise and bequeath all and singular my Freehold and Leasehold Estates in the Town of Deal and parts and shares thereof and also all my Freehold Estates in the Borough of Ashley in the Parish of Northborne or elsewhere and also all my Personal Estate unto my Nephews Thomas Beach of Deal aforesaid Mariner and James Beach of Ramsgate in the said County Cordwainer their Heirs Executors and Administrators upon trust

nevertheless that they the said Thomas Beach and James Beach and the Survivor of them his Heirs Executors or Administrators do and shall sell dispose of and convert into money All my said Estates and Premises and Personal Property for the best price or prices that can be obtained for the same And I direct that the time of Sale of my Deal Estates shall take place as soon as may be convenient after my decease but that my Estates at Ashley shall not be sold until the Sixth Day of April One thousand eight hundred and thirty one provided the present Tenants shall so long continue to reside therein & regularly & only pay the Rents to become due from them for the same otherwise the time of Sale of such last mentioned Estates shall be left to the discretion of my Trustees or Trustees for the time being

And I will & direct that the Monies to arise by the aforesaid Sales shall be laid out and invested in the Names or Name of my Trustees or Trustee for the time being in or upon the Parliamentary Stocks or Public Funds of Great Britain or upon Government or Real Securities in England to be from time to time altered or varied at their or his discretion and the Dividends and Interest thereof I direct to be paid to or for the Benefit of my dear Sister Ann Beach and her Assigns during her natural life

and that in the mean time and until such Estates shall be Sold the Rents and Profits shall be paid to or received by her my said Sister or other the persons for the time being entitled to the Income of the Fund to arise by the Sale thereof and I direct the Dividends and Interest of my Personal Estate to be in like manner paid to or otherwise received by her my said Sister during her Life

and from and immediately after her decease then my mind and will is that my said Trustees or Trustee do and shall stand and be possessed of and interested in all and singular the monies to arise and be provided by the Sale and conversion of my said Freehold Leasehold and Personal Estates and Premises upon the trusts following (that is to say)

In trust to pay the sixth part thereof unto the said Thomas Beach absolutely
One other sixth part thereof unto and equally between the five Children of my late Niece Mary Richards deceased
one other sixth part thereof unto my Niece Barbara Vaughan the Wife of Thomas Vaughan now residing in Hertfordshire or for her Daughter Ann in case the said Barbara Vaughan should die in my life time
And upon trust to pay out one other sixth part thereof unto my Niece Ann Sole the Wife of John Sole of Deal aforesaid
one other sixth part thereof unto my Niece Elizabeth Elms now the Wife of Stephen Read Elms now residing in Canterbury
and the remaining sixth part thereof unto my Nephew James Beach absolutely

And it is my will that the share of my said Niece Elizabeth Elms in the aforesaid trust monies shall be less by the Sum of Ninety one pounds sterling than the share of each or either of my said Nephews and Nieces and I direct my Trustees accordingly to deduct and retain the said sum of ninety one pounds out of such last mentioned share & that the same be considered as forming part of my Personal Estate and be distributed according to the Trusts and Proportions hereinbefore declared (anything contained to the contrary notwithstanding)

And it is my express will and meaning that the Shares of my said Nieces shall not be subject to the Debts Control Interference or Engagement of their present or any future husbands but shall be paid into the proper hands and be at the separate disposal of my said Nieces as fully and effectually as if they were .... covert and unmarried and that their receipts in writing shall alone be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees for the payment thereof as hereinbefore mentioned

provided always and I declare my Will to be that in Case any of my said Nephews or Nieces should die in my life time having Issue shall have and be entitled in equal shares to the proportion or Legacy which his her or their Parent or Parents would have had or been entitled to at my decease And that during the minority of such Issue or during the minority of any of the Children of my said late Niece Mary Richards it shall be lawfull for my Trustee or Trustees to pay or apply all or any part of the interest or dividends of the Share presumptive of such Issue or Children for her his or their immediate use or benefit Education and bringing up

I do give and bequeath unto my said Nephew Thomas Beach all my Wearing Apparel both Linen and wollen which I may have at my Decease
and I bequeath unto my said Nephew James Beach my Silver Watch my Silver Pint Pot and Glass Canister
which Legacies to my said Nephews are intended as a recompense for their care and trouble in the Execution of this my Will

Also I bequeath unto James Hutchins the Younger and Charles Hutchins (two of the Children of James Hutchins the Elder of Deal aforesaid Taylor) the Sum of Five Pounds a piece of lawful money of Great Britain in token of my respect and Esteem

And I declare that the Receipt or Receipts of my Trustees or Trustee for the time being shall be an effectual discharge to the person or persons to whom the same shall be given from all responsibility for the misapplication and all liability to see to the application of the money therein expressed or acknowledged to be received

and I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint the said Thomas Beach and James Beach joint Executors of this my Will and I direct the aforesaid Legacies as well as my just Debts and Funeral and Testamentary Expences be paid and satisfied by with and out of my Personal Estate and I declare it shall be lawful for my Executors or Trustees to retain to and reimburse themselves All reasonable Costs and Expences that they shall sustain or be put unto in the Execution of this my Will or the Trusts thereof

And lastly I revoke all former Wills In Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament in four Sheets of Paper contained to the first three Sheets thereof put my hand and to the fourth and last Sheet my hand and Seal the twenty sixth Day of December One thousand eight hundred and twenty five William Carder
(Attestation Clause)
J: West Shrewsbury, Deal John Mockett, Grocer Charles Goldfinch Painter Deal

Proved at London 15th Februaury 1826

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Will of William Carder
Created by Maureen Rawson