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Will of Nicholas Burwashe

of Egerton, Kent

Our helpe standeth on the name of the lord which hath made both heaven and earthe the three and twenteth day of September in the yeare of the lorde one thousand sixe hundred and one I Nicholas Burwashe of the parishe of Egerton in the countie of kent yeoman thoughe sicke and diseased in my bodye yet of good remembeance thankes be given to god therefore doe ordeyne and make this my last will and testament in this manner and form followinge First I comitt and comend my soule unto the hands of Allmightie god my most mercifull father in Jesus Christ whoe at the firste gave and after redemed the same and my bodye I bequeath unto the earth whence yt was taken to be buryed when and where it shall please god to call mee which I laye down in full assurance that god will raise yet up againe at the last and knitting yet unto my soule will receave both boddye and soule unto his eternal kingdom through the meritte of christ jesus my saviour and for those wordlye goodes whereof god of his goodnes hath made me a steward I doe willinglie leave and renounce from all in full assurance that I shall have a better and more enduringe substance in heaven the which my said wordley goodes I doe bequeate and dispose in this manner and forme follinge.

First I give and bequeath unto Susanna Gorram my daughter thirtie poundes of lawfull money of Englande to be paide unto her by my executors hereafter to be named within the space of one yeare next after my decease, alsoe I give unto George Burwashe my sonne the like of thirtie poundes of the like lawfull monny to be payde unto him by mine executors hereafter to be named when he shall accomplishe the adge of twentie yeares.

Alsoe I give unto the poore of the parishe of Egerton ten shillings to be distributed unto them at the tyme of my burial. I give unto Sara Maye ten shillings. I give to William Maye ten shillings. I give to Jacob May ten schillings whiche legacies I will shalbe paide within one yere next after my decease. I give further unto George Burwashe my sonne two ewes of the best to be delivered unto him presently after my decease.

And for the remainder of my lease in the house and lands whereon I now dwell I give the same wantlye and differentlye to my sonne Thomas Burwashe and to Joane my wife the dwellinge and profitt thereof to be equally devided betwixt them so long as my said wyfe shall keepe her selfe a wyddowe and no longer yf my said wyfe shall marrye before the ende of the lease then I will that she shall awayde and departe with her portione of goods and then the lease aforesaid shalbe wholly to my sonne Thomas duringe the expiration thereof. The residue of my goodes as well moveable and immoveable my debts and legacies paide and funeral expenses discharged I give and bequeath wyntlye and indifferenthye unto Thomas Burwashe my sonne and Joane my wyfe whome together I ordeyne and make the executors of this my last will and testament.

This is the laste will and testament of me the aforesaid Nicholas Burwashe concerninge all my landes in Egerton. Item I give to my sonne Thomas Burwashe and George Burwashe my sonne all my landes aforesaid to be shifted equallye between them when my sonne George shalbe as full age the thereunto Item I give unto my wyfe Joane during the terme of her lyfe one annunitie or yerelye rent of fourtie shillings of lawfull money of England to be paide levyed and receyved yearlye out of the landes aforesaid at twoe several payemente by equall portions thatis to paye at the feaste of the Annunitiacon of the virgin Marye [March 25] and Sainte Michael Thearchangell [September 29] the firste payement to begine at the feaste of the feaste aforesaid which shall next ensue after my decease. And if defaulte be made in the payment of the said annunutie in parte or in all contrary to the order aforesaid then I will that yt shall lawfully to and for my said wyfe or her assignes unto all and singular the lande aforesaid to enter and distreyne and the distres or distresse thereshall and taken lawfully from theme to leade drawe or carraye awaye and the same to sell and to deteyne of the money so much as shall fully satisfie the said annunitie or so much thereof as shall be unpaid together with costes and expenses by that occasione had and susteyned In Witness of all which the promisses I the said Nicholas Burwash have hereunto putt myne hande and seale the daye and yere firste before written the marke and seale of Nicholas Burwashe wittnes thereof John House the mark of Robt Haffenden Christopher Goram

[Probated October 13, 1601]

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Will of Nicholas Burwashe
Created by Maureen Rawson