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Will of Alice Burwashe

of Egerton, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the 12th day of Aprill being the 34th yere of the Reigne of our most gracious souerign Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France and Ireland Queene defender of the fayth And in the yere of our lord god 1592 I ALICE BURWASHE of the parishe of Egerton in the county of kent widdowe beinge sicke of body but sounde in minde and in perfecte remembrance praysed be god doe ordeigne and make this my presente testament and last will in manner and forme followinge First I bequeath my soule into the handes of all mighty god my maker and my body to be buried where it shall please god.

ITEM I give unto John Burwashe sonne of George Burwashe my sonne my biggest chest standinge in George Burwashe his house and one bedsteddle standinge allso in my said sonnes house And allso I give unto hym fyve poundes of good and lawfull money of England and one silver spone to be payed and delyvered unto him when he shall accomplishe the age of 20 years by my Executor here after named. Allso I will that if my sonne George shall have any woman child of his body begotten then I will and give unto the first woman child that he shall have yf he shall have noe more than one, One fetherbed one fetherbolster one paur of fether pillowes and one payer of pillowe coates and one christeninge shette and one silver spone to be payed and delyvered by my said Executor. And if it fortune that my sonne George shall not have any woman childe of his body begotten then my will is that John Burwashe his sonne shall have the goods bequethed unto the said woman child. Allso I give unto John Burwashe my sonnes sonne one diay table clothe to be delivered unto him by my said Executor Allso I give unto the saide mayd child my gold Ringe

ALLSO I will give unto Bridget my daughter one fetherbed and 2 little pillowes 6 payer of sheets 2 table clothes 3 pillowcotes one white hang nige for a bed one dozen of table napkins one duble rayle one large towell one ioyned chest Allso I give unto her two coeverings the best and the worste and a bowise two bed blanckets 3 barrells one brasse pot 2 stuputts one dozen of pewter 2 friucte dishes 4 porrengers one frye pan one dripping pan one clothe 4 yarde kerchcises hald a dozen of crosse clothes one rouned kirtle my best gownd my best petticote one worsted apron two silver spoones one payer of silver hookes. Allso I give unto her one spitte 2 truggs one greate bowle 2 little bowles I shreddinge knife a chappinge knife 2 candlesticks 2 salts 4 sawcers one gridiron one trivet one other cheste 2 single rayles a bunter a meale sive and my best neckecheres 2 smale towells a cushion and 10 L of lwaful money to be payd by my Executor which 10 L I gave unto her before mariadge

ITEM I give unto John Boycotts wife of Harietsham my best neckecher savinge one and one crosse clothe
Allso I give unto William Gates his children Josua and John to either of them 20 s and to his daughter nowe borne 20 s to be paid unto the said Josua and John when they shall accomplyshe the age of 21 yeeres and unto the maid at 23 yeres by my said Executor
ITEM I give unto Nicholas Batchelers widdowe one blacke gownde one Neckecher 1 kercheife and unto Margaret her daughter one Neckercheifs
ITEM I give unto Meary Dundy 3 s 4 d To Pleasante Spice 3 s 4 d To John Clinch 3 s 4 d To Robert Sedweeke 12 d my godchildren to be paid unto them by my said Executor within one whole yeere next after my decease

ITEM I give unto Henry Smights wife one sheete And unto Joane her daughter one russet petticote
ITEM I give unto Bennet Heely my goddaughter 12 d to be paid by my Executor.
I give likewise unto Bridget Frithe my old russet gownd one kercher one Nechercher and 1 smock one woursted apron one sheete and my best hat
I give unto Phebe Hopper one wastcoate one Neckercher
ITEM I give unto the poore people of the parishe of Egerton 6 s 4 d of lawfull money of England to be payd unto them by my Executor within one month next after my deceasse and to be distributed by my Executor

All my goods not allready given nor bequethed I wholy give and bequeath them unto George Burwashe my sonne whome I ordaine and make my sole Executor of this my present testament and last will These beinge witnesses
Robert Spice John Hudson

Probate granted 27 May 1592 witnessed Robert Spice and John Hudson
Estate 18 L 8 s 3 d

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Will of Alice Burwashe
Created by Maureen Rawson