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Will of Elizabeth Burwashe

of Sandhurst, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
In the name of god amen the 12th day of february in the 27th yeare of the raigne of soveraigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of god queene of England France and Ireland defender of the faith Anno Domini A thowsand five hundreth foure score five I Elizabethe Burwashe of Sandhurst in the county of kent being sicke in body but of good and parfect remembrannce the name of god be prayed for it doe make this my testament and last will in manner and forme followinge. First I believe assuredlie to have remission of all my sinnes by the deathe and passion of my lorde and savior Jesus Christe. Item I bequethe my body to the earthe from whence it came.

Item I give to Thomas Brownes wife my best russett peticote and to Dionise Robyns my olde russett peticote and to Thomas Blacke wife my worstred peticote.
Item I bequethe to somme poore men to beare me to the churche every of them 15 pence.
Item I bequethe to the poore people of Sandhurst 6 s 8 d and to the poore people of Egerton 6 s 8 d to be distributed among then at the disoretion of my executrix.
Item I give to mother Pydgeon my safegard.

Item I will and bequethe to my sister Alice Fowle my executrix together with the advice and consent of John Theyseon of Sandhurst shall have full power and authoritie by force and vertue of this my last will and testament to bargaine and sell within two yeres after my decease unto whome soever she shall thinke best all my landes with there appurtenannces lieinge and beinge in the parishe of Egerton in the county of kent to the best pryce and value that she canne and the money thereof cominge that it shalle sobe forto be imployed by my executrix to the coses followinge that is to say
to George Burwashe my brother tenne poundes, and to Brydgett Burwashe my sister tenne poundes to be paid unto ether of them within three yeares after my decease.
And unto Suilie Fowle one of the daughters of my sister Fowle tenne poundes to be payed to her when she shall come to her age of twenty yeares or day of her marriage which shall first come, and unto John Fowle and Alexander Fowle my sisters sonnes ether of them 20 s 5 pence to be payde unto ether of them at there severall ages of twenty years.

And the resydue of the money that my landes shall sobe for my other legacies and other charges aboute this my will beinge deducked and allowed I give and bequethe unto Alice Fowle and Elizabeth Fowle and Anne Fowle my sisters Fowles daughters equally to be devided betweene them, and to be payed unto them when they shall come to there severall ages of twenty yeares or dayes of there severall marriagges which shall first come. And if it happens any of the sayde Alice Fowle Elizabeth Fowle Suilie Fowle and Anne Fowle happen to dye before they shall come to there severall ages of twenty yeares or dayes of there severall marriages then the survivor of them to have her or there partes so deceased equally betweene them.

Item I will and give that my sister Alice Fowle shall have and take the profitte of all my land as aforesaide to her owne use untill that the same landes shallee solde as is aforesayde. The resydue of my goodes and chattles I give and bequethe to Alice Fowle my sister whome I make and ordaine sole execrutrix of this my last will and testament.
These wytnesses John Fowle elder Richard Cookie and George Bisshoppe.

Probate granted 24 June 1586

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Will of Elizabeth Burwashe
Created by Maureen Rawson