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Will of Ralf Burwashe

of Faversham, Kent

Transcribed by Fred Vickerson
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN The 24th day of November in the yeare of our lord god A thousand fyve hundrethe thre score and fower, and in the yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigne lady Elizabethe, by the grace of god of England frannce and Ireland Quene defender of the faythe & the seaventhe. I Ralf Burwashe of the towne and lyberty of feversham in the county of kent and Cantorbury dyoces Butcher being sycke of body and hole of mynd and memory thanks be unto all mighty god doe ordeyne and make this my present last will and testament declaringe in manner and forme followinge First I bequethe my sowle unto all mightie god my only savyor and redemer Jhesu Chryste and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buryed in xpien buryall within the parishe of Feversham aforesaid

ITEM I will and bequethe unto luyce my wyffe all my moveable goodes that I have within the house that I dwell in with all other my moveable goodes and dette that I have within the towne and lyberty of faversham or elles where, where soe ever they may be founde - payinge my dette and dyscharging the bequethes of my mothers last will, whiche she bequethed to my brother and systers children. And I doe make here my sole executrice of this my present testament and last will lyuce my wyffe & & &

THIS IS THE LAST WYLL of me the said Ralf Burwashe made the day and yeare fyrst above said Towchinge the dysposytyon of all my landes and tenementes that I have with in the saide towne and lyberty of faversham
ITEM I give and bequethe unto luyce my said wyffe, my two messuagyes and Tenemente that I have within the said towne of feversham, sytuated in weast streate nowe in the occupatyons of Richard Downe coudener and Wyllyum Watson Tayler in fee symple, to her and th her heyres for ever, Itm more I geve and bequethe unto my said wyffe luyce, the revertyon of my house that I late purchased of Edward Spyce and Mawdlyn his wyffe, after the deathe of the mother of the said mawdelyn the state there of standethe in the handes of Rychard Downe aforesaid to be delyvered to me or myne executours and affignes, at the full age of one and twentye yeares of the said Mawdlyn, whiche house or tenement is situated in the said towne in west strete afore said nowe in the occupatyon of Thomas Paytt Butcher, to have and to holde to the said luyce my wyffe in fee symple, to her and to her heyres for ever, wytnes where of these parsonnes under wryten, heere I put in trust to be my over sear John devard
wytness and to this present will these parsons followinge;
Thomas harland, hughe davys, Robert Rye, Rychard Maumes, John dollinge
By me Ralf Burwashe

Probated June 20th, 1565 Witnesses Thomas Harland and Richard Maumes

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Will of Ralf Burwashe
Created by Maureen Rawson