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Will of John Burwashe

of Egerton, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the 2nd daye of maye in the yeer of oure Lorde god 1559 I John Burwashe the younger of the parishe of Egerton in the County of kent corndriner beinge sycke in boddye notwithstandinge of goode and perfect remembrannce Laude be to god doe make and ordaine thys my present testament and last will in manner and fourme following fyrst I bequeth my soule to Almightye god my savior and onlye redemer my boddye to be buryed in the parishe church yarde of Egerton
Item I will and and gyve unto the poore mens boxe 4 d
Item I will to be gyven to 8 poore men at my buryall to echev of them 6 d

Item I will and gyve unto Gylbarte my sonne 20 L of Lawfull monnye of England to be delyvered unto Stephen Burwashe my brother within one yeer after my descease for the use and onlye beheffe of the sayde Gylbarte Burwashe my sonne with sayd sume of 20 L with the proffytts comyinge of the same I will holy to be payde unto Gyllbarte my sonne at hys full age of 24 yeers yf yt shall fortune the syde Gilbarte my sonne to decease before the age of 24 yeers and without heres of hys boddye lawfullye begotten I will yt shall remaine unto the next brother then lyininge by hys father yf therbe then no heire male to remaine to my daughters then lyininge equallye to be delyvered them at the age above sayde of 24 yeeres.

Item I will and gyve unto Elinor my daughter 10 L to be paid to her at the daye of her marriage or ells at the age of 24 yeers.
Item I will unto Benet my daughter 10 L to be payde unto her at the daye of her mararyage or at the age of 24 yeers
Item I will that yf my wyffe be with childe with mayden chylde then I will that the 20 L before willed unto the other 2 daughters Elinor and Bennet to remaine between them 3 to be payd them at the tyme or age above mencioned by even portions Yf yt fortune anye of them to decease unmarryed before the age of 24 yeers then I wyll the one to be the others heire Yf yt fortune my wyffe to be with childe with a man childe then I will that the benefytts and proffytes cominge of the 20 L aforewilled unto Gylberte my sonne to be hys porcyone and to be delyvered him at suche tyme as Gylbarte Burwashe cometh to his age of 24 yeers
Then I will and gyve unto Harrye Sayenell my severannte 40 s to be payd to hym within one yeer and shall after my decease
All the rest of my moveable good unbequethed first my detts legacys and funerall expenses fully counyted and payd I wholye gyve and bequethe to Maryon my wyffe whome I make and ordaine to be my sole executrix to thys my present testament trulye executed proforrmed and fufilled If Maryon my wyffe refuse the executor shyppe then I will my brother Thomas to be myne executor and to paye unto Maryon my wyffe 13 L 6 s 8 d to be paid her within 14 dayes after my dicease

THIS ys the last will of me the sayde John Burwashe made and declaryed in the daye and yeer fyrst above written as towchinge my landes which I have in the parishe of Egerton First I will that Maryon my wyffe shall have the profytts of all my landes duryinge the tyme of her naturall lyffe she keepinge suffycyently my chyldren accordinge to theer degree I gyve unto Gylbarte my sonne my feld cauled christyus contayning by estymacion 3 acres more or less lyeng uppon the denne of kyngsfuode to hym and his heyres forever. Then I will and gyve unto the same Gylbarte my sonne suche Ryghte as I have in certaine Lande cauled suothseld which I had by the gyfte and last will of Thomas Perse my wyffes father to hym and to his heires for ever Yf yt fortune my wyffe to be with chylde with a mann chylde then I will that my landes afore willed to my sonne Gylbarte to be equally devyded betweene them and theer heires for ever Yf yt fortune any of them to decease without yssuse of theer boddye lawfully begotten I will one to be the others heires Yf yt fortune them to dye both then I will yt shall remayne to my daughters and theer heirs for ever
Wytnesse to thys John Burwashe thelder Robert Pemble Steven Burwashe Thomas Burwashe

Probate granted 19 March 1559/60

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Will of John Burwashe
Created by Maureen Rawson