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Will of George Burwashe

of Egerton, Kent

Transcribed by FRED VICKERSON
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I George Burwasshe of the parishe of Egerton in the countie of kent clothiar this 6 daie of the monthe of februarye in the yere of our Lord god a thousand 5 hundred and 56 and in the 3 day and 4th yeres of the reignes of our sovereigne Lord and Lade Philipp and Marye by the grace of god king and quene of yngland spaine frannce both cicitte Jeruzalem and Ireland defenders of the faithe Arckeduke of Austrige duk of half Burgundie and brabant connties of havspurgy flanders and Twollhbenty sick in bodie notwithstanding hole of mynde and perfect of remembrannce thanks be given unto allmightie god do ordeignand make this my last will and testament in manner and forme follownige That is to wit First I give and bequethe my sowle unto allmightie god my maker savior and onelie redemor And my bodie to be buried in the churche yarde wher it shall please god to call me to his marcte
Item I give and bequethe to the highe aultor for my tithes and offerings negligentlie forgotten 4 d
Item I will and ordeigne to be given to the poor people at the daie of my buriall 3 s 4 d

Item I give and bequethe to my sister Webbe a cowe to be deliverid before the feast of saynt George next cominge
Item I give and bequethe unto my daughter Marion 10 L of good and lawfull money of yngland to be paide to her at the age of 18 yeres And if Johan my wife be with childe then I give and bequethe it 5 L of good and lawfull money of yngland to be paide the same if it be a male at 22 yeres of age And if it be a woman to be paid when it comythe to the age of 18 yeres

And I will and ordeigne that Johan my wif do paie with the handes of my brother Edward Pirs to the use of my daughter Marion 20 s at one time within the yere for the space of 10 yeres next and ymediatlie followinge after my decease And also I will and ordeigne at the end of the said 10 yeres beinge fullie ended to paie like unto theandes of my said brother Edward 20 s a yere to thuse of the child before mencioned for the space of 5 yeres next and ymediatlie follownige after the 10 yeres being ended untill the foresaid 5 L be fullie content and paide And if that Johan my wife do not make yerlie paiment of the foresaid 10 L and also of the 5 L then I will and ordeigne that my brother Edward Pirs or his assignes shall enter in and upon all my howses and land leing in Egerton aforesaid and therto distraine and carrye awaie and it to withhold and kepe untill the said money be paid with arrecrages And that my said brother or his assignes do strayne and shesse so often as nede shalbe

The residue of all my goods my children being kept duringe the term of ther noige withall mannor of necessanes accordnige to that deyie my dettes and legacies paid I hollie give them to Johan my wife whom I ordeigne and make my sole executrix of this my present testament and last will

THIS IS THE LASTE WILL of me the said George Burwasshe made the foresaid 6 daie of the month of Februarye and in the foresaid yere of our lord god 1556 And also in the 3 d and 4th yeres of king Philipp and quene Mary Firste I will that Johan my wif shall have and enioy all my howses and landes set lienge and benige within the parishe of Egerton or ellswhere within the countie of kent durinige the time of her naterall life appon this condicion that my said wif do make no ympechement or waste nor stripe uppon my said howses and land but will mayntaine and repaire my said wif howses and also to kepe and save the frith and sprnige from surte And if my wif be with child of a sonne then I will all my said howses and land to him and his heires of bodie lawfullie begotten And if my wif be not with child then I will all my said howses and lands to Marion my daughter and to the heirs of her bodie lawfullie begotten And if my said daughter do decease without heires lawfully begotten Then I will the said howses and landes to the next heres And if my wif do decease before my child or children do come to the lawfull age that is to saye the man at 22 yeres the woman 18 yeres Then I will and ordeigne that my brother Edward Pires have the lettnige owt of all my said howses and landes to the most perfect of my children
Witnesses Gilbert Dundie Edward Piers William Hopper Robert Cage

Probate granted 6 April 1557

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Will of George Burwashe
Created by Maureen Rawson